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Rhapsody Of Fire
Visions From The Enchanted Lands [DVD]
Style: Sympho-Power. Year: 2007. Label: Magic Circle/Steamhammer/SPV/Soyuz


DVD 1:

Unholy warcry (Introduction)
The past few years
The wisdom of the kings (Live from Germany)
The fans
The village of dwarves (Live from Canada)
The mystical journey
Erian`s mystical rhymes (Live from Canada)
Drum solo (Live from Canada)
Canadian cousins
Dawn of victory (Live from Canada)
Lamento eroico (Live from Canada)
Emerald sword (Live from Canada)
The village of Dwarves (Live from Czech Republic)
Land of immortals (Live from Czech Republic)
Holy thunderforce (Live from Germany)

Bonus video:

Unholy Warcry-Extended version
The magic of the wizard's dream-German version

Unreleased bonus tracks:

Age of the red moon
Power of thy sword

DVD 2:

Unholy warcry music video
The magic of the wizard`s dream music video
The making of the dark secret - documentary
The making of the wizard's dream - documentary
Unholy warcry (Live from USA)
Live equipment
Additional interviews from 2005 tour
Triumph or agony - Electronic press Kit
Rehearsal - Erian`s Mystical Rhymes
The village of Dwarves

Visions From The Enchanted Lands [DVD]




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