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M-board: Homoiratus "Retaliation Tour" 2009
homoiratusfans:(04.06.2009 12:51)   
Devastating Stages Over Greece

Death Metal Corers HOMO IRATUS make a dynamic return to the Greek and Worldwide metal scene after a 2 year hiatus carving new paths of noise! While preparing a new EP ( prelude to their new full length album ) and showing that they still have a lot ot offer to the Worldwide Metal Scene they cooperate with CGA productions - Booking & Management for a series of live shows in Greece ( before their departure for central-eastrern Europe ) Entitled << Retaliation Tour>>.

The band will present their new material as well as old from the " Human Consumes Human" and "Apocalypse" releases as a warm welcome back to the "Iratus Brothers" of the band who supported and still support the band throughout its course by being part ( both band, audience, old and new friends ) of the well known dynamic and incidential shows the band does whilst returning to the stage the Gas Mask which has been Homo Iratus' symbol from their inception back in 1998.

In their own words .

" The people in and out of our shows are not just a receiver for the music of Homo Iratus but a living part of the philosophy our music carries.The band's friends and brothers as contemporary " Homo Iratus Sapiens " are part of our vision denying acceptance of a society that's afraid to scream out and resist the new worldwide silence!
The people at the shows are an inseparable part of the band!
A living entity that automatically becomes a part of our soul...
This world is a family to Homo Iratus."

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