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M-board: Sacred Gate
re71:(23.04.2015 22:00)   
Hi brothers and sisters,

hope I will be welcome on your site.

I will to introduce a German band, of Monchengladbach, named Sacred Gate.
Sacred Gate is a band who plays classic heavy metal.

Here is the facebookpage of them:

On their facebookpage are some songs, of course on Youtube are many more!
If you like them, give them a like on facebook...they must be growing. Maybe they can play in your country someday? is number for the warming up:

Enjoy folks! Maybe I see you on a gig!?

Now playing:
re71:(18.04.2017 23:59)   
Hi Folks,

unfortanately Sacred Gate has stopped. With pain in my heart I must say goodbye, to a very big band with great music.

But, a year later, i found another band, from my own country, Holland, Razorblade Messiah!
They comes from Rotterdam and plays thrash speed metal.

Listen on Soundcloud to them and enjoy them on Facebook!

Here is the soundcloud link:

And here their Facebookpage:

Enjoy it and stay metal!

Stas Hoffmann:(20.09.2017 21:13)   
Ok, i'll check.

Visit Russian version of the board as it is more active

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