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Progressive Metal from England

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Powerworld - Andrew "Mac" McDermott (vocal)
Galloglass - Andrew "Mac" McDermott (vocal)
Wilson, Damian - Damien Wilson (vocal)
Ayreon - Damien Wilson (vocal)
Star One - Damien Wilson (vocal)


Five official studio releases, a live album, two fanclub releases and tours with Dream Theater, Psychotic Waltz, Enchant and Pain Of Salvation: Threshold have for some time now put their mark on the international rockscene. After some line up changes the British band have been the same group of musicians since 1998, continually working further on the evolution of their unmistakable sound. The Hypothetical album from 2001 already was a document of great musical homogeneity and now they increase the quality of composition and overall sound to an even higher level with Critical Mass, the new album from Karl Groom, Nick Midson (both guitar), Jon Jeary (bass), Richard West (keyboard), Johanne James (drums) and Andrew McDermott (voice).

For a band like ours, which has already written and released so many songs it is always a special challenge not to repeat ourselves, says guitarist Karl Groom, one of the bands founders. It is especially important to exchange already used sounds for new ones and using more diverse arrangements, without losing the most important ingredients of our own style. Melodies and strong hooklines in connection with expressive texts have always been the essence of our music. Of course singer Andrew McDermott plays a major part, after joining the group in 1998 and again puts his important position in the recent Threshold-sound to a test. Especially Mac has developed himself very positively in the last few years praises Groom. He gets better from year to year, which is also the result of a change of his personal life-style. In my opinion he has never sung so good as on Critical Mass.

Not only in the compositions but also production-wise Threshold have designed new measures for their new album. Technically taken care off by Richard West and Karl Groom, who has also produced the album, Critical Mass convinces through its round, warm and at the same time powerful sound, which is the result of intensive studio work. Almost every band claims that their new album is better than the last one and that the sounds are also more succeeded than before. I dont want to imply those things, avoids Groom the usual sayings. The fans have to decide if the sound really has improved. I can only say that we used the newest equipment and that the record has certainly profited from that. This positive impression is rounded off with a multitude of ambitious lyrics from the feather of Jon Jeary. unlike Clone or Wounded Land this album is not a concept-album. Nevertheless the lyrics came out very interesting, and a lot has to do with reincarnation.


Threshold recording a DVD in June!
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Threshold will be recording a live DVD and double album in Holland on 6 June this year. The concert will take place at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer, where Threshold last performed in 2001 during the Hypothetical tour. The release is expected to be called Critical Energy and will feature songs from every Threshold album as well as an acoustic slot. Tickets for the show will be available soon.


Critical Mass....
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English progsters "Threshold" got their critical mass for the new album "Critical Mass". Realise will see the light on INSIDE OUT/SPV at September 02. Track-list:

pho 01. Phenomenon 05:30
02. Choices 08:19
03. Falling Away 06:52
04. Fragmentation 06:34
05. Echoes Of Life 08:55
06. Round And Round 05:26
07. Avalon 04:45
08. Critical Mass (Part 1-3) 13:35

Limited edition include radio mix of song "Phenomenon", two b-sides "Do Unto Them" & "New Beginning" and multimedia.

Current line-up:

Andrew Mac Dermott (vocal)
Karl Groom (guitar)
Nick Midson (guitar)
Jon Jeary (bass)
Richard West (keys)
Johanne James (drums)


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ATLANTA - ProgPower USA III, Atlanta's third annual progressive and power metal festival, has been announced for Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16 at Earthlink Live.

Confirmed bands include a number of artists making their first US appearances, including Germany's BLIND GUARDIAN, Brazil's ANGRA, Germany's GAMMA RAY, and the UK's THRESHOLD.

With great enthusiasm we are looking forward to our first US appearance ever, said BLIND GUARDIAN vocalist Hansi Kursch. We really feel privileged and greatly honored to headline one of the finest and best US Metal Festivals. This festival will be our first opportunity to present us as one of the most intense and exciting metal bands around in these days.

Added GAMMA RAY's Kai Hansen: We're absolutely looking forward to playing the US for the first time and bringing the American metalheads something different from Germany other than Schnitzel and Sauerkraut. We're expecting to have a ball with a lot of people that are ready to rock and have a good time singing, screaming, raising hands and shirts (girls only) and banging brains out.

Sweden's PAIN OF SALVATION, fresh off of an opening spot on the DREAM THEATER European tour, will be making their third trip to the States. Germany's EDGUY will also be returning to the U.S. for the second time. America's own READING ZERO, the only independent band on the roster, has secured one of the opening slots. Three roster spots are still to be confirmed over the coming weeks.

I'm thrilled with this year's lineup, as I truly believe it is the best roster for progressive and power metal ever assembled in the U.S., said the event's organizer, Glenn Harveston.

Tickets will go on sale July 1 via all TicketMaster outlets. Only 850 two-day passes will be available to the public at a cost of $80 each.

ProgPower USA, an international affiliate of ProgPower Europe located in the Netherlands, was created to attract the top names in both the progressive and power metal genres. The first event was held at a small bar in Lansing, Ill., in February 2001 and featured the first U.S. appearance of PAIN OF SALVATION. The 350-capacity show sold out three months in advance. Due to popular demand, a second event was held in November 2001 and featured the most unique progressive and power metal roster in the States to date (SYMPHONY X, KAMELOT, ARK, EVERGREY, ANGEL DUST, SPIRAL ARCHITECT, plus others). The attendance increased in size to 750 with a crowd coming from 38 states and 15 countries.

ProgPower USA has various promotional opportunities for vendors, labels, and bands in the metal market. For more information and full details visit

ProgPower USA III is sponsored by Guitar Center in Marietta, Ga.





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