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Suicide Gates - A Bridge to Death
Style: Death Metal. Year: 2016


A lot of monotonous, but high-calorie food
Score: 7 of 10

Why Rogga Johansson has so many groups? For example, a Swedish musician in the framework of some projects is collaborating with artists famous enough to form an additional musical unit. For example, DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN where singing Dave Ingram (ex BENEDICTION, ex BOLT THROWER) or JOHANSSON / SPECKMANN involving Paul Speckmann (MASTER). But there are also several groups where the same people play the same music, but under different names. The main projects are PAGANIZER (apparently the first child of Rogga) and RIBSPREADER. Every year a few albums on different labels, and, most importantly, I think everyone is happy.

The fans and the labels, got to yourself descent group, and Rogga Johansson, who plays Swedish death metal even when he sleeps, otherwise it is impossible to understand how to compose, play and record so much material. New RIBSPREADER album УSuicide Gate Ц A Bridge To DeathФ with a fresh piece of Swedish meat available to everyone from June 15 of this year through label Xtreem. This time a famous musician has recorded an album not by hisself, CD was the debut for new drummer Jeramie Kling and lead guitarist Taylor Nordberg. Of course, this added diversity to sound, but not for a millimeter moved RIBSPREADER from the once chosen path. Hard, rhythmic death metal with the Swedish orthodox sound for all fans of the genre. Rare melodic solos, terrifying vocals, bulldozer rhythm.

We have all heard it many times, but it does not hurt to hear it again, and again, and again... RIBSPREADER did not invent the wheel and do not open America, but listen to "Suicide Gate" is nice and fun. I was just thinking, what if Rogga would leave one group, then he may focusing all the creative efforts in one place, will finally produce a masterpiece? I think that's unlikely. Dense, Swedish death metal Ц this is the height of his skill. It is monotonous, you can get bored if you listen to him often, but it is always in abundance, and it high-calorie. Want Swedish death metal? Go to Rogga Johansson.




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