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PRETTY MAIDS released video for title track
related: Pretty Maids.
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PRETTY MAIDS' new video for title track from new album "Kingmaker" can be viewed below. The new CD will be released in Russia and Europe in one day on 4 November.


Death Metal Group BURIED ABOVE GROUND Reveals Terrifying "The Evil One" Music Video
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New video of deathcore band BURIED ABOVE GROUND for the song "The Evil One" can be viewed below. The track is taken from latest album of Americans "Birth".


Official Premiere In Russia: BAHRRECHT
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Official Premiere In Russia

Ketzer records launched official full album premiere of French black metal band BAHRRECHT, the album is entitled "L'Aube Glacee", and will be officially released on October 31th!

"L'Aube Glacйe" is the second Bahrrecht album which follows from "Nuit de Neige" released in 2011. "L'Aube Glacйe" was created and composed by Feanor in 2012.
Less violent and more melodic but yet still keeping the european 90's black metal influences, the band wanted to demonstrate how much it ment to them. The guitar riffs created on "L'Aube Glacйe" are meant to be as powerfull as listening to riffs from bands such as Windir, Dissection, Taake and Ragnarok; Or the less known but still as powerfull like the finnish bands of Arckanum and Wyrd.

Once again the cold and mysterious landscapes of eastern France and it's history has been the main inspiration of the melodic riffs of the album.

Album available for pre-orders here -


HORISONT Ц launch video for new single УElectricalФ
related: Horisont.
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Swedish hardrockers HORISONT have launched a video for their new single УEletricalФ, taken off their upcoming album УAbout TimeФ, which will be released on February 3rd, 2017!

The band comments: УWe are very happy and excited to present to you all, our brand new single; Electrical! In many ways a classic Horisont track but with some twists and turns. The video is, as per usual, made by our very own bass player, Magnus Delborg! His best one yet


POHJOISEN SOTURIT released video
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The Finnish band POHJOISEN SOTURIT released a video for the song "Sisu". The track will be included in the debut album, "Oksat pois... ja osa latvuksista" which will be released on November 11 on Inverse Records.


SKULLWINX released second album
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German EPIC SPEED METAL newcomers SKULLWINX hit hard with their second album "The Relic". The band is faster, stronger and more epic than ever before. The perfectionistic, diverse but still catchy songwriting, combined with the highclass production of the Grotesque Studios makes "The Relic" become one of the most anticipated albums of 2016. This time SKULLWINX presents themselves more mature than on their 2014 debut full-length release "The Missions Of Heracles", they developed but still kept their unique sound.

"The Relic" is again a concept based album, this time about historic tales and legends from mid-Europe, plus the titletrack which describes the name SKULLWINX. It is the "Sign Of Fallen Kings", the deadly prove of gods existence, a doomy view to theodicy - short "The Relic Of An Angel".

"The Relic" has been released on 24th of September via Metalizer Records.


Track list:

1. Siegfried
2. Attila the Hun
3. A Tale of Unity (Arminius)
4. Carolus Magnus (Pater Europae)
5. For Heorot (Beowulf)
6. Carved in Stone (Princes in the Tower)
7. Tryst of Destiny
8. The Relic of an Angel


ENDEMISE released single
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Ottawa, ON symphonic black / death metal band ENDEMISE are streaming their latest track 'Come Serene Dark' from their upcoming album 'Anathema' due out on October 28th. The album follows their 2013 debut album 'Far From The Light' released on Maple Metal Records and their 2012 self-titled EP. The album was produced by ENDEMISE guitarist Dale Sauve along with Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams) and features eight blistering tracks to burst your ear drums. Endemise's live brutality has also lead the band to be a favourite local support on the Ottawa metal scene for touring bands such as Abigail Williams, Cattle Decapitation, Alestorm, Battlecross, Beneath The Massacre, Crimson Shadows and Vesperia.

Track list:

1. Nocturne (4:59)
2. Anathema (4:26)
3. Blackening (4:30)
4. Procreator (5:14)
5. Gargoyles: Fragments In Stone (4:57)
6. Soma (4:35)
7. Come Serene Dark (5:16)
8. Fragments In Flame (5:01)
Album Length: 39:02

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BLOODPHEMY released new video
related: Bloodphemy.
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Bloodphemy just released their video clip for "Disgusted". "Disgusted" tells the story of an alcoholic mother, dragging down her daughter in her downfall. The samples for "Disgusted" are created by Michiel Dekker (The Monolith Deathcult)

The footage was shot at Willems Wondere Weiland on july 2nd 2016 by Wieman Intermedia and Per Expressie TV  while All4band have done the post processing.

"Disgusted" was taken from Bloodphemy's "Blood Will Tell" debut EP released earlier this year by Sleaszy Rider Records.


SONIC SYNDICATE released video
related: Sonic Syndicate.
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New video of the Swedes SONIC SYNDICATE "Confessions" can be seen below. The track was released on the eponymous album on October 14.


THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM - release lyric video for 'The Sceptre'
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Bringers of darkness, THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM, release their first lyric video today. The haunting track 'The Sceptre' comes off their demo EP їNever MachineЂ, out on November 25th, and delivers a mezmerising first impression of CANDLEMASS' Leif Edling's new brainchild. Watch the clip here:

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