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Orphaned Land
The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR
Style: Folk-Metal. Year: 2010. Label: Century Media

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 8.5 of 10
Votes: 2

Don Dimon (25.02.2010 17:29:14)
Score: 10 of 10
Да не, альбом шедевр. Его расслушать надо.

Хорёк (02.02.2010 17:05:01)
Score: 7 of 10
Всё вместе сочно и красиво, а отдельных цепляющих моментов нету. Нехитово, и всё тут.
И плюс ко всему депресняк и унылость, хз откуда у них это взялось


1. Sapari 04:04
2. From Broken Vessels 07:36
3. Bereft in the Abyss 02:45
4. The Path (Pt. 1) - Treading Through Darkness 07:27
5. The Path (Pt. 2) - The Pilgrimage to Or Shalem 07:45
6. Olat Ha'tamid 02:38
7. The Warrior 07:11
8. His Leaf Shall Not Wither 02:31
9. Disciples of the Sacred Oath, Pt. 2 08:31
10. New Jerusalem 06:59
11. Vayehi Or 02:41
12. M I ? 03:27
13. Barakah 04:13
14. Codeword: Uprising 05:25
15. In Thy Never Ending Way (Epilogue) 05:09

Kobi Farhi - Vocals, Leading Chants, Growls, Narrations, Choirs, Backing Vocals
Yossi Sassi Sa'aron - Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Saz, Bouzouki, Oud,
Chumbush, Choir Vocals, Piano
Matti Svatizky - Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
Uri Zelcha - Bass, Fretless Bass, Acoustic Bass

Guests and session members:
Avi Diamond - Drums
Shlomit Levi - Female Vocals
Steven Wilson - Keyboards
Avi Agababa - Percussions
Avner Gavriell - Piano (on track 15)
Nizar Radwan - Violins
Srur Saliba - Violins
Alfred Hagar - Nay and Kawala Flutes
Yonatan Danino - Shofar
Shmuel Ruzbahan - Santur

Produced by Steven Wilson and Orphaned Land.
Mixed by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Opeth).

The album is divided into three parts:
Part I: Godfrey''s Cordial – An ORphan''s Life (tracks 1-6)
Part II: Lips Acquire stains – The WarriOR Awakens (tracks 7-12)
Part III: Barakah – Enlightening the Cimmerian (tracks 13-15)

OrWarrior means "light warrior" or "warrior of light", representing a conceptual
hero of the battle of light versus darkness.

Along with the original and limited editions, the album is sold along with an
Orphaned Land t-shirt or along with postcards, posters, magnets, 28-page
Mediabook or a special "Disciples Package" that includes collectible items along
with a brand new "Disciples t-shirt".

DVD tracklist:
01. A Heaven You May Create (Band Documentary) (42:17)
02. Estarabim (Bonus Audio Track) (05:12)

The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR




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