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"MUSICA (compilation)"
Style: Heavy Metal. Year: 2001. Playtime: 74:12


MUSICA.MUSTDIE Productions presents the ЂMUSICAї compilation, introducing new wave of metal music from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Alma-Ata and Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad).

Total playing time: 74:12.


Glazemaker "Burning Coast" [progressive intro]
Seducer's Embrace "As The Forest Weeps..." [melodic death]
Samhain "Herimos" [doom]
Wishmaster "Betrayer" [melodic death]
Lead Weight "For Thine Is The Kingdome" [techno death]
Radigost "In The Heart of Battle" [melodic black]
Hostile Breed "Paper Law" [modern angry thrash]
Exhumation "Cursed World" [melodic death]
Vortex "Break The Fetters" [power]
Requiem "Your Dreams" [techno death]
Elisium "Shadow" [power]
Tvangeste "Damnation Of Regiomontum" [sympho-black]
Rossomahaar "Quarite Lux In Tenebris" [black]
Absurd "Where Time Has Died Away" [melodic death]
Forrest Gump and Jamilya Serkebaeva "Sarjaylau" [folk hard rock]


Hey, what's the big deal with this comp, huh??
Score: 8 of 10

Hey, what's the big deal with this comp, huh?? Well, it's definitely a big deal itself, and you'd better remember that. "Musica" probably is the first more or less pro-done compilation featuring bands exclusively of Russian origin, therefore purchasing it might be a good chance to figure out what's Russian metal scene alike, who deserves your support and who doesn't. Ok, closer to the subject: this CD starts with an instrumental track by GLAZEMAKER, which is absolutely of no interest. SEDUCER'S EMBRACE _are_ of interest, though. Even though I know the guys personally for a pretty long time, I haven't ever heard what they stand for, musically. Well, now I have Бг and it was rather enjoyable experience, by the way. In short, "As The Forest Weeps" strikes as a cross between melodic black and death metal, one of the best I've ever got myself acquainted with, at least when it comes to Russian combos. Next we have SAMHAIN, which, in terms of perception, are closer to GLAZEMAKER than SEDUCER'S EMBRACE. Got the point? WISHMASTERД£ Oh, holy shit! Fast-paced pseudo-melodic pseudo-black metal with a wretchedly programmed drummachine, badly out of keyД£ Horrible. LEAD WEIGHT are a step above, but only a step. This pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-death metal left me cold, although "For Thine Is The Kingdome" is of course not as disgusting as "Betrayer" by the band discussed few lines above. RADIGOST? Hmm, once I considered 'em one of the best (if not the best) sympho-black metal act in RussiaД£ now I don't. If their second work is comprised of tracks like this, it will be no less than worthless. Plastic CoF imitation with plastic guitars, plastic vocals, plastic keyboards and plastic drummachine. They have a nice-looking website, though. HOSTILE BREED? Better check out the review on "GreenWound", the latest CD of theirs. What's next? Ah, regular black / death metal by EXHUMATION. Ok, it's not utterly bad, nor it is highly impressive. Just mediocre. With VORTEX we finally have a little jewel: stunning power metal featuring (what a surprise!) a singer possessing a good-sounding voice. Nevertheless, these chaps have to work more on arrangements. REQUIEM? Doom-metal-smth. ELISIUM? Goth-pop-smth. TVANGESTE? Sympho-black-metal-smth. Who would be the 13th? Obviously, a black metal act Бг and here comes ROSSOMAHAAR with a song off the second CD due for release this Winter. I guess, it's needless to say anything regarding this band Бг they should be listened to. What I can't but mark out though, is the sound execution: the best one on "Musica". ABSURD occupied the 14th track with "Where Time Has Died Away" off "Beyond The Dawn" demo. Top-notch death / black metal the Swedish way. "Sarjaylau" by Jamilya Serkebaeva & FORREST GUMP end this compilation with a excellently brutal and simultaneously charming folk piece. All in all, "Musica" perfectly reflects the crisis Russia's metal scene currently endures. Lotsa bands, but only six of them doubtlessly good ones (SEDUCER'S EMBRACE, HOSTILE BREED, VORTEX, ROSSOMAHAAR, ABSURD and Jamilya Serkebaeva / FORREST GUMP).

MUSICA (compilation)




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