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Style: Instrumental. Year: 1998

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Средняя оценка: 9.5 из 10
Votes: 2

Boss73 (02.06.2008 23:22:43)
Оценка: 9 из 10
Одна из лучших групп российского тяжандеграунда в 90-х...все их работы заслуживают отличных оценок!
Млин, чем сейчас люди заняты - Мишин в Катарсисе, Лобанов - в Слоте...((

X-KON (02.06.2008 18:57:32)
Оценка: 10 из 10
Заслуженно. Великолепный альбом!


1. Alpha 0:52
2. The Vortex of Reality 6:57
3. Hovanchina (Final)* 3:18
4. Dual Infinity 6:17
5. The Remedy 5:37
6. Refuse/Resist** 3:28
7. Afterwards*** 8:43

Maestro Raro - cello
Oleg Milovanov - drums
Roman Senkin - bass guitar
Oleg Mishin - 1-st guitar, flute
Alexandr Dronov - keyboards
Elena Petrova - backing vocals
Igor Lobanov -vocal, 2-nd guitar

Spoken parts on THE REMEDY by Boris Spector
All music written by IGOR LOBANOV & OLEG MISHIN.
(Except: *- BY MUSORGSKY, **- BY GRIEG,***- BY MISHIN).
All Arrangements by IGOR LOBANOV & OLEG MISHIN.
Produced by IGOR LOBANOV.
Recorded at "SNC" Studios ( call (095) 952-36-63 )at various points in time between 13-th October - 26-th December `97.
Engineered by EVGENY TRUSHIN.
Track *** recorded by MOSCOW SPRING WATER ORCHESTRA conducted by DMITRY REZNITCHENKO Engineered & Mixed by DMITRY REZNITCHENKO at "DIMA" Studios ( call (095) 188-27-60).
Mastered by PAUL FASTER at SBI RECORDS ( call (095) 425-00-00).
Computer Design by IGOR LOBANOV.
All 3D Images was created by ANDREW LOBANOV.



Fantasy & dream
Have been
Forged together
To reign supreme
In realms unseen-
Brought alive
Inside my mind
Into never...
Nothing at all

I made up inside my self the ideal
That I failed to find among what is real
It was coming true just as I closed my eyes
My imaginary earth, sun and skies-

All this I wanted to share
With anyone anywhere
I was so alone...

Vacuum stream
I found
Fancy border
The final rub
I opened up...

All the reveries I had held so dear,
Sweet delusions I had bred, without fear
I gave to the vortex of reality,
Gave it all away for all and for me-
I was unable to see...

Suddenly it was too late
I saw the end...
The real sun burnt my unreal land and seas
My unreal skies
And the real frost
Perished all that needed sun
The real people razed
My unreal eden
Though they all had their own
They trampled mine...

The unreal fragments of
My lost world scattered inside

Caused the real pain


Cosmic sight
The infinity
Cold starlight
Of galaxies
Is it real
That someday we will
Reach that far
And discover more myriads of new stars?

Raise a handful of sand
In a desert immense
Count all grains in your hand
Does it make any sense?
Senselessness lies
Where there is
Absolute End
There is no end
There is no source
One of these grains of sand-
Our infinite universe!

The infinity
One will never see
With naked eye
I suppose
Someday we’ll disclose
Secret ways
To the endlessness of molecular space

Raise a handful of sand
In a desert immense
Count all grains in your hand
Does it make any sense?
There is no end
There is no source
Maybe each grain of sand
Is an infinite universe!



Destiny is not a matter of chance.
It is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for-
it is a thing to be achieved.
William Jennings Bryan
A question fades
In the stillness of the air
I have to seek
The answer by myself
What if I don’t?..
What if I quit?..
Life is a game
I’m the misfit
There is a scar
Cut deep, too far
Beyond my flesh
On through my soul
Lifetime dividing gash
Ten thousand dreams
And miles away
There’s my lost yesterday
A peaceful flow
Through days... and maybe years
Among the thoughts
Of how it could have been...
If I was there
Back then again,
Was unaware
Of any pain
Day after day
It gets harder
To bear this scar
And overcome this depression bizzare
I close my eyes
And wonder why
Someone does not give up
A remedy-
The healing power
Is it really in me?..

Post Scriptum:
The idea for this song came after the tragedy that befell Jason Becker. To the authors the way Jason treated this terrible SCAR is the clear example of how a person, a human being DOES NOT GIVE UP in the face of earthly misery and chooses to go on strugglingonly with the strength of his will. This is indeed a choice to be respected. The authors would like to address this song to those making their final choice of life and death.

Refuse / Resist

Chaos A.D.

Tanks On The Streets
Confronting Police
Bleeding The Plebs
Raging Crowd
Burning Cars
Bloodshed Starts
Who'll Be Alive?!

Chaos A.D.
Army In Siege
Total Alarm
I'm Sick Of This
Inside The State
War Is Created
No Man's Land
What Is This Shit?!


Chaos A.D.
Disorder Unleashed
Starting To Burn
Starting To Lynch
Silence Means Death
Stand On Your Feet
Inner Fear
Your Worst Enemy





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