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"Silent Room"
Style: Power Metal. Year: 2003. Playtime: 60:02. Label: Napalm


» Chapter I (The Awakening)
01. Paranormal Magnitude
02. The Rise Of A Child

» Chapter II (The Game)
03. Strange Connection
04. Travel In The Spheres Of Dreams
05. Shades In The Night
06. Silent Room

» Chapter III (The Cure)
07. Mind Matrix Schizophrenia
08. A Piece Of Paradise

» Chapter IV (The Decadence)
09. Virtual Freedom
10. Sniper In The Playground
11. The Death Toll

» Chapter V (Epilogue)
12. Prisoner Of The System
13. Bonus Track : Ship Of Fools (Vicious Rumors

Emilie Lesbros, Sandrine Lachapelle, Johanna
Giraud, Damien Surian & Hubert Piazzola ( Choirs )
Jeannot Strippoli (Second &. fourth guitar solo on
"Strange Connection ")
Fabrice Emmanuelson (Backing Vocals on "Mind
Matrix Schizophrenia ", " Silent Room " and "
Prisoner Of The System")
Sandrine Lachapelle (Female vocals on " Paranormal
Magnitude ")
All keyboards by Terje Refsnes, Yves Campion &
Alex Hilbert
All music and lyrics by Nightmare
All songs published by Iron Avantgarde Publishing
Concept / Story written by Yves Campion and Jo
Sound effects courtesy of,
Coocooland I & II
Produced, mixed and arranged by Terje Refsnes
Recorded at Soundsuite Studio ( France ) in March
/ April 2003
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios (
Finland ) in April 2003
Art / Design: Iside Occella for Metallian Craphiks
( )
Photography: Christelle De Dominicis, Jeep Monco

Jo Amore ( Vocals }
Alex Hilbert ( Guitars )
Nicolas De Dominicis (Guitars)
Yves Campion ( Bass )
David Amore ( Drums )

Silent Room




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