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Original Black Metal

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SATYRICON Video Posted Online ....
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Norway's SATYRICON has made available for streaming the video for the track "Fuel For Hatred" from the group's current "Volcano" opus at this location. The clip was directed by acclaimed Swedish director Jonas ≈kerlund, who has previously worked with METALLICA, MADONNA, and THE PRODIGY, among others.

In other news, SATYRICON has posted the following tour update via its official web site at

"Lund was boring. With only 25% of the crowd willing to contribute to having a good time it is bound to be difficult. We can only act as professionals and do our job, but it will never be fun. Copenhagen was alright, but it was quite apparent that the club Vega did not want us to be there. They didn't give a fuck about our rider, they wouldn't let us use pyro (even though they have before) and they clearly had not done any promo for the show. The show in itself was still cool to do. The string guys ended up on a strip bar after the show with a black woman that was so tall that she had to bend down in order to avoid banging her head into the ceiling... Voxhall in ≈rhus was a nice venue and their attitude was much better than the one we faced in Copenhagen. It was altogether a much better place to be. A lot of people came out to the show and the crowd was heavily into it! This show was more like a battle than a concert. There were 10-12 people who clearly were so high and drunk that they did not know what was going on. There were no barricades so the crowd was way too close to the stage, pushing our monitors back, braking bottles on them, cutting themselves, fighting and some loser even sprayed pepper gas much to the discomfort of the band and the mosh pit. You will suffer big time if we ever find you. Our stage-tech and the guards certainly gave a lot of tough punishment that night. A good show, but chaos to the core. In Gothenburg we had time to cruise around a little bit and it is a nice little city. The show itself was very much like Lund. Is it only Stockholm that is capable to rock in Sweden? Hamar was a true blast! We really looked forward to coming back home to a sold out show and to an audience we KNEW was going to be fired up. We brought in the lady that we used in the cross scene in Oslo for a small appearance during 'Blessed From Below' and we used as much pyro as we could on such a small stage. The people in Hamar completely understood what it takes to make a good show and the band had a great time. In a moment of blackout Satyr dived into the mosh pit which created total mayhem of course. The drawback was when the guards were going to help him over the barricades which resulted in his hip bone hitting the barricades with ultimate force! He finished the show without problems, but was soaked in ice after the show to ease the pain. The bus took us to Oslo airport straight after the show as we had to catch a flight to Poland to co-headline the Mystic festival with KREATOR. Getting out of the bunker after one hour sleep was tough...In Satyr's case the crushed hip bone and a bad cold made it seem hopeless, but we decided to go anyway and to get some medicine and painkillers in Poland so that he could do the show. It was a worthy ending of a very successful tour. Everything went well despite the pain and so on and clearly the crowd was very pleased! Satyr and some crew members went back to the hotel and nurtured their fucked up bodies while the rest went out to celebrate A.O Gronbech's birthday and the final day of the tour. Approximately 1/3 of the shows were sold out, the band did well, the crew helped us shine and most of the audiences were energetic and passionate. Thank you for coming out, we'll see you again. This was good!"


Satiricon are doing a video
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Satiricon have announced that they're doing a video for the song Fuel For Hatred next week , with director Jonas ≈kerlund, famous for his works with Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna, Prodigy and many more. He was also the drummer on the first Bathory album.


SATYRICON Finalize New Album Title....
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Norwegian black metallers SATYRICON have set Vulcano as the title of their much-anticipated new studio effort, which is tentatively scheduled for a September 2nd release through Capitol Records in Scandinavia and Nuclear Blast Records in other parts of the world.


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Satyricon will today Tuesday 2-19-02 launch their official website; The site is designed by Hal Bodin (Satyriconіs awardwinning main-designer)and Satyr. All programming by Torgeir Holm, who also did Madonnaіs "Ray Of Light" website. Satyricon will run and handle the content of the site themselves with the technical maintenance handed over to Torgeir Holm. The site will contain the latest Satyricon news, gallery, tourdates, MP3Тs, Satyricon catalogue info, links and more!


Satyricon's new album has been postponed
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Satyricon's already recorded new album has been postponed to late August/early September. This is extremely frustrating to the band as the album was recorded months ago and they had expected to mix in February. Due to reasons beyond Satyricon's controll, this will not happen now and thus the posponed releasedate.


Satyricon have finished the recordings of their new album
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Satyricon have finished the recordings of their new album and will soon start mixing it. The album will be released sometime next year.


SATYRICON have signed a deal with EMI Norway ...
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Norwegian black metal band SATYRICON have signed a deal with EMI Norway for Scandinavian territories, according to a news item posted at Digitalmetal. "SATYRICON play dark and somber music of an extreme caliber. They are the best in the world at that," said EMI head Nils Heldal on "Therefore we are very proud of having SATYRICON on our label. Black metal is an exciting genre, constantly progressing, and we wish to bring this music to a wider audience." "This is the first time, in Norway and internationally, that a major label signs a contract with a pure black metal band," said an EMI press release in what appears to be an unintentional slight against the UKТs CRADLE OF FILTH (who recently inked a deal with Sony Records). SATYRICONТs forthcoming studio album, which is currently being recorded at DenmarkТs PUK Studios, is expected to be issued through Nuclear Blast Records in all non-Scandinavian territories. Source: BLABBERMOUTH.NET


Monument Of Death....
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NorwayТs BLOOD RED THRONE, featuring former EMPEROR / SATYRICON / EINHERJER bassist-turned-guitarist Tchort, are due to enter Dub Studios in Kristiansand, Norway today, April 2nd, to begin recording their debut album, Monument Of Death, for Hammerheart / The Plague Records. Mixing and mastering will be done by Henrik Larsson at Berno Studio in Sweden (THE HAUNTED, VOMITORY). Songs being recorded are:

01. Ravenous War Machine

02. The Children Shall Endure

03. Monument Of Death

04. Portrait of a Killer (Testimony of the Dying)

05. Malignant Nothingness

06. Mary Whispers of Death

07. Souls Of Damnation

08. Dream Controlled Murder

09. Path Of Flesh


Satyricon will release homevideo.
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Satyricon have been on location to complete the very last shots for their new homevideo. It should be ready for release in January/February. The band is also finished writing material for their new album and are currently arranging songs. They will enter the studio during spring.


Satyricon prepares for the new album
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After successful round on Northern America Satyricon prepares the following studio album. Some new songs already are written. Is informed, that they more aggressive and gloomy, than on the previous album. Also on new compositions noticeably influence early Black Sabbath (tombstone).

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