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Style: Melodic Death Metal. Year: 2003. Playtime: 36:25


1. Ascent Downwards
2. Script For The Play
3. Sunday Morning
4. The Outcome
5. Half Way Down (instrumental)
6. Reflection Of Sorrow
7. Wait For A Vile
8.Cradle-song For The Unborn (instrumental)
9. Cain
10. At The Very Bottom (instrumental)

Сергей "Мэйсон" Мосендз - гитара, вокал
Евгений "Моргот" Градов - вокал
Алексей "Алекс" Рогов - бас
Михаил "Алсу" Пономарев - гитара
Павел "Клим" Климкин - ударные


Оценка: 5 из 10

Каждый новый альбом, изданный отечетсвенными группами для нас должен быть, как праздник. Но мы не будем только пить и танцевать на этом празднике, чтобы не пропустить главного - самой музыки. 10 песен на 37 минут стандарт для melodic death-metal. Только очередной раз хочется сказать, что самого материала в стиле melodic-death metal здесь от силы минут на 15-20. Остальное - это приdoomовые баллады и инструменталы. Ну, пусть будет, как есть. Скажем, после еды всегда должно оставаться чувство лёгкого голода. Главное, чтобы еда была покачественнее. На нашем празднике не подают деликатесов. Строгие "шведские щи" и "богатырские пельмени". Качество записи хромает на обе ноги. Понятно, что дома записаться сложно, и я не виню группу за отсутсвие денег. Но выпускать подобное на лэйбле, который претендует на место ведущего не стоит. Звук у Artemesia получился очень тихий и вкрадчивый. Тихонько играет одинокая гитарка, негромко постукивает барабан. Напора death-metal здесь и не бывало. Остаётся подвести неутешительные итоги. При слабой реализации, неоригинальном материале и отсутствии стилистической выдержанности этот диск ждёт провал.


A Banquet Of Brine Is The History Of
This Putrid Inhuman Nation
True Belief, Disbelief
Both Shall Sink Into Oblivion
Only The War God’s Names
Can’t Be Forgotten
Cause They’re Inscribed In Your Flesh

On The Edge
I Hold The False Prophet’s Heart
In My Hands
It’s Heart Of Mine
The One Of The Inferior Race

Since The Beginning Of Time
It Has Ruled Human Feeble Minds
Come Take A Walk With Me
Gaze To The Past

Downward To The Halls
Of The Elder Gods
You Still Hear
Someone’s Pleading Screams
Look At Their Names
Carved In Tormented Flesh
Of Those
Who’ve Been Tortured And Killed
Here’s Something To See
In This Bleak Gallery
In This Alley Of Frozen Remains
Crippled Statues Of Dead
Made Of Sacrificed Flesh
In The Name Of Those Who Ruled Here
Black Chronicles, Apocryphal Tales
An Eternal Struggle Of Greed And Belief
And Atrocious Crimes For The Faith
It Does Not Matter How
You Will Be Crucified
On The Cross Or On The Inverted Cross,
Be Sure My Friend,
The Pain Will Be The Same Anyway

We Are Mimes In This Play
Vicious Dance Of Decay

Powers Of The Divine
They’re Playing With Us
The Low Forms Of Life
The Slaughter Of Millions
Beyond My Belief Is What I See
With Blood-Spattered Banners
We March To Die For
What We Are Worshiping

We Are Pawns In Their Game
In This Hideous Script For The Play

Like Greedy Vultures
Heading To The Carrion
We’re Descending
Further Down Into The Void


All The Doors Are Locked,
All The Mirrors Are Draped
Enshrouded In Dark
Blind Curiosity, Jaded Memories,
Secrets Are Revealed
Sense Is Disclosed

I Am Laughing Like A Fool,
Look How Funny It Is
Tears Of Joy In My Eyes,
I Have Searched And I Have Found
A Heaven Of Ghastly Pain,
It Was Too Late To Run
When I Realized
What A Place Have I Found

A Crack Of Dawn
Beyond The Window
It’s A Sinday Morning
See Dirty Light Instead Of The Sun
Reality Is The Embodiment Of Delirium

So Relax, My Old Friend,
In This Ecstatic State
Have You Searched For A New World?
So Enjoy Your Sealed Fate!

A Crack Of Dawn
Beyond The Window
It’s A Sinday Morning
In Oceans Of This Purest Bliss
Waves Of Permanent Tide
Pain Will Last For All Time

Solution’s Found,
And In Terror I Behold The Consequence
The Riddle Is Solved,
All The Pieces Of Puzzle
Are In Their Places Now


Time’s Close At Hand,
When The Blood Will
Wash The Whole Face Of This World
In Crimson Flood Of This Madness
All The Past Life Will Be Gone

Again And Again
You’re Searching For Mercy
Believe Me, My Friend,
You Will Never Succeed
Here Comes The End
Of This Infamous Show
On Each Quivering Form
A Final Curtain Will Fall

