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M-board: what is Your favourite black-metal band ?
Satyr:(10.11.2002 01:31)   

My favourite bands are
Satyricon, Immortal,Mayhem,Emperor,Marduk
vitus:(15.11.2002 09:49)   
probably Celtic Frost.

have you heard Hecate Enthroned? they're cool.
Emperor:(24.12.2002 14:37)   
Emperor and Old Man's Child.
Verwustung:(30.03.2003 05:25)   
older Mayhem,Abigor,older Troll,Manes,and Summoning.I do like emperor and satyricon...but they don't realy move me anymore if you know what I mean...
Verwustung:(30.03.2003 05:35)   
Not to get too off subject here but,what the hell ever happened to MYSTICUM???
Summoning:(05.04.2003 21:40)   
mine would have to be Summoning,Kovenant,Dimmu Borgir but lately I have been liking power metal more that black metal
Summoning:(05.04.2003 21:41)   
oh and also Darkwoods my Betrothed
Verwustung:(09.04.2003 12:18)   
ANTAEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!They are truly killer!

Now playing: still listening to my dying bride...
Wapenspraak:(12.06.2003 22:29)   
Borknagar, Zyklon, Marduk, old Behemoth.

Now playing: Finntroll- Midnattens Widunder
archangel:(12.09.2003 11:48)   
Landscronar / Landscrona:(25.10.2003 05:22)   
Tvangeste is my favorite black metal band...Also Summoning, Emperor...
Britney Spears:(28.01.2004 22:02)   
tha mutha load:(12.05.2004 03:16)   
Cradle Of Filth
gorg:(22.06.2004 02:05)   
Nokturnal Mortum, Nahash, Immortal, Marduk

Now playing: Noctifera
Vardoulacha:(04.08.2004 12:01)   
as for me - the greatest black metal band is Immortal... also being crazy about - Judas Iscariot, Nargaroth, Enthroned...and... many other ones
baal_666:(27.10.2004 02:29)   
for me is Immortal (R.I.P.)
Antoni Gutslasher:(04.11.2004 17:31)   
thedup:(24.11.2004 00:53)   
my favs are definitely cradle of filth and children of bodom

Now playing: cradle of filth-born in a burial gown
Alcolord Blackstorm Fafnir:(05.12.2004 13:30)   
Darkthrone, Judas Iscariot, Satyricon, Burzum, Setherial(swe), early Immortal, Nokturnal Mortum, Thunderstorm(rus), Emperror, Limbonic Art.

Now playing: Ancient- The Cainian Chronicle
muthafuck:(07.12.2004 14:00)   
Belketre, Vlad Tepes, Mutiilation (old), Berzano, Stiny Plamenu, Gorgoroth (old), Blazemth
Сагот:(16.01.2005 22:24)   
As for me - Lord Belial, Dark Funeral, Zyklon, Marduk, than some from greatest: Emperor, Immortal... and all melodical like Tvangeste, Graveworm, Dimmu Borgir, Thy Serpent, Subliritum, Carpe Tenebrum, ... , Nokturnal Mortum ... and so on... to thousands
Leilo:(23.03.2005 05:16)   
Cradle of Filth !

Now playing: Cradle of Filth - Carrion
DimmuS:(02.04.2005 16:16)   
Best symphonic black/electro black/electro ambient black metal bands : Dimmu Borgir - Shade Empire - Strommoussheld - Diablerie - Scorngrain

NP : Shade Empire - Pain
Drippy1:(27.05.2005 16:52)   
Those Darn Beavers

Now playing: Listening to "Bluest Boy in Town" - Those Darn Beavers, Chew, Chew, Chew
rustedhalo:(03.06.2005 00:18)   
Venom....they started the genre, they deserve at least some credit. i am disappointed that i am the first person to say it.

Now playing: Samael - Baphomet's Throne
Messir Shiteater:(20.08.2005 20:28)   
Моя любимая блек-группа - "ONYX"!!! Они играют очень крутую музыку!!!!
Doomed_to_Death:(17.10.2005 12:45)   
My favourite Black metal bands are :

Now playing: Baptism by Fire of " Panzer Devision Marduk " by Marduk
varnie666:(20.09.2006 00:30)   
arkhon infaustus, antaeus, nattefrost (joking ;-)), darkthrone,krieg, enthroned, and many old norwegian bm stuff..
ps: last time i prefer black/death crazy acts from French scene (arkhon infaustus, antaeus).
its scene totally kicks ass!!
Drakuul:(25.10.2006 13:46)   
darkthrone, emperor, darkthule is fucking brilliant, berserk is also quite good, kult ov azazel is another kickass band, immortal will always be immortal, dark funeral and throne of kartarsis

Now playing: luna ad noctum
Брючный Змей:(05.01.2007 02:25)   
absu, darkthrone, urgehal
LeathermaniaC:(21.02.2007 15:47)   
Black Wizards:(28.02.2007 22:01)   
Emperor is my favourite band, but I also like Satyricon, Gorgoroth, Limbonic Art and Borknagar

Now playing: Therion
Георгинушко the true:(27.08.2007 00:45)   
my favorite band- Silencer, i going mad from this hysteric vocal... and I also like
Deathspell Omega
Carpathian Forest :wub:
old Emperor
Ulver (Kvelssander)

Argaroth:(27.04.2008 12:39)   
Satyricon, Emperor, Arcturus, Anaal Nathrakh, Anorexia Nervosa, Dimmu Borgir, Carpathian Forest

Now playing: Carpathian Forest - Doomed to Walk the Earth as S...
Dr.Landau:(01.09.2008 14:48)   
Belketre Burzum Venom 1349 Gorgoroth

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