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Put' SolncaNew album by HOLY BLOOD

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Style: Death-Doom. Year: 1997. Playtime: 44:00

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 9.1 of 10
Votes: 7

Троценко (12.08.2008 18:11:39)
Score: 9.5 of 10
Супер альбом.

Magnifique (10.08.2008 08:54:05)
Score: 9.5 of 10
заслушал этот релиз в том же 97-м на кассете, потом достал его нa ператке,
а недавно приобрел ltd.edition digi-pack от HOLY records, наконец-то...
волшебная музыка, прекрасный девичий вокал, восхитительные клавишные, супермелодичные соляки...

Lyra (16.02.2006 23:24:18)
Score: 8 of 10
Очень нравилось, помницца..

KremneZyom (16.02.2006 01:30:23)
Score: 9.5 of 10
Записать бы это получше, но сам материал замечательный.

Шуреги любят вас!!! (08.02.2006 22:54:53)
Score: 8.5 of 10
...с удовольствием


01. Atlantis I - 6:16
02. The Song of the Sea - 1:39
03. Oceans - 6:35
04. In Heaven's Island - 4:24
05. Atlantis II - 7:07
06. Atlantis III - 2:36
07. If I Could Fly - 5:15
08. Aura - 5:42
09. The Blue Dream - 8:11


Searching (for) beauty in my dreams,
AtlantisOnce upon a time, what I saw,
Brought me despair, cause surrounding me,
There where, only blue waters...

Waves dancing and shining
In the cool breeze...

Atlantis on the bottom of the ocean,
Unexpressed eyes, my eyes...

I heard them awakening,
They were distant straggled voices,
I think I was alive
But the vision of them
Will follow me forever...


I was overwhelmed by a sad
And unfortunate feeling,
An impression that my soul was conquered by
The darkness...

Once a slipt, with a ship
Into a dark see
Whilst a shyttle rain,
I reached deep,
Under the earth (into a different world)...


In the magic mirror of my soul,
I stare at the person that I love,
It's the magical carpet on which,
I travel on the erebus,
In the land of fairy tales

So I close my eyes again
Feeling so lonely in the rain
The mother of sunrise gives hope
She can fly me over green fields
The great oceans away from
Days of hatred and despair...

I saw immortal roses
And a gold field with giant trees
That shined immensely...
I saw ancient walls and palaces everywhere...
Amidst ancient gardens and magical trees...

So I close my eyes again...


In heaven's island,
Under the gold flowers of the sun
Into a drop of water,
I feel my earthly lover...

Let me be in the romantic Middle age,
At the furthest beach in the universe

In heaven's island......

On the clouds in the sky,
Take my drama far away,
Whilst my kindness and my feelings
Beat the darkness

In heaven's island,
Under the gold flowers of the sun


I wondered if I could inhabit there forever,
In the harmony that opium provides,
In the field amidst the virgin colours
And admirable things

Atlantis on the bottom of the ocean,
Unexpressed eyes, my eyes...

Every night in my dreams,
I searched the key for the ancient wall,
In the dreamy search for the great atlantis
I understood that all the visions and...

Grace had finished
Myths forgotten through the centuries
Wisdom and miracles born in a strange land

Searching for the great Atlantis


As I learn to fly,
Like the white bird of the sea
I feel the immortal magic of the Etherial
With sun glowing,
Sun Glowing like gold

Shine - like the sun
Fly - to the stars

Life is the unknown in the feast
Of this gears beauty
In the non dimension rainbow

If I could fly


Frequently I see things in the air,
Sad visions,
Invisible for the masses to see...

And the sense of a flower
Brings them into deep thoughts

If I could fly



I follow a passion so dreamy
So optimistic,
Like waking up from a deep sleep...
I feel the aura

It transforms the numb feelings
Into dreamy thoughts

Flying in the clouds
I feel the aura

A sweet angel of hope in an unlimited
Period of lust and Harmony
It transforms the numb feelings
Into thoughts

Flying in the clouds...

I liked to escape into the embracement of sleep,
There I found the beauty in the dreams
Amidst ancient gardens and magical forests
Under strange stars in a sleep journey

Flying in the clouds...


Shadows of beauty here in the sin of love
I close my eyes and breath
Passion for life
One voice, one body learns to love
A simple thought for life is enough,
The mood becomes a temptation,
The temptation a longing
And the longing evolves in an unbeatable need
This need is the blue dream

Towards a great sadness
We are not always here
We burn in zeal and give wings
To our soul for the blue dream
It means the start of our happiness whilst
It sweetly rises to our soul

Shadows of beauty...




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