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Talk Of The Devil
Style: Thrash Metal. Year: 1992

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 7.3 of 10
Votes: 3

Tornado (11.05.2006 09:49:14)
Score: 5 of 10
после эмоционального "С петлей на шее" это вызвало некоторое разочарование... странный звук, не такие эффектные песни. Более грубый микс заглавной вещи, выходивший на виниле "Монстры рока СССР" звучал куда агрессивнее, нежели альбомная версия.

True and Evil (07.05.2006 15:11:31)
Score: 9 of 10

phi1in (11.04.2005 10:50:29)
Score: 8 of 10
блиять! ну вот можем же писать музыку на уровне если захотим!


Side A :
1. Intro Golgotha (instrumental) (К.Покровский) 2:04
2. Talk Of The Devil (А.Большаков/О.Горбунов) 5:22
3. Danger (С.Попов/О.Горбунов) 4:01
4. Fallen Angel (А.Большаков/О.Горбунов) 4:37
5. Live To Die (С.Попов/О.Горбунов) 3:55

Side B :
6. Tsar (С.Попов/О.Горбунов) 3:35
7. Heroes (А.Грановский/О.Горбунов) 4:03
8. Romance (bass solo) (А.Грановский) 1:25
9. I Hate Your Sex (А.Большаков/О.Горбунов) 2:23
10.Paranoid (song by Black Sabbath) 2:48

(C),(P) 1992 MOROZ Records.

Михаил Серышев - Vocals
Андрей Большаков - Guitars
Александр Грановский - Drums

All Songs Arranged By MASTER
Engineered & Mixed By Evgeny Troushin
Recorded & Mixed At SNC, except 1 Recorded At Young Masters Studio, Belgium


1. INTRO GOLGOTHA (instrumental)
music by K.Pokrovsky


music by A.Bolshakov
lyrics by O.Gorbunoff

Talk of the Devil
and he's sure to come
Thinking of Evil
and things will go wrong
On this small wild planet
we live and die
We keep on messing
through space and time
I could be a preacher,
I bet I could be
But I'm just a creature
who's born to sin
Born to Sin
Born to Cry
Born to Live
Born to Die
Here comes,
Here comes a brand new dawn
Who knows, who cares
If you went wrong?
We talk of the Devil
he wouldn't come
We're thinking of Evil
and nothing goes wrong
Get Crazy, mean world
No end to war
Breaking all rules
We got no choice

music by S.Popov
lyrics by O.Gorbunoff

Flashlights hit the sky
Here comes roaring vengeance
This town is on fire
I can sense a danger
Red flies fill the atmosphere
Darkness bleeding so hard
No escape from deadly fear
Horror strikes my heart
The price humans pay
for being so sinful
There ain't much to save
The bell is ringing
It's Judgement Day
We all face the teial
Nobody is safe
This world is on fire
No refuge from hand of doom
Prosecutor has come
Planet wrapped up in a gloom
Everything goes down
The price humans pay
for being so sinful
There ain't much to save
The bell is ringing
Hand of doom is hung above
We must pay our bills
Hell is really coming tough
Can't you tell it's thrill

music by A.Bolshakov
lyrics by O.Gorbunoff
lyrical idea by M.Poushkina

You know times of peace have gone
Evil rules the world
Blood is pouring like rain
Beast is