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"Crystal Tears"
Style: Doom Metal. Year: 1999. Playtime: 46:01

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 7.8 of 10
Votes: 2

Троценко (29.08.2008 17:00:53)
Score: 8 of 10
Таки талант не пропили.

Magnifique (10.08.2008 08:56:33)
Score: 7.5 of 10
местами неплохо, местами скучно
жаль что дум-дэт ушел из их музыки
на посл. альбоме 2003 г. ваще хард-рок заиграли о_0


01. Crystal Tears - 4:49
02. My Angel - 5:13
03. Obsession - 4:24
04. Crystal Tears II (Loosing Her) - 2:26
05. Ophelia - 3:40
06. Eden - 5:01
07. Enigma - 4:34
08. Midnight Falling - 1:59
09. All Is Silent - 5:13
10. Feelings - 7:05
11. True Belief (Bonus)
12. Oceans (Bonus)
13. All Is Silent (Bonus)

Basse / Vocals : Stefanos Kintzoglou
Guitars : Chris Dragamestianos
Bass : Michael Knoflach
Viola : Elena Doroftei
Drums : Andrew Olaru
Keyboard : Ionna Doroftei


I wonder if I have to believe in something better, I sleep heavily into the cold of my pain or I travel to eternity...
Through seasons of passions open your eyes, just try to be yourself
Nothing will change, if you stay dumb, just open your eyes
I walk around the paths of my mind bleeding slowly in irrational words
I saw my self, into unknown I have to stay sometimes alone


How long I will exist among dead stars
How long I will be a game without end
I will be waiting travelling to endless skies, choked into the seas of your forgetfulness
Like a bird I am flying far away searching for joy to another place
Temptation, destination of desire for every darkness there is a light,
for every innocent soul there is a promise and a god on the skies


Finally what you are is the same that we are everyone
You do infeasible dreams, like everyone you will learn to love if you learn to suffer, like everyone
So discover the snake of your soul, think deeper Discover the joy of your life think deeper
The way is an opened to the violet
The knowledge of your self please find yourself
Grey loves my God, sinked me in pain, my hearted body will soon expire, I will be waiting


Sometimes were two, were two and was like one, One and so mnay together, among capids and angels, we will fly forever...
I have a mystic relation with the moon
Tonight, I will sprink moondust only for you...
The biggest distance is the time so live for the moment
I am afraid the same as you but I am dreaming...
We are hunting each other into the fragrant valley of sensations and illusions So let your mind free...


Red wine I drink and to the golden coast I sing...
Everything you search in your life here you will find
Don't loose your mind, don't let the time to take you far away you have to find a better way, you forgive every wrong of your mind illusions of your life
I have to teach you everything, everytime these hands are your angels
Touch the skies...
I am falling help me
I am falling save me
Everything you search in your life here you will find suffering hoping.
Searching the virtues of your lonely heart.
Don't swear your trouble don't sleep heavily, you are in deep mourning.
You are not here however so sad I look at you so tired, so alone, my Eden


I think I have lost my way like ruin my soul throwing away into a city not mine non yours
Do you remember ?
...And I was running every spring around the earth to find a hope to bring you the first rose
I saw you there first time do you remember ?
You are missing a winter and seems for five do you remember ?


I don't know if we are something between god and demon
Weak mortals, transient beings doing invisible dreams
Eternal I will not lament as I am falling deep to your fears
My angel help me, feel me
As I am falling with tears tor thousand of years lost into sensations and etherial desires ?
I am here like everyone and I will stay forever


The shade of love gives me your hallucination
I need to endure the solitude, this awfull screaming
To the sting of the atmost chaos, where the primordial wichness is so hideous for description
...Thundering panthymonium, captured by horror
Everything around me appear like living blying image,
The wind from the lake of memories, the cold climate gives to the solitude a tone of delight and psychic beauty
Why my god ? Why even the light of your sun, is like the sparkling of a star, when it eraces and eraces...
Maybe it could be a miracle but it is no so cold there is no turning back so I have to go...


In my hands a hope I hold
And to your breath's dew
I will be unable to sleep
In my hands a wave I hold and your body I describe, and beside you I come day and night.
I travel into the (blue) seas of your mind I will overtake you to the seventh wave where the moon rests a caress I will give you
I touch your dry skin, I discover the infinity in your eyes and the line from the pulse of your heart, I touch...




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