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Dimmu Borgir
Greatest Norwegian Misanthropic Symphonic Black Metal

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Dimmu Borgir World Tour
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10.10.2003 BERGARA - Sala Jam ( ES)
11.10.2003 VALENCIA - Republicca ( ES)
12.10.2003 BARCELONA - Razzmatazz II ( ES)
14.10.2003 MILAN - Alcatraz ( I)
15.10.2003 PRATTELN - z7 ( CH)
17.10.2003 BUDAPEST - Petöfi Hall ( H)
18.10.2003 WIEN - Planet Music ( A)
19.10.2003 STUTTGART - LKA Longhorn ( D)
20.10.2003 NüRNBERG - Löwensaal ( D)
21.10.2003 KöLN - Live Music Hall ( D)
24.10.2003 TAMPERE - Pukkahuone ( FIN)
25.10.2003 HELSINKI - Nosturi ( FIN)
27.10.2003 STOCKHOLM - Arenan ( SWE)
28.10.2003 MALMö - KB ( SWE)
29.10.2003 OSLO - Rockefeller ( NOR)
01.11.2003 MOSCOW - Gorbunova Culture Club ( RUS)
07.11.2003 BUFFALO, NY - Showplace Theater ( USA)
08.11.2003 DETROIT, MI - Harpo´s ( USA)
09.11.2003 CHICAGO, IL - House Of Blues ( USA)
11.11.2003 TORONTO, ONT - Government ( USA)
12.11.2003 MONTREAL, QUE - The Medley ( USA)
13.11.2003 NEW HAVEN, CT - Toad´s Place ( USA)
14.11.2003 ASBURY PARK, NJ - Convention Hall ( USA)
15.11.2003 PHILADELPHIA, PA - Trocadero ( USA)
16.11.2003 PITTSBURGH, PA - Club Laga ( USA)
18.11.2003 ATLANTA, GA - Masquerade ( USA)
19.11.2003 TAMPA, FL - Masquerade ( USA)
21.11.2003 HOUSTON, TX - Engine Room ( USA)
22.11.2003 DALLAS, TX - Deep Ellum Live ( USA)
23.11.2003 AUSTIN, TX - Backroom ( USA)
25.11.2003 TEMPE, AZ - Bash On Ash ( USA)
26.11.2003 LOS ANGELES, CA - House Of Blues ( USA)
28.11.2003 SAN FRANSCISCO, CA - Great American Music Hall ( USA)
29.11.2003 PORTLAND, OR - Roseland Theater ( USA)
30.11.2003 SEATTLE, WA - Showbox ( 1)
01.12.2003 VANCOUVER, B.C. - Commodore Ballroom ( CAN)
03.12.2003 SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Bricks ( USA)
04.12.2003 DENVER, CO - Odgen Theatre ( USA)
05.12.2003 LAWRENCE, KS - Bottleneck ( USA)
06.12.2003 ST. LOUIS, MO - Pop´s ( USA)
07.12.2003 MINNEAPOLIS, MN - The Quest ( USA)
09.12.2003 MILWAUKEE, WI - The Rave ( USA)
10.12.2003 CLEVELAND, OH - Agora Theater ( USA)
11.12.2003 WASHINGTON, DC - 9:30 Club ( USA)
12.12.2003 BROOKLYN - L`Amour ( USA)
13.12.2003 WORCESTER, MA - The Palladium ( USA)
14.12.2003 ALBANY, NY - Saratoga Winners ( USA)


DIMMU BORGIR in charts
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DIMMU BORGIR's new album 'DEATH CULT ARMAGEDDON' hit the charts yesterday at the following positions:
09 Finland

02 Norway

42 Netherlands

14 Austria

12 Germany

35 France

54 Switzerland


Dimmu Borgir new album
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The new DIMMU BORGIR album will be entitled "Death Cult Armageddon".

The CD, which currently was mixed at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden, will contain the following tracks:

1 Allegiance (5,49)
2 Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (5,17)
3 Lepers Among Us (4,43)
4 Vredesbyrd (4,44)
5 For The World To Dictate Our Death (4,46)
6 Blood Hunger Doctrine (4,39)
7 Allehelgens Dd I Helveds Rike (5,33)
8 Cataclysm Children (5,13)
9 Eradication Instincts Defined (7,12)
10 Unorthodox Manifesto (8,50)
11 Heavenly Perverse (6,32)

The band has also recorded a cover version of BATHORY's "Satan My Master" which will be used for the ltd. digipack edition. In other news, DIMMU BORGIR are in talks with CHILDREN OF BODOM, NEVERMORE and HYPOCRISY about teaming up for a North American tour between November 8 and December 16


Dimmu Borgir begins to record new album...
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DIMMU BORGIR are scheduled to enter Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden on March 3 to begin tracking the drum parts for their forthcoming CD, due later in the year. According to guitarist Silenoz, "All the new material is ready and we have also mastered our own pre-production and it sounds awesome in our ears. We rehearse like we are possessed every day and will continue to do so until we go into studio.

"There haven't been decided any album title, but we are working on it. As you may have heard before we are having a huge orchestra in studio with us and at the moment we are negotiating with two big east European orchestras, nothing is decided yet."

