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Musica Production - russian distro and label.
Sorrow about Great Russian Land...TVANGESTE official site now on MUSICA.MUSTDIE.RU!!!...New album in high quality mp3 files FOR FREE!!! Two language versions (english/russian)
Russian Death Metal Band
Death-grind from Sochi
Official page of russian melodic death-metal band EXHUMATION. There are two versions - russian and english.
Сайт посвящённый белорусской экстремальной музыке. Новости, Афиша, mp3 архив, Доска объявлений, Информация о группах, Форум, Магазин и многое другое связаное с белорусской экстрим сценой...
Official page of Metal band from Ufa-city (South Ural, RUSSIA).
Contains some information about group "Severnye Vrata" ex. "Northern Gates": news, history, staff, discography, lyrics, photos, etc...
Enshade - is one-man-band from Russia, Novosibirsk, created by Shad. Songs of Enshade are consequence of feelings, emotions and self-knowledge. In this music you will find Depression, Hopelessness and Solitude
Official Bes Paniki web site. Here you can find the freshest information, poster of performances and much another about band Bes Paniki.
The Official Homepage Of Moscow Black Metal Band By Autumn Embraced
Homepage of Belarussian metal label, management, booking agency.
Siberian Hard-core. Two bands split site. Schizophrenia & Bestia.
Wishmaster "Node Of Silence" - The official page of Russian melodic death metal band.
Ascendancy is a progressive band from St.-Petersburg playing semimelodic Death Metal. There are english and russian versions.
Site of Russian Punk/Metal band
Welcome to our page, that presents information about this project and song samples
Official site of russian gothic-metal band - Agonia. Russian language.
BARRACUDA :: NEO Death Metal Band :: Official site Rough music for the new age -- mp3, video, photos, band's info etc. Welcome!
INFESTUM Official Site. Black Metal War. There are russian and english version.
Mirrorland - project of Forest Elf (art Studio) - Sergey Kayumov. English language.
Official site of gothic-metal band from Almaty - Death Harmony. News, history, lyrics&music, photos, reviews etc.
Ozzy Osbourne tribute in Kiev. Largest russian Ozzy-project. Over 700 photo, rare song, biography, articles. Russian language.
Official web-site of russian black metal band. Russian language
Russian band - Orphan. Russian language only.
Music of Brain-Damaged
SOCIAL DEFORMITY in Russian and in English
Underground Siberian Dark Ambient
Demon Project. A techno-death band from Novosibirsk. Band profile, news, mp3 music samples, lyrics in english. The site also contains metal-ring with information about some russian bands from Siberia. Russian language.
...Lost in the realm's crossings, where no time present, we exist in primal twilight... Welcome to the gloomy MediEvil dimension!
Официальный сайт группы Эпидемия: новости, история, дискография, мп3, форум, чат, статьи, фото the official Epedemia's web-site: news, history, discography, mp3, forum, chat, articles, pics
A website dedicated to AC/DC. It contains translation of their lyrics into Russian with proper explanations of some puns & double-entendres.
POWER & THRASH METAL Siberian band from IRKUTSK. News, info, history, photos, music for our fans. English version.
Tribute to Katatonia by George Disangelist and Dark Abbot. There are two version - russian and english.
Project for metal creators. Lessons, tabulatures, articles and other for all your band musicant's. Every guitarist, bassist, drumer or keyman find it very useful and return it again and again.
Official site of Siberian Metal band - Uncrossed. There english and russian version.
Site of dark melodic death metal band from Russia
Unofficial site of Austrian black metal band. Russian language.
Often updated resource about Murmansk/Terland metal bands. Russian language.
Wroth Emitter is known to be russian underground label famous by SCALD release
VALIANT MUSIC PRODUCTIONS is very young but leading METAL-label in Russia. English language.
Techno Death Metal Band "Lead Weight" Site. There are two versions - russian and english. Fresh news, history, reviews, interviews, photos, concerts, soundfiles. MP3 files for downloading, Alive Video e.t.c.
Russian black-death band. Russian and English versions.
This site is devoted to 'Morrah', death metal band from St. Petersburg.
The Official Homepage Of Russian Melodic Death Metal Band Seducer's Embrace
SHABASH - official site in English
Symphonia Obscurum- Moscow death-doom metal band
Web-Site of russian syphonic metal band WELICORUSS. Here you can find full info about band: bio, music, videos, photo!



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