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Gorath:(11.08.2006 04:12)   

Descent Productions is extremely proud to announce the signing of Norwegian extreme metal band Cor Scorpii.

Cor Scorpii is a new band formed by Windir keyboard player Gaute Refsnes. After Ulcus and Windir joined forces, Refsnes continued making music with a somewhat different approach, resulting in plans of a project of his own. However it wasn't until the tragic death of Windir founder Terje "Valfar" Bakken and the following farewell concert, that Cor Scorpii arose with a complete line-up

The band currently consists of five members. Gaute Refsnes, Stian Bakketeig (lead guiter) and Jorn Holen (drums, also in Vreid) have been part of Windir and Ulcus, while Rune Sjшthun (rythm guitar) and Inge Jonny Lomheim (bass) have been a part of the local metal scene for a long time. The line-up is completed by the hellish screams and presence of Thomas S. Ўvstedal.

Musically, Cor Scorpii incorporate different styles with emphasis on melodies and aggression. The music has some influences from both classical and folk music, combined with the atmospheres of Norwegian extreme metal. The lyrical concept deals with the darker sides of existence and the human mind.

At the moment the band is working on songs for their debut album, the release is planned for early 2007.

An mp3 of the song УAttergangarФ from the Attergangar demo:

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