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They Will Return
Style: Melodic Death Metal. Year: 2002

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Средняя оценка: 6.8 из 10
Votes: 2

Троценко (22.08.2008 15:32:20)
Оценка: 5.5 из 10
Так себе альбом. А кавер ИМХО убогий получился.

Андрей Исаев (21.08.2008 17:03:37)
Оценка: 8 из 10
По сравнению с первым альбомом это очень сильно смотрится. Но дальше будет ещё лучше. Так что можно считать этот альбом средним.


1. Hollow Heart
2. Swamphell
3. Principle Hero
4. Human Fates
5. They Will Return
6. Kill the Idealist
7. The Blind Leader
8. My Nation
9. Skin O' My Teeth


Они обязательно возвратятся
Оценка: 8 из 10

Они обязательно возвратятся. Так думалось после предыдущего потрясающего альбома молодых финских музыкантов. Второй альбом группы содержит восемь замечательных и мелодичных death-black композиций и убийственную кавер-версию Megadeth "Skin O' My Teeth". Музыка на новом альбоме стала немного легче и мелодичнее. Если раньше объектом подражания группы были CHILDREN OF BODOM, то теперь, таким объектом стали другие их земляки ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW, с которыми KALMAH связывают не только дружеские отношения, но и общие музыканты. Также, как и на последнем альбоме ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW, здесь сделан основной упор на клавишные партии. Их изобилие и создает иллюзию легкости материала. Вас ждет богатство мелодий и огромная интенсивность музыки. На втором альбоме, конечно же, заметен как технический, так и творческий прогресс музыкантов. Но общему делу это не помогает. Альбом очень хорош, но слушается, в сравнении с дебютом, с меньшим эффектом и ошеломлением. Своего стиля группа явно не ищет, старательно копируя и немного развивая чужие идеи. Таким путем, в высшую лигу никогда не пробиться. Музыканты обязательно возвратятся снова, с третьим своим альбомом. Когда - неизвестно, в том числе, неизвестно на что он будет похож. Но, надеюсь, группа все-таки обретет себя на переломном третьем творении и сумеет удивить не меньше, чем после своего дебюта.


1. Hollow Heart

Breaking loose from reality surrounding me
Keeping you bonded in my imagination
Drifting away within the limits of consciousness
Falling in sleep with memories you left for me

Throwing all away
Meaningless words
Nothing left
Inside me

Restless dream stiring up in my head
Shakes up my sweaty body from torture
Waking up in empty room filled with dark
Asking myself will this reality never end?

Where are you, my wealth of life?
Vanity filling my mind
Hole in me in distress
Who will fill up my Hollow Heart?

Please god never let me fall asleep
Make me real -keep away from my imagination
Dishearten mind -still looking for another answer
Hopeless act -action speak louder than words

Throwing all away
Meaningless words
Nothing left
Inside me


2. Swamphell

Watery rubber boots
On the field of moss
Inside the boots weary legs
Of the man I always meet

Swamp full of mist
Icy embrace
Nothing left of
Sense of direction

Kill me, let me sink in your lap

Once was the air crystal clear
Secular joys were so near
Glory days have left behind
Swamplord calls now misty mind

Swamp full of mist
Icy embrace
Nothing left of
Sense of direction


When there is nothing left on the surface
And the wind is blowing slow
Under the carpet of moss
Finally I meet my Swamplord

3. Principle Hero

See him on Tv-screen doing the rightest thing
Always being at the top of our blessed nation
With white smile in his face he lives on the fat of the land
And he makes you feel sarcastic

Feel him stuck in your brain and in your every move
He is showing you the way what to do
So raise your inner voice wipe the smile off his face
Let your feelings rise and decide

Principle Hero
Mindless Zero
Principle Hero
Mindless Zero
Principle Hero


4. Human Fates

A man on the corner with glassy look
Telling a story of his lifetime
A thousand times told, desperate verse
But never listened

Another on by the bar talking to a barmaid
Has spent his whole life there
A naively trusting man never faced life
Or has just found Eldorado
Life is nothing but a gift...

Poor human fates
Pure human fakes
No human rights
The underrated

The third one by the table never said a word
Gazing into the distance
The observer, melancholic man
Just drinking heavily

Not very old but still a veteran
Has lost his thread of life
In god-forsaken place they are the family
And they are at home
Life is nothing but a gift...


Use of education is not complete solution
Now it is time to look in the mirror


5. They Will Return

Rhythm of wings in the sky so high
Music in my ears I can't wait to see
I' m hiding in the grass death in my hands
Surprise is my only defence

My private war against wilderness
Human mastermind versus animal instinct
And when the flock settles I pass my sentence
But none will die after the report

They rise into the air and fly away

But they will return
And I am all alone
Yeah, they will return
Then I will revenge


Still some day I'm hiding again
Waiting for the sound of stroking wings
And they will come spirit within
And in same place I miss them again

They rise into the air
And fly away
Yeah, they rise into the air
But...they will return!

6. Kill The Idealist

A pioneer of humanity
Declaring his truth to the crowd
Word of wisdom is what he speaks
Wisdom he has never reached

A well-educated know-it-all
But never has done anything
Collects info from sources
The vice man has left behind

Kill the idealist
Get him a job
Kill the agitator
Capital rules the world

So let him found a labour
On his own certain conditions
And try to heal society
Without support


7. The Blind Leader

A man -highest in rank
Always commands
Obeys the will
Of the mighty word

Wealth is all he wants to reach
Don' t give a damn to our land

He cannot see what is happening in our world
Our system falls by his hand
Conqueror' s end

With toxic waste master creates
Catastrophies that lead to the end

A biowar man never can win
Technology his only reward


Twisted creation of mankind


8. My Nation

Waves of change creep over promised land
We have gathered in our secret stand
Time has come for us to carry through the plan
The bond of oppression have to be unchained

Those in power - overthrown - revolution - found my nation

So my brother raise your scimitar
Join our legion in the name of god
Together as one we will fight till the end
Oppressive despots will be sent to hell


Everlasting confederation
Never-ending condemnation


9. Skin o' My Teeth
(written by Dave Mustaine,
originally performed by Megadeth)

I had wrists donning slits
Flowing constantly
My broken body in a wreck
Wrapped around a tree
A crosswalk hit and run
The finish line for me
People clutter in the gutter
Take a look and see

No escaping pain
You belong to me
Clinging on to life
By the skin o' my teeth

My blood flows through the streets
Deluge from the wounds
Empty jars of sleeping pills
On the dresser in my room
My wet brain neighbor cranes
His neck to see in time
The white light's a train
Bearing down on me


I won't feel the hurt
I'm not trash any longer
That that doesn't kill me
Only makes me stronger
I need a ride to the morgue
That's what 911 is for
So, tag my toe and don't forget
Ooh to close the drawer


They Will Return




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