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"Jewel of the Vile"
Style: Power Metal. Year: 2016. Label: Metal Blade


1. Crusher
2. Bleed for the Night
3. The Descent
4. The Siren's Call
5. Ritualistic Demise
6. The Old One
7. Rotted Reunion
8. Unfinished Business
9. Honor Thy Prophet
10.From Graves to Infamy
11. The Battle of Morningstar


The sequel to "romancing the stone" without Michael Douglas
Score: 8.5 of 10

Creating a group NECROMANCING THE STONE, current and former members of THE ABSCENCE, ARSIS, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, and BRIMSTONE COVEN was clearly a playful mood. The name of the band and the debut album "Jewel Of The Vile" are correlated with the names of two classic movies from the 80's with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in the lead roles in "romancing the stone" and "jewel of the Nile". The musicians on his page in Facebook telling some amusing story connected with the concept of the band, briefly stated, is that our heroes went out to war against the dominance of deathcore with their heavy metal at the ready.

It's funny that almost all of the instrumental component of NECROMANCING THE STONE is the representatives of the groups for fans of heavy metal are closely related to deathcore. More advanced fans of heavy music freely of course understand that THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, ARSIS and THE ABSENCE are not deathcore, but... The Main idea of this album is not a concept. Michael Douglas is not appearing on the CD, texts moderately silly. Most importantly, it's a musical idea, in which energetic, pounding melodic death metal with great solos mix with a strong heavy-stoner metal vocals from John Williams of BRIMSTONE COVEN. Thanks to the voice, NECROMANCING THE STONE can be attributed to heavy metal, but all other features of music, including "production" refer to less archaic and more extreme styles. An amazing combination of magnificent performing skills of musicians with a very strong and clear vocals. The John Williams band BRIMSTONE COVEN does not allow the vocalist to unleash his talent fully. There he is forced to hold back, because their music is too simple and "quiet". In NECROMANCING THE STONE, the singer survives a duel with a powerful guitars, fast pace and goes out with honor from the most difficult situations in which it is driven composers are accustomed to much more extreme songwriting.

Gorgeous debut, which combines the two branches of modern rock music, creating a great hybrid that will be interesting for fans of modern heavy metal, and fans of the American school melodic death metal. NECROMANCING THE STONE deserve attention, and I hope, though, and the sequels of the movie "romancing the stone" was finished, the group will continue on its creative path, not paying attention to this unfortunate fact.

Jewel of the Vile




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