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Style: Power Metal. Year: 2001. Playtime: 51:25. Label: Napalm


1 - Roads to Nazca (intro)
2 - Cosmovision
3 - Corridors Of Knowledge
4 - Spirits Of The Sunset
5 - The Church
6 - Behold The Highttime
7 - Necropolis
8 - The Cemetary Road
9 - Kill For The New Messiah
10- The Spiral Of Madness
11 - Last Flight To Sirius
12 - Riddle In The Ocean

Jo Amore (lead vocals)
Nicolas De Dominicis (Guitar & vocals)
Jeannot Strippoli (Guitar & vocals)
Yves Campion (Bass & vocals)
Dauid Amore (Drums & vocals)

Recorded and mixed at Sound Suite Studio (France) (June-July 2001)
Produced by Terje Refsnes
Mastered by Ulf Horbell -DMS (Germany)
Front cover by Jean Pascal Fournier
Photos by Hors Norm/Vision Mystique
Cover art/design by Iside Occella for Metallian Graphiks
All music & lyrics by Nightmare
Special guest musicians:
Stephane Rabillound - additional keyboards
Patrick Rondat - lead guitar on pirits Of The Sunset
Audrey Bucci - female vocals on Cosmovision


Fresh French nightmare
Score: 8 of 10

Fresh French nightmare. Recently, probably, in France a wave of love of power broke up. Last year has released a little quite good albums - Dyslesia and Heavenly, for example. And, the new fifth album (for twenty years' career) was released by the oldest French band - Nightmare. Rather unusual sympho-power-speed metal. Classical rough and powerful vocal, rigid riffes, high-speed guitar, keyboard passages, everything's like standardly and also reminds a mix of Grave Digger and Helloween with symphonic in spirit Rhapsody. But Terje Refsnes worked with group in quality of producer , whom have huge experience with many groups, but at the same time all of them played music distinct from Nightmare, more extreme than melodious heavy-metal. He has written down to an album all parties of keyboard and all orchestral arranges. I do not know, is this him idea or group's, but at record opera chorus from five men (3 female and 2 man's vocals), similar sounding on records Tristania also was involved. The chorus is present at all songs, carrying out a role of vocal in refrains. It is a highlight of an album. Without it, on my sight, the album would not be so interesting. Though, I shall not be too much categorical, and without it here is what to listen: competent juicy wonderful solos, correct alternation of fast songs with slow, double drums, epic atmosphere, set of influences of heavy-metal of eightieth. I hope, at this group the time will tell still weighty word and to support renome of all French on the European metal stage.





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