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M-board: haiduk
haiduk:(08.06.2010 04:42)   
Hails metal fans from Musica.Mustdie.Ru!! I'd like to introduce my music and offer a promotion:

HAIDUK is a new solo-project that plays a raw form of death metal, based out of Calgary, Canada.


To promote the release of Haiduk's 1st demo-album "Plagueswept", I am mailing out 2 FREE COPIES to the first 2 metalheads from MUSICA.MUSTDIE.RU who are interested!!
"Plagueswept" contains 8 songs/30 minutes of unique atmospheric death metal.

PM me (or e-mail: for a copy!

Comments and feedback welcomed!

бесплатную копию альбома "Plagueswept"! Oтправить свое имя и адрес:

Кукан Войны:(09.09.2011 20:27)   
THANKS A LOT for the cd!! very interesting music with magic virtuously guitar work. try contact with death metal label blacksmith prods.
haiduk:(05.04.2012 04:46)   
No problem. Thanks for the feedback!!

copies still available at:

New Haiduk interview on

A full-length debut featuring all-new material is set for release in summer of 2012!


haidukdemon:(21.04.2018 00:28)   
Tracks from Haiduk's Full-Length Albums:

'Spellbook' (2012)

'Demonicon' (2015)

haidukdemon:(13.10.2018 02:08)   
New song from the upcoming album - Exomancer - Oct 17, 2018

Haiduk – Blood Ripple

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