Among the tracks set to appear on the album are the following:

01. Allegiance
02. Cataclysm Children
03. Progenies of The Great Apocalypse
04. His Inexorable Excellency


News from the Dimmu Borgir camp
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Dimmu Borgir will hit studio in early March 2003 and they expect they will use about 2 months in the studio recording the new album. They have already 9 songs ready and they will write additional 2-3 songs before they start recording. They start rehearsing the new songs in january 2003. Album will be hotter than hell with a big orchestra, surprises and the usual quality that can be expect from Dimmu Borgir.


CENTURY MEDIA Release Schedule....
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February 5th
THE CROWN - The Burning (reissue)
THE CROWN - Eternal Death (reissue)
SACRILEGE - Lost In The Beauty You Slay/The Fifth Season (2-on-1 reissue)
WARMEN - Beyond Abilities

February 19th
ONWARD - Reawaken

March 5th
ROYAL HUNT - The Watchers
ANGEL DUST - Of Human Bondage
ICED EARTH - Dark Genesis (limited to 3000 copies)

March 19th
BLIND GUARDIAN - A Night At The Opera
DIMMU BORGIR - Stormblast

Apr. 2nd
ARCH ENEMY - Wages of Sin (w/bonus disc)


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Norways kings of the carnival creation return for the second leg of their North American Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia tour. Dimmu Borgir will headline a truly international bill of brutal extreme metal rounded out by Canadas Cryptopsy, Brazils Krisiun and Americas Diabolic. After the success of the Spring Neck Break tour last April with Cannibal Corpse, The Haunted and Lamb of God, Dimmu Borgir now prepares to embark on their first rampage through the U.S. and Canada as a full-fledged headliner. The bands latest CD, Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia, brought together some of black metals finest musicians including Nick Barker (drums, ex-Cradle of Filth), Vortex (bass/vocals, ex-Borknagar) and Galder (guitar, Old Mans Child) resulting in the bands most successful release to date. Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia pulled back the shroud on the black metal underground, allowing the mainstream to gaze upon the bastard offspring and its veiled mysteries. This latest tour will only serve to further expose more of the mainstream music scene to Dimmu Borgirs infectious and catchy brand of black metal, poising the band to emerge as a true musical force beyond the confines of the underground.

DIMMU BORGIR with Cryptopsy, Krisiun, Diabolic
2/19 Culture Room Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2/20 Masquerade Atlanta, GA
2/22 Hard Rock Caf New York, NY
2/23 The Trocadero Philadelphia, PA
2/24 Jaxx - Springfield, VA
2/26 The Palladium Worcester, MA
2/27 Medley Montreal, QU
2/28 Opera House Toronto, ON
3/1 Agora Ballroom Cleveland, OH
3/2 Harpos Detroit, MI
3/3 House Of Blues Chicago, IL
3/4 Ranch Bowl Omaha, NE
3/5 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN
3/6 Pops Sauget, IL
3/8 Engine Room Houston, TX
3/9 Backroom Austin, TX
3/12 The Palace Los Angeles, CA
3/13 Great American San Francisco, CA


World Misanthropy...
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Dimmu Borgir are at home in Norway writing, working on their upcoming DVD, World Misanthropy, and rehearsing for their North America tour this coming spring. In regard to the upcoming DVD, Silenoz had this to say, "We've gone through 15 of our own tapes so far and to be honest there is some really sick shit on there, and when I say that, we already have censored a lot... Well, I guess you get the picture!" Dimmu will also have a shaped EP, entitled Alive in Torment, available on February 5th. This limited edition disc contains live versions of "Tormentor of Christian Souls," "The Blazing Monoliths of Defiance," "The Insight and the Catharsis," "Puritania" and "The Maelstrom Mephisto" recorded in Stuttgart, Germany on the Purtanical tour. has been nominated for best band website in Norway. The ceremony will be held on Dec the 7th. Keep an eye on the website for more news.

The official Dimmu Borgir website, in cooperation with Revolver magazine, is proud to announce a special contest. One lucky grand-prize winner will snag a free one-year subscription to Revolver magazine and a Revolver t-shirt. Runners-up will receive a free issue (featuring Dimmu Borgir), a sticker and a grab bag of Nuclear Blast goodies. Please check out the band's website for details as well as the contest questions.


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January 22nd, 2002
PUNGENT STENCH, Masters of Moral - Servants of Sin
V/A, A Tribute to Accept Vol. II

February 5th, 2002
SINERGY, Suicide By My Side
TIDFALL, Instinct Gate
DIMMU BORGIR, Alive in Torment (ltd. shaped picture disc)

February 19th, 2002
LOCK UP, Hate Breeds Suffering
TIMO TOLKKI, Hymn to Life
THE DEFACED, Domination Commence

March 5th, 2002
IMMORTAL, Sons of Northern Darkness


DIMMU BORGIR will be issuing a limited-edition live EP...
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Norwegian black metallers DIMMU BORGIR will be issuing a limited-edition live EP, entitled Alive in Torment, in February to coincide with the bands second US tour in support of Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia. Recorded in Stuttgart, Germany on the Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia tour, Alive In Torment features five live tracks that guitarist Silenoz describes as extremely raw and brutal, straight in the face, no power ballads. The shaped CD was mixed by Peter Tgtgren at Abyss Studios. In other DIMMU news, the band is working on a DVD called World Misanthropy for an April release. According to Silenoz, [It] contains lots of live stuff from around the globe, interviews, backst(abbing)age clips, all crazy shit. The DVD will also feature at least four promo video clips and possibly contain a second disc featuring tracks from Spiritual Black Dimensions and Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia, previously only released in Japan.

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