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M-board: Rakoth "Ars Compilata"
Рустам:(10.09.2014 15:14)   
Альбом, ощемта, полностью готов к изданию - мастеринг, обложка, все дела. Только издателя нет. =]

Now playing: сабж
Stas Hoffmann:(24.11.2014 17:29)   
Я в треше?
Муpлакотам:(27.11.2014 17:45)   
Достиг самых вершин лондоского дна! (с)
Хорёк:(27.11.2014 19:56)   
Lets discuss it wider

Music is not complex enough, but as for me - it is quite distinctive and hooky though

I am gonna to purchase album via, I promise!
Non Serviam:(01.12.2014 00:27)   
your english is so chinese, manama %)
Stas Hoffmann:(01.12.2014 10:18)   
>Lets discuss it wider

ahahaah, vot zagnul!

>gonna to purchase

da tuc pearl na pearle!
Муpлакотам:(01.12.2014 16:09)   
> vot zagnul

A great title for a true-black-metal album by the way. Pass it to my Norway friends recently asking me for cruel-sounding Russian sentences fright abhorrent Christians. Thank you so much and... Jesus MUST DIE!!!!!!!11
Хорёк:(01.12.2014 19:21)   
Lets discuss it wider (с)

Ty ne ponial, eba, my ge RUSSKIY metal obsugdaem, fershtain?
Муpлакотам:(02.12.2014 10:18)   
Verstehe nicht. Ponaberut na vokzalah po ob'yavleniyam!
Stas Hoffmann:(02.12.2014 13:31)   

I'm frustrated why "yoba" in Eglish sounds a little bit rappy...
Хорёк:(02.12.2014 14:12)   
Murlakotam, russian metal can be discussed only "wider" and "deeper", as something where it is located

Emperor appointed! Listen to his interview attentively !
Муpлакотам:(02.12.2014 14:45)   
Wider - it's when a someone from Yad Orkhidei opens she's legs. And "deeper" - when Lapteg enters one of them. I understand Russian metal only this way, fucky. Long live Empreror!
Stas Hoffmann:(02.12.2014 16:16)   
>opens she's legs.

ahahaah, vot zagnul!-2
Муpлакотам:(02.12.2014 18:15)   
a chyo ne tak? :)
Хорёк:(02.12.2014 21:00)   
It are wrong because you doesn`t know english grammar as I sees

As for Chinese English

Basically I received messages like "She don`t want.... I was in Moscow tomorrow" from chinese employees

In fact it is good variant. It means that at least this guy writes himself and he knows 100-150 words, so we can communicate somehow.

More suspecious case was when employees were writing actually correctly and diversively. They were using web-translater and didn`t speak at all.

Just experiment

Dimas - moron!
Муpлакотам:(03.12.2014 14:29)   
Everyone can hurt an artist) Correct me please.

I actually thought that I may say so. Moreover, there was a girl on the Board about twelve years ago, she sent me a lot of she's nu-photos subscribed "...with legs open wide". She was a really nice, I even used in my computer game one of those pictures.
Хорёк:(03.12.2014 23:08)   
Everyone can hurt an artist) (с)

Guess - offend instead of hurt

Hahahaha Dimas - bastard! It works! Everything is allowed here! That`s our shelter!
Муpлакотам:(04.12.2014 16:46)   
"she's"??? Bleat'! HER!!!!11
Stas Hoffmann:(08.12.2014 15:27)   
OMG man,

nice to see your progress, but there's another reason for my "ahahaha",

so-called "ahahaah, vot zagnul!-3", beacuse it is funny enough to read ">opens her legs" :D

Anyway, pls send me the girl's pics via e-mail mentioned in profile. Thank you.
Муpлакотам:(08.12.2014 16:39)   
хуй to you. these pics have been проёбаны during moving to Moscow, although... I need to check some of archives)
Stas Hoffmann:(08.12.2014 18:10)   
Please check your archives. Permission granted for you to recover the files if necessary.

BTW, what was the nickname of the girl?
Муpлакотам:(08.12.2014 18:17)   
Please try to guess. But I'll give you a little hint, check here:
Муpлакотам:(08.12.2014 18:26)   
Anyway, we had met before we were registered on M-Board and she took a part in discussions really infrequently.
Stas Hoffmann:(08.12.2014 18:27)   
ya dumayu, eto Sisya!

Сися (

ostal'nie detali don't make things clearer!
Муpлакотам:(08.12.2014 19:00)   
Ok, I'll give you second chance)
Stas Hoffmann:(08.12.2014 19:07)   
ranged by priority:

Сафушка (
Сфера (
Сarmilla (

prise choice: САМОСВАТ! (Самосвято(VerWolf) (
Муpлакотам:(08.12.2014 20:32)   
:biyotso v konvul'siyah:

I'd better be more perspicacious, ahahahahahaha))))
Муpлакотам:(08.12.2014 20:49)   
*You'd better)
Stas Hoffmann:(09.12.2014 10:42)   
you're shitting me, man. I sovsem ne laikau games typo "i know the secret not to be told to anyone". Igrai v eti igry with yourself or other girls. Cao.
Муpлакотам:(11.12.2014 14:07)   
I tell you details later. Confidentially.
Хорёк:(11.12.2014 19:48)   

I am fascinated by your progress, yoba, really admire it

Frankly, I am drunk and not going to continue bliat anything
Гвоздев:(04.03.2015 13:12)   

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