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FINNTROLL released their brand new ...
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Finland's FINNTROLL released their brand new "acoustic/experimental" CD featuring their new singer Tapio Wilska, titled Visor Om Slutet on April 24 in Scandinavia. The band are set to enter the studio later this year to record their next full-length album. FINNTROLL honored their commitment to participate in a European tour with Katatonia which began on April 16 in Frankfurt, Germany to honor the memory of guitarist Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta, who died last month from injuries sustained in an accidental fall from a bridge while intoxicated.


Finland cries for Somnium
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Helsingin Sanomat, Finland's biggest daily newspaper, reports in today's edition that "there has been a 'sea of candles' on Helsinki's Pitkдsilta (Long Bridge) during the last few days. All of them respect the memory of Teemu 'Somnium' Raimoranta.

"FINNTROLL's and IMPALED NAZARENE's guitarist died when he fell from the bridge into the ice."

More details have emerged about the memorial concert for FINNTROLL/IMPALED NAZARENE guitarist Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta, who died Sunday morning (March 16) from injuries sustained in an accidental fall he took while intoxicated.

The gig will take place on Tuesday, March 25 at Nosturi in Helsinki and will feature the following lineup:

09:00 p.m. BARATHRUM
10:00 p.m. ENSIFERUM
12:00 a.m. FINNTROLL

CHILDREN OF BODOM are rumored to be making an appearance as well, but their participation has yet to be officially confirmed. There will be a voluntary entrance fee of 10 euros, with all proceeds going to Teemu's family to cover various expenses. No alcohol will be sold at the event, at the request of Teemu's mother. Raimoranta's funeral will be held on Saturday, March 29 in Helsinki.


FINNTROLL Guitarist's Death Alcohol-Related ...
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FINNTROLL/IMPALED NAZARENE guitarist Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta died Sunday morning (March 16) of injuries sustained in an alcohol-related accidental fall, it has been officially announced. Teemu was 25 years old.

As previously reported, FINNTROLL recently completed work on an "acoustic/experimental" CD, titled "Visor Om Slutet" (the group's first with new singer Tapio Wilska), and were set to embark on a European tour next month with KATATONIA. It is not presently clear if the band will proceed with their touring plans in light of Somnium's passing.


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Finland's FINNTROLL have recruited singer Tapio Wilska to replace Katla, who vacated his lead vocalist position earlier this year due to problems with his vocal cords. Wilska has previously worked with SETHIAN and WIZZARD, and had done session work with Finnish groups such as NIGHTWISH and TIMO RAUTIAINEN & TRIO NISKALAUKAUS.

"I feel pretty overwhelmed donning Katla's fur coat," Wilska stated before his permanent status in the group became official. "[FINNTROLL] has been one of my favorite bands since their debut, and doing the songs is great fun for me. I, as probably every other fan of the band wishes that Katla will get better and will return to the band in the future. But I have to say that although SETHIAN remains my No. 1 priority, I'll give 100% to this thing when needed. Hey kiddos, it's only a question of time management... As for Swedish [all of FINNTROLL's lyrics are written in Swedish], I speak it adequately, I studied it further at the [university] as my second language."

FINNTROLL are tentatively scheduled to enter a studio soon to begin recording an "acoustic/experimental" EP for an early 2003 release, to be followed by a full-length album.


Finntroll will recorded mini-CD
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Sometime during the January, Finntroll are taking recording equipment and barricade themselves into some cottage in order to record an "acoustic/experimental" mcd, which will hopefully be out during the spring. After that Finntroll will concentrate on writing the material for the full-length.


FINNTROLL Frontman Exits Group ...
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FINNTROLL frontman Katla has announced his departure from the group due to a longer-than-expected recovery period following his recent surgery for a tumor in his vocal cords. Here is Katla's official statement on the matter:

"Hail fans of the mighty FINNTROLL! With a great sorrow in my heart and soul I am forced to bring you this statement. I founded this band with my blood brother Somnium several years ago and as we gained other blood brothers in our excellent formation we have gone through many highs and lows. For me this last year, as you all know, has been part of a huge low due to a virus-based tumor that unfortunately struck my vocal cords. I have had three operations now since December 2001 and the tumor has now spread into such an extent over the vocal cords that surgery can't be done without harming my voice permanently! There is another treatment available but it takes time and has several side effects. Due to the desperate situation of me not gaining my voice from the last surgery I have decided to step aside from my position as vocalist in this great band! Nothing is yet decided about FINNTROLL's upcoming gigs and recordings. My fellow trolls will decide what is now in their hands concerning the future of the band and if it is possible in the future I WILL RETURN! Those who live under every root and stone have maybe planned something different for my future, who knows? Maybe one day I will stand victorious on the stage with my brothers again. But for know my vocalist position in FINNTROLL is physically impossible! I thank every soul who have enjoyed my performances live and loved our music through our recordings in the past as well as in the future. Remember, fellow fans that nothing else than death is certain... With a huge trollish howl I leave this group that means everything to me. Stay true to the old ways and WE SHALL OVERCOME! I would like to thank my fellow bandmates and all fans!"


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Finland's FINNTROLL will be recording their next studio opus at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden between November 21st and December 20th. An early 2003 release is expected.


FINNTROLL's Russian Tales ...
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FINNTROLL's previously scheduled gig in Moscow has been moved forward one week to March 23rd.


The plans of Finntroll the next year
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Finntroll crawl out of their caves in May 2002 to take over Astia Studios in Lappeenranta to record the follow-up to the internationally acclaimed "Jaktens Tid". The band will also record an acoustic mini-album in the same sessions.


Finntroll have entered a studio to record a new album.
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Finntroll have started recording new album "Jaktens Tid". As soon as those goblins are kicked out of the studio they'll start shooting a video.

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