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Havayoth - M. Hansson


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NAGLFAR's Sheol is bloodier than a murder scene...
related: Naglfar.
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"NAGLFAR's Sheol is bloodier than a murder scene." - Hit The

Just how brutal ARE these Swedish men who blur the line between black and death metal? Come May 6th, Sheol will we available in North America and you will be granted to opportunity to do your own investigating. But please, take it from us: with NAGLFAR's reputation for blistering brutality and Sheol being recorded at the famed Abyss Studios with the equally-famed Peter Tgtgren, this album's truly is a scorcher and worth the five-year wait!

In a recent interview with Swedish, guitarist Andreas Nilsson discusses the band's release schedule and other on-the-road pleasantries:

Swedish Metal: You seem to have a very strict schedule for your releases, one full length CD every second year and one mini-CD the year in-between. Is this a formula you will keep in the future or can we look forward to a new full length CD in 2004?

Andreas Nilsson: This is nothing that weve planned. It has just turned out like this due to unfortunate events such as members leaving the band, losing rehearsal places, and stuff like that. Like now, our recent rehearsal got flooded so we had to move. But this time we got a new place right away so well be getting together again in a couple of days. Im pretty sure you wont see a new full length in 2004, but Id be damned if we wont be able to get something out by 2005. Keep your fingers crossed. With our bad luck, we need it.

Swedish Metal: What's your funniest live or tour experience? I heard some rumours that your old guitarist Morgan got his nickname "Mad Morgan" from shaving his head butt-naked in front of the tour bus after more than a couple of beers.

Andreas Nilsson: Haha, that ones pretty known by now, so I guess I cant deny it. But theres a saying that what happens on the road stays on the road. I can think of some pretty fucked up events that have occurred, but some stories are better left untold.

For the entire interview, visit, select "The Webzine," and search under "Interviews.


NAGLFAR will ensure that death will have its day...
related: Naglfar.
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Adversity weeds out the weak, and when combined with Norse mythology, only the strongest warriors will witness the apocalypse, for only the strong are worthy enough to die gloriously. Named after the ship that will carry giants to their death at Ragnark - the world's last battle - the Armageddon-inducing music of Sweden's NAGLFAR will ensure that death will have its day.

The band from Ume burst onto the scene in 1992 with their "Stella Trajectio" demo, and vocalist Jens Rydn and bassist Kristoffer "Wrath" Olivius soon secured a contract with Wrong Again Records. Recorded at Abyss Studios with Peter Tgtgren (Hypocrisy), their 1995 debut album, Vittra, spread like poison through water and is still regarded as a milestone in Swedish melodic black metal eight years after its release.

Soon afterwards, the band lost their drummer. Their location made it difficult to find a successor in the midst of demand for a second album, but NAGLFAR did not succumb to pressure. Even after losing their rehearsal spaces over ten times, the band triumphed by finding drummer Mattias Grahn in 1998 and released Diabolical, resulting in a European tour with Deicide, Six Feet Under and Amon Amarth. Two years later, guitarist Marcus "Vargher" Norman of Bewitched replaced Morgan Hansson and assisted NAGLFAR with their stand-out performances at the Wacken and Party-San Open Air festivals following the release of their five-song EP, Ex Inferis, called "an exercise in meticulous playing and seriously thrashy craft" by Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles.

After a five-year wait, NAGLFAR's third album, Sheol (Hebrew for "hell") treads through a blurry boundary of black and death metal that seethes in a foundation of thrash brutality, hailed by Metal Maniacs as "a monumental cataclysm of blackened death metal" and destined to become one of the best albums of 2003. Featuring album artwork by Dark Tranquillity's Niklas Sundin and recorded, mixed, & mastered at Ballerina Audio by Nils Johansson in Ume, Jens Rydn's visceral battle cry steers you through the war in hell found in the aftermath of war, waged by the men of NAGLFAR who fear no death. We recommend you accept the protection offered you on your tour through hell, set for May 6th, 2003.


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SOLEFALD - "Mont Blanc Providence Crow"
THRONE OF CHAOS - "Johnny B. Dead"




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