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Rhapsody Of Fire
Emerald Sword
Style: Power Metal. Year: 1998

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 7.8 of 10
Votes: 2

Троценко (31.08.2008 04:14:33)
Score: 5.5 of 10
Такой себе миник... Для ярых фанатов...

Bronia (06.12.2003 05:33:53)
Score: 10 of 10
Разве может не понравится веселый пагер с драконами?:)


1. Emerald Sword
2. Where Dragons Fly
3. Modified version of "Land of Immortals"

Rhapsody - Concept
Eric Philippe - Artwork
Sascha Paeth - Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Balalaika, Producer, Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
Luca Turilli - Guitar, Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Friedrike Bauer - Violin
Cosima Bergk - Violin, Viola
Tatiana Bloch - Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Matthias Brommann - Violin
Davide Calabrese - Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Daniele Carbonera - Percussion, Drums
Stefanie Holk - Violin
Robert Hunecke - Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Don Kosaken - Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Hagen Kuhr - Cello
Jan Larsen - Violin, Viola
Soren Leupold - Lute, Baroque Lute
Fabio Lione - Vocals
Alessandro Lotta - Bass
Michele Mayer - Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Andre Neygenfind - Contrabass (Vocal)
Cinzia Rizzo - Vocals
Ricky Rizzo - Vocals
Almut Schlicker - Violin
R. Limb Schnoor - Executive Producer
Alex Staropoli - Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Manuel Staropoli - Oboe, Recorder, Vocals, Choir, Chorus, Baroque Oboe, Baroque Recorder
Marie-Theres Strumpf - Viola

Emerald Sword




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