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Freedom Call
German Fantasy Melodic Speed-Power

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'Metal is for Everyone' from FREEDOM CALL
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New FREEDOM CALL album, "Master Of Light" will be released next week on SPV. The new single "Metal Is For Everyone" could be heard in the video clip below.


Ne single of FREEDOM CALL
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FREEDOM CALL released a new single "Hammer Of The Gods" yesterday. Below you can hear a lyric-video, this is the first material from the new album from German "Master Of Light".


FREEDOM CALL split with guitarist
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Guitarist Cede will leave FREEDOM CALL. New guitarplayer is not announced yet. Here is statement from Cede:

"After hundreds of beers, thousands of driven miles for rehearsals and gigs, endless moments of pure fun and great friendship within the band, plus months, days and never ending hours of thinking about my future, I took the decision to leave the Freedom Call camp.

Believe it: for me it was quite a tough thing to come up to Chris, Daniel, Ilker and Nils to tell them that I donТt feel like continuing shredding the guitar in Freedom Call anymore. On one hand it was a hard decision cause this line-up was pure Rock nТ Roll in my opinion, but on the other hand it was an easy decision cause I know that I couldnТt go on like this for me and my future.

So, why do I leave the band? As a lot of you know, IТm living in Switzerland and it takes me an unbelievable amount of time to play in Freedom Call, it just got too much for me, as I think I wanna give at least 100% and not only 90% to play in this band. Of course I still believe that without sweat, tears and engagement you wonТt get to any point in this business but I just figured out that I donТt want to be that much involved in music business anymore. I just wanna concentrate on one professional band and thatТs by far enough if youТre working eight-to-five besides the music-thing. Living in another country, playing in two bands, that is just too much to take for me.

Most important thing was to me, that Freedom Call respects and understands my decision. And IТm glad that they totally do. We still have a great partnership and friendship, we still got a lot of fun together. And thatТs what I really appreciate! ! !

So, thatТs all I can say about it at the moment. I want you, the fans, to fucking party on with Freedom Call, and I wish all the best to the guys in finding a new guitar player that will have as much fun in the band as I had with them.

You guys rock, and thank you so much for everything! You made my last 4 years a pure adventure ride :-)

Cheers and see you around!Ф 


FREEDOM CALL's new songs
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FREEDOM CALL have uploaded samples of three new songs from album 'A Circle Of Life'.

"Mother Earth"

"Hunting High And Low"

"Kings And Queens"


FREEDOM CALL set release date
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The new FREEDOM CALL album called "The Circle of Life" will be released on March 21th. At the moment band are working out a tour in April and May. Tourdates will be released asap.


FREEDOM CALL new album is about to ready
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New album of FREEDOM CALL 'The Circle of Life' is ready. CD will be released in March of 2005 through SPV. Track-list (no particular order):

1. The Gathering
2. The Rhythm of life
3. Mother Earth
4. Starchild
5. Kings and Queens
6. High enough
7. Hunting high and low
8. Hero Nation
9. The Eternal Flame
10. Starlight
11. The Circle of Life


FREEDOM CALL to release new album
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2004 is the continuing of the Wacken Road Show. This time it will be Freedom Call who particpates. Right on time for the start of the tour will be the new double live album "Live Invasion" on the market. 0n 4/19 you might pick it up in one of the numerous stores. CD 2 will have tracks of the EP "Taragon" until now only released in France.

Here are the tracks not guaranteed in this order:
CD 1:
Freedom Call, Heart of the Rainbow, Tears of Taragon, Warriors, Metal Invasion, Land of Light, Eyes of the world, Rise up, We are one, The Quest, Hymn to the Brave

CD 2:
(EP Taragon), Warriors of light, Dancing with tears in my eyes, Heart of the Brave, Kingdom Come (EP Version), Tears of Taragon ( Story Version),Hiroshima, Dr. Stein


Fresh power-metal from Freedom Call
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"Eternity" is title of the new Freedom Call longplayer, to be released on June 3rd. The German Melodic Metal Band shows also the soft side on the album with two mellow songs "Bleeding Heart" and "Turn Back Time". Produced by Charly Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, Rage), artwork by Paul Gregory (Saxon, Molly Hatchet).

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