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"Black Orgies"
Style: Gothic Metal. Year: 2000. Playtime: 38:16


01. Black orgies
02. Karpathian Whore
03. Mourning Tears
04. Orgasmic Adores
05. Rape and Repent
06. Thorns of Pity
07. Carnal Perversion
08. Blood Red Claws
09. Death Embraces Her
10. ...
11. ...
12. First and last and always (Cover version)

Tommi Virranta-vocals
Late Kauppinen-guitars
Harri Hyvцnen-guitars
Janne Kankkunen-keyboards
Mika Jдrvikuona-bass
Veikka Jokela-Drums


Поклонники оргазма
Оценка: 7 из 10

Дебютный альбом финской команды двухлетней давности. Неплохой материал прошедший, однако, совершенно незамеченным. Музыка группы представляет собой ритмичный gothic metal смешивающий воедино творчество CREMATORY, THE 69 EYES и MOONSPELL, правда этому материалу несколько не хватает разнообразия. Вокалист также пытается работать то в манере Fernando Ribeiro (MOONSPELL), то Jyrki (THE 69 EYES), а иногда выдает мягкий гроулинг в духе Felix'a. Музыка группы полна романтических настроений, а лирика изобилует темами сексуальных желаний и фантазий. Все песни ровные и интересные, но явных хитов на альбоме нет. Под конец альбома звучит кавер-версия SISTERS OF MERCY "First and Last and always". Неплохо...

Диск выпущен по лицензии компанией CD-MAXIMUM


Black Orgies (SanguinaryArt)

Deep was sin in unconsiousness
Betrothed with passion and love
Shall I indulge my desires?
Taste of fear, lust for blood

Devour her to me arms tight
Caress with mouth and tongue
Sweet wounds
Macabre, Sodoma, Erotica
Dark arts of our nature
Temptations of savage ways

Wicked witch
Never fade her beauty
Watch her bleed
We are not equal
Condemned drama
Our path of despair
Scream as you wish
Poetry of cruelty

Karpathian Whore

Where the moonlight disturbs
I could see in dusk
My footsteps marked on the floor
Covered by dust
It glows in shades of blue
In the beams of full moon
It glows in shades of blue
In the beams of full moon

I saw her in the dark
Her teeth throwing sparks
Her body threw no shadow on the wall

She kneeled above me, savage beast
UntilI felt a movement of her body upon me
She arched her neck and licked her lips
Red tongue, as it licked her white shiny teeth
Make love with me until the end of life

Orgasmic Adores

Romance deep within
Whispering sweet miseries
The blood and sweat on the sheets
As I taste it on my lips

Whores, shaped like angels
Nymphs, with shiny black claws
Cast on me the spell of dark desires
Lust and orgasmic adores

Last bloody kiss
Will make an end of this
The bites on a pale whiteneck
She will get what she begs

Drunken I taste your wine
When my dark ecstasy comes
As I hunger for thy blood
You will bleed as I desire

Would you bleed for me?

Mourning Tears

Flickering of black candles
On our mourning path
Dark caresses on your skin
As you die in my arms
Die in my arms

Drink my grieving lust
Desire my blood-red wine
On your scarlet lips
And cry for our vestal kiss
As you die in my arms

Die in my arms
Do not fear
On your pale white cheek
A bloody tear

Rape & Repent

The seducement:
Thought I was so near that beauty
That I sensed her perfume and fear
She dresseth in a scarlet dress, flaming as the
Wind blows
Her silhouette against the sunset
So dark,so cold

I felt the rush in my veins
-when my hands touched her neck
I tried to make her please me
-and to say my name
But oh, what a pity
-she took her last breath
Her eyes wide open
-I released her soul in death

The victory:
Should I excuse my vulgar manners
As I dare to please your naked breasts
With filthy fingers, I leave my marks all over you
Near madness I’m reaching for my ecstasy
When I cut her nails and hair
Shall they be my profit

The repentant:

Thought I was so bitter of my regrets
So sweet was her scent, a flower in bloom
It was one of my own secrets
So why are they judging me into doom

Lord of darkness, I hunt you down

I cry for those who have suffered for my needs
My wounds are so deep
As I bleed for my sins
My sins will be atone for
Misery in blasphemy
Suffering souls in grief
Join with me in death

Thorns Of Pity

Sad eyes of emptiness
Wither, all beauty gone
Your bleeding heart in agony
Love eternal seems forever a misery

Let me feel all your pain
Weґll suffer in a sea of tears
Your ocean is too deep for me
All wept away,all swept away

Lay down withthorns of pity
Lay beside me

Carnal Perversion

Blood, pleasures of flesh

She dressed herself in black
A hatred in her heart
Her cold brown eyes wonґt hide
Her darkest sins
Burning lust between
Her black leather thighs

Dominion, her supreme
The pain of grieving life
Darkness, on her bridal bed
Letting our lust to hide

She makes love, for blood
Orgasms - of flesh

She falls, she falls from grace
-nocturnal is her life
Her carnal perverses, desires
-eternal is her life

Blood, pleasures of flesh

Blood-Red Claws

Take me into your bosom
And swallow me in a mouth with tongue of thorns
Seduceme into the strange philosophy
The ancientwisdom of the dark

Dress me with my body
Rape me with my innocence
Please me with my cruelty
Bless me with my blood

And lay me asleep with gentle caresses
Of blood-red claws

Withered roses embrace
And fallen leaves of autumn for her face
Scenes of my dark dreams
Awake me, our souls in grief

Death Embraces Her

In a garden of the caskets
Among the mourners
In ravens’ nests
With the wolves, the devils howler’s
Behind the masquerade
A devils daughter
Death embraces her
Ruined by her father
Death embraces her
Ruined and…fuck her

She dies by her father
Black Orgies




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