Charred Remains
Washed Away By The Rain
Bloody Waves All Around,
Waves Of Pitiless Tide
End Of Sorrowful Tale,
In It’s Horrible Wake
Drifting Shadows On Shore,
Ocean Of Human Pain
Screaming Swarming Demise,
Tearing Up Through The Ground
No One Shall Stay Alive,
Nothing’s Left To Enshrine

We’re Just Dust In The Wind
Blowing The Of This World
We’re Just Wandering Shades
On Cascading Shattered Walls
I Know There Will Be A New Dawn
And Dark Will Be Gone
But Now Emptiness Shines,
Abyss Unfolds Before Your Eyes


Turn Your Head Around
And See Your Enemies
Everyone You Call Your Friend
Is Ready To Slit Down Your Wrists
I Curse, Damn This Whole Morbid World
Drowned In Hate
Since The Dawn Of Time
And The First Days

Vision’s Blurred, But I See
This Ominous Sight
Endless Grief In My Sorrowful Eyes
As I Look At This Woebegone World
Reflected As A Dream
They’re Not Humans, But Shades
With Thirst To Prolong
Their Pitiful Lives For A While
I Belong To This Brood,
I Belong To This Swarm,
I’m The Same As Them All
In This Crawling Horde

Upwards Over The Dead
Cut Their Throats
Not To Give Them A Swallow Of Life
Blood And Poison Drip From Their Fangs
There’re No Faces, But Atrocious Smiles
Blind Bleeds The Blind, Thirst For Blood
Flesh And Mind Shackled And Bound
Level Of Pain Equal For All
All Your Lives - Punishment Divine
Fallen Face Down,
Trampled To Ashes And Dirt
Into Scattered Remains
Of Those Who’ve Been Before You
On The Grey Stones Of This Endless
Unbreakable Wall
I See Heavenly Tears Flowing Down
Freezing As The Unsplitable Ice
Cold Indifference Reflected
In Fragments Of Glass
Broken Windows To Haze With No Rift
To A Borderless Lightless Abyss

Make Me Blind
Not To See This Swarming Hive
Make Me Deaf
Not To Hear Their Wicked Screams
Better Skin Me Alive
Not To Feel
How They’re Wasting My Soul
I Stand As I Cry
Look, Vast Tenement Graveyard Unfolds

Splendid Dance Like Convulsions
Of Dressed In Flames
And My Tale Turns To Funeral Dirge
Solemn Requiem Of Humankind
…Weeping Verses Out Loud…
Spiral Staircase That Leads
To Cradle Of Sleep
No One’s There To Abolish This Law
Falling Down, Grasping At Final Straws

Twisted Beyond Recognition
I Am Trapped Inside This Foul Reality
I’m Pierced And Impaled
Shattered Pieces Of Disfigured Personality

I’m Not Alive
But I Still Breathe With Rotten Lungs
They Always Say: ”Wait For A While”
To Each My Question
I Understand: ”Wait For A Vile”
See It...
Hideous Truth That Manifests Itself
Feel It...
Inner Tension Grows
Tortured And Horribly Mutilated
In This Never Ending Battle For My Soul
Both Of Them Conduct Me To An Altar
Where Sinners And Saints
Unite In The Harmony Of Pain

I’m Not Alive
But I Still Live With Rotten Core
They Always Say: ”Wait For A While”
To Each My Question
I Understand It’s Right

I Don’t Want To Choose
Between These Foul Divinities
Don’t Want To Be A Toy To Play With
Or A Jester For The Gods
It Breeds In Me
My Blasphemous Heterodoxy
That Drags Me Through The Barren Lands
Of My Wasted Inner Self

Teach Me To Laugh, My Old Friend,
For I Cannot Smile Anymore

I Don’t Want To Choose
Between Deceptive Images
Don’t Want To Be A Toy To Play With
Or A Jester For The Gods
It Breeds In Me
My Heretical Blasphemy
That Drags Me Through The Barren Lands
Of My Wasted Inner Self


Here In This Land - My Blood And My Life
But I’m Banished
And Cursed For All Time
“Where’s Your Brother?”, He Asked
And The Sky Turned To Black
“I Am No Guard For Him!”, I Replied

So I Walk To The East
The Land Of Dead Barren Hills
Blood-Red Sunset’s Left Behind My Back
If You’ll Meet Me, My Friend,
You’ll Be Cursed Like I Am
Burning Seal On My Heart And My Head

I Cannot Die
It’s The Last Final Chord
On My Wrist With My Blade
That I Cannot Play
And I’m Sentenced To Wander
Alone In The Shades

My Brother’s Blood
From The Earth It’s Calling For Me
All My Offspring Is Damned
Till The End Of All Days
And There’s No Repentance, I See…

Bleeding Vicious Light
Pours From Heaven Above
And Horizon’s Enshrouded In It…

Father, Your Gift Is Cruel
And So Immense Is Your Sympathy
Like A Stone, Dropped From The Skies
I Am Pounded Down Into Dust

Yes, I Knew It, My Friend,
But Couldn’t Believe
Breathless Silence Is All That Will Be…




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