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MUSICA.MUSTDIE Productions (MMP) exists since September, 2000.

Sphere of our activity is the release of albums of the Russian bands in style heavy metal, organization of concerts in Moscow and other cities of CIS, release under the license of albums of the foreign bands and many others.

For the short history MMP organizes some shows in Moscow, in which took part such groups as Forgive-Me-Not, Mental Home, and Vicious Crusade, the compilation of metal music «MUSICA», with participation of bands from territory of all CIS, is issued.

Also we carry out information support of concerts of foreign stars, such, as Mayhem and Vader. Now We are negotiated for release of several CD, and also for organization in Moscow of shows with participation of nonresident groups. If you are interested in any of the submitted services, write to the address or to post addresses: Vitaliy Belov, 30-81, Leskova str., Moscow, 127560, Russia or Andrey Yermolaev, 177-5, Muratbaeva str., Almaty, 480012, Kazakhstan.

MUSICA compilation cover

MUSICA.MUSTDIE Productions presents the «MUSICA» compilation, introducing new wave of metal music from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Alma-Ata and Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad).

Total playing time: 74:12.

  1. Glazemaker "Burning Coast" [progressive intro]
  2. Seducer's Embrace "As The Forest Weeps..." [melodic death]
  3. Samhain "Herimos" [doom]
  4. Wishmaster "Betrayer" [melodic death]
  5. Lead Weight "For Thine Is The Kingdome" [melodic death]
  6. Radigost "In The Heart of Battle" [melodic black]
  7. Hostile Breed "Paper Law" [modern angry thrash]
  8. Exhumation "Cursed World" [melodic death]
  9. Vortex "Break The Fetters" [power]
  10. Requiem "Your Dreams" [black-death]
  11. Elisium "Shadow" [power]
  12. Tvangeste "Damnation Of Regiomontum" [sympho-black]
  13. Rossomahaar "Quarite Lux In Tenebris" [black]
  14. Absurd "Where Time Has Died Away" [melodic death]
  15. Forrest Gump and Jamilya Serkebaeva "Sarjaylau" [folk hard rock]

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