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ARCH ENEMY new guitarist
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ARCH ENEMY have a new guitar player in their ranks who replaces Chris Amott for the bands massive touring activities starting in early October. The new axe-wizards name is Fredrik Akesson who already showed his talent for renowned artists like TALISMAN, John Norum, KRUX, TIAMAT. His comment on joining forces with ARCH ENEMY: I was really thrilled when Michael Amott called me up and gave me the opportunity to play with ARCH ENEMY. I am excited about going on tour with them, and to meet you all. C-Ya out there - it's time to burn!"


ARCH ENEMY posted new song
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New album of ARCH ENEMY "Doomsday Machine" will be released on 25th of July by Century Media. You can listen to song "Nemesis" from this album here:


ARCH ENEMY have posted live video clip
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Sweden's ARCH ENEMY have posted live video clip of their song "We Will Rise", filmed at London's Mean Fiddler on December 21, at this location.

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Dec. 16 Glasgow, UK @ King Tuts
Dec. 17 Leeds, UK @ Cockpit
Dec. 18 Birmingham, UK @ Academy II
Dec. 21 London, UK @ Mean Fiddler

Another studio update from ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott...
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"We have really enjoyed working with Andy on this album, his attention to detail is almost uncanny he kept us on our toes! This is the tightest and heaviest weve ever sounded in the studio. Thank you, Andy! I cant wait to hear it all mixed and mastered hard to be patient! On Saturday myself and Daniel will be heading back to the studio... we'll be giving a few international metal magazines a little sneak listen of the album in its currently unmixed state - I am positive they'll love what they hear... just have to make sure they get enough alcohol first... ha-ha. Looking at the Arch Enemy forum I see theres been some discussion and worries about the release date of the new albumn o need for panic, this one will drop in a few months THIS year (and thats worldwide, by the way). I also saw something on the internet a while ago about album titles, both those titles mentioned are incorrect, but thats OK It got people talking! :-)

Had a meeting with Niklas [Sundin of Dark Tranquillity] from Cabin Fever Media a couple of weeks ago. Hes possibly doing the new cover and artwork for the new album (he did the Wages Of Sin art). We drank a lot of coffee & brain-stormed I look forward to seeing something from him this week. More updates very soon..."

Video clips of the band in the studio (YES - you can hear a bit of the new music!) are available for viewing at

To view more studio pix, visit:

ARCH ENEMY have been confirmed to play Finland for their first time in their career at the Tuska Open Air festival in Helsinki on July 13th, 2003. They will also be playing The Gates Of Metal Festival in Hultsfred, Sweden, on August 2nd, 2003.


ARCH ENEMY news...
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A Michael Amott new album update from the ARCH ENEMY website:

"Whats up? Hope youve enjoyed the pics we posted so far ( there havent been too many studio reports from us sorry about that but we have just been getting on with the daily routine in the studio putting this new METAL MONSTER together... piece by piece, RIFF by bloody RIFF! There are so many HUGE riffs on this album... we just walk around smiling all day here... can't wait to assault all your ears with this...

The past 2-3 days weve been tracking rhythm guitars and the tones that Andys dialed in are just SATANIC! SICK! UGLY! (you get the general idea) Its sounding shockingly full-on and brutal, and thats just with 2 guitars and drums oh, yeah, those DRUMS Daniel has really pushed himself way beyond previous recordings weve done world F@#$%*N class!!

I completed my guitars on 5 songs and now we have taken a few days off (we are back home in Sweden) Chris will return to England and the studio on Monday (hell then start tracking his rhythms and do some lead work) and hell bring with him our Lord of LOW END Sharlee DAngelo I am psyched as hell to hear all that when I come over to England again.

(I am taking a week off from the studio work and will hook up with Andy in the studio again in a week to finish off my rhythm tracks + leads)... and there's some keyboards that will be played by Per Wiberg (who played on the Burning Bridges and Wages Of Sin albums) - it's always a blast recording those parts with Per... such a talented guy.

Last but not least... Angela will be coming over to start tracking vocals - the vocals she did on the pre-production demo's sound super promising... she's screaming like she's possessed by evil spirits... Arrrrrgggghhhhhh.... ALL ATTITUDE and AGGRESSION - very cool!

Songtitles? Here are a few: "Despicable Heroes" (A high energy thrasher - Daniel is just all over the kit on this one), "Exist To Exit" (Ok, who said Slayer???), "Dead Eyes See No Future" (Arch-style-thrash with great melodic guitars in the chorus - reminds me a bit of the Stigmata/Burning Bridges era - but with a fresh twist...), "DehumaniZation" (Cool riffy track with heavy chorus)... OK, what else is there... oh yeah, my fave track at the moment "Infected" (it's a little different, a new flavour - still heavy...what did you think? C'mon, there's no post-grunge ballads here, ha-ha)."
To stay updated on the latest studio happenings, visit daily.

