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M-board: Продаются CD - Atheist, Disharmonic Orchestra, Dismember,...
Smoor:(23.07.2014 11:55)   
Импортные по 500 рублей:

Afflicted 1992 Prodigal sun NB062 CD (SPV77-140032)
Agathocles Razor sharp daggers Cyber CD 19
Atheist 1990 Piece of time CDATV 8 Made in France
Atheist 1991 Unquestionable presence CDATV 20 Made in France
Benediction 1995 The dreams you dread NB120-2
Bolt Thrower 1992 The IVth Crusade Relativity/Earache 88561-1157-2 Made in USA
Crowbar 1996 Broken glass CDVEST 77 Made in England
Disharmonic Orchestra 1990 Expositions prophylaxe NB 037 SPV84-29812 Made in Germany
Disharmonic Orchestra 1992 Not to be undimensional conscious NBA RED 6035-2 Made in USA
Disharmonic Orchestra 1993 Pleasuredome SPV 084-76772 Made in Germany
Dismember 1995 Massive killing capacity CD NB 123-2/27361 61232
Entombed 1991 Clandestine MOSH CD 37 Made in the EC
Grave 1994 Soulless 77070-2
Grave 1996 Hating life 7806-2
Human Error/Lycantrophy Ahead to Nowhere/...they believed! ECR-022 Made in Japan
Tiamat Wildhoney 7780-2

Российские лицензионные по 50 рублей:

Abaddon Incarnate 2002 Nadir IROND CD 02-344
Benediction 2001 Organised chaos IROND CD 01-104
Bolt Thrower 1994 ... for victory
Bolt Thrower 2005 Those once loyal FO543CD
Disharmonic Orchestra 2002 Ahead IROND CD 02-318
Dismember 2004 Where ironcrosses grow IROND CD 04-755
Grave 1992 You'll Never See... FO561CD
Grave 2002 Back from the grave FO187CD
Grave 2004 Fiendish regression FO402CD
Haemorrhage 2004 Morgue sweet home CDM 0604-1862
Hostile Breed 2004 The second cut IROND CD 04-771
Mnemic 2004 The audio injected soul IROND CD 04-874
Raunchy 2004 Confusion bay IROND CD 04-751
Six Feet Under 2001 True Carnage FO78CD

Все диски в хорошем состоянии, большинство даже в отличном. Лицензионные и пиратские есть ещё, спрашивайте, если интересует. Можно торговаться. Я в Москве, встреча в метро.

Пишите на krazyrocket at mail dot ru.

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