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Blind Guardian:(10.05.2001 12:06)   
What do you think about this band? I guess them to be the greatest band in the world metal scene. Please post your opinions as to this question.
Undead:(10.05.2001 12:06)   
I thought that two-three years ago but now I tired some of them :)
I was carving BG logo everywhere I could. Sure if I was drunk, heh
In power they really rule but I prefer death now. And it seems to me Grave Digger is a bit better 'cuz they are harder... First three albums BG are great and I dont like last one.
Krotalus:(10.05.2001 23:05)   
i think , that this is realy immortal band, thay play the power metal i had ever heard, and they are very skillfull in covers, and remaking, i wounder how do they make suck a good impression on all people, i think that there are noone ho don`t know this gang
Doris:(14.05.2001 01:05)   
I'm waiting for their new album!
Memento Mary:(13.02.2002 01:51)   
I think BG is the most literary-influenced band amid the other speed-power bands. I never saw so clever lyrics based on so great books as "Morte d'Arthur", "The Dark Tower" (Stephen King's tetralogy) etc. Hail to the most intelligent power band of all this stage!

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