Live pictures of ARCH ENEMYs show in Stockholm, Sweden can be found on Swedish Metal Look for the "new live pictures" link beneath the BLOODBATH logo on the right-hand side.


SLAYER, SOULFLY, MOTORHEAD, DOWN Among Artists Confirmed For Japan's BEAST FEAST 2002 ...
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SLAYER, SOULFLY, MOTORHEAD, DOWN, HATEBREED, and ARCH ENEMY are among the artists confirmed to appear at Beast Feast 2002, a two-day festival set to take place on December 14-15 at Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

The full lineup of acts currently scheduled to perform at the event is as follows:



ARCH ENEMY w/ Nile, Hate Eternal,Origin - Tour dates
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7/6 Cotton Club - Atlanta, GA
7/7 Clunk Music Hall - Fayetteville, AR
7/9 Sam's - San Antonio, TX
7/10 Concrete Street - Corpus Christi, TX
7/11 Cardi's - Houston, TX
7/12 Steamboat - Austin, TX
7/13 Canyon Club - Dallas, TX
7/14 Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM
7/15 Bash On Ash - Phoenix, AZ
7/16 The Galaxy Theater - Santa Ana, CA
7/18 Brick By Brick - San Diego, CA
7/19 The Pound - San Francisco, CA
7/20 Meow Meow - Portland, OR
7/21 Graceland - Seattle, WA
7/23 Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO
7/24 Ranch Bowl - Omaha, NB
7/25 The Lab - St. Paul, MN
7/26 Milwaukee Auditorium - Milwaukee, WI - Metalfest
7/27 Harpo's - Detroit, MI
7/28 Agora Ballroom - Cleveland, OH
7/29 Riley's - Aurora, IL
7/30 Showplace Theater - Buffalo, NY
7/31 Birch Hill - Old Bridge, NJ
8/1 Saratoga Winners - Cohoes, NY
8/2 The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY
8/3 The Palladium - Worcester, MA
8/4 The Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA
8/7 Jaxx - Springfield, VA
8/8 Ground Zero - Spartenburg, SC
8/11 Culture Room - Ft. Lauderdale, FL


ARCH ENEMY Clean Up At Burrn! Magazine Awards ...
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During their ongoing Japanese tour, Sweden's ARCH ENEMY will be presented with five awards they recently won in the annual Burrn! magazine readers poll. ARCH ENEMY won the awards in the following categories:

Best Album: Wages Of Sin
Best Singer: Angela Gossow
Best Drummer: Daniel Erlandsson
Shining Star: Angela Gossow

In other ARCH ENEMY news, check out a review of the group's March 5th Hollywood, California show (complete with pictures) at this location....


Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow forced the band to cancel their live performances ....
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As previously reported, Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow forced the band to cancel their live performances for the better part of last year, when the frontwoman was diagnosed with cancer-causing nodules on her vocal chords.

In a recent interview with Hard Radio, Arch Enemy guitarist and founder said Gossow is ready to perform again and is operating at 100 percent. "She's been fine since last year really. Angela has been doing this since 1991, in underground death bands in Germany, just going from being a kid screaming in somebody's basement to doing shows and promoting a band, but she's never really known what the hell she's been doing [laughs]. She was doing mainly low, deep guttural growls before with the odd high scream here and there. We made her work totally hard in the studio and do lots of different kinds of screams. That was an experience for her as well. Now, she's totally into voice coaches, learning how to use your muscles in your throat. She does stuff every day now, even if we're not rehearsing, keeping her stamina up. I can actually recommend that to every vocalist out there of any style. The coaches she's been going to deal with rock vocalists, not only opera-type singers. She just gave him the CD and said, "This is what I do [laughs], and I just want to keep doing it. I don't want to change it, I just want to do it the right way." She's actually improved now and has more power than she had when she did the album."

Amott then turned to Arch Enemy's recent album, Wages of Sin, which received rave reviews in Asia when it was released last year in the territory. "Musically, I think it's just getting more focused. The arrangements are better, just kind of getting to the point in a song, instead of having three riffs before the vocals come in and stuff like that. We also wanted to get a bit more extreme. I thought Burning Bridges was about as soft as we were going to get. There were a lot of hard rock overtones, which we still love. We want to be extreme, but we still want the songs [laughs]. I don't want it to be that we just play melodic metal with growling vocals."

In similar news, Arch Enemy's first North America gig with Gossow on March 5 at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, California. According to Century Media, the show is nearly sold out and people interested in attending should get their tickets now. The band will also be headlining this year's New England Metal And Hardcore Festival on April 5 and 6 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Arch Enemy's deluxe, double-CD version of Wages of Sin comes out April 2 on Century Media Records.

We'll have more information on Arch Enemy as it becomes available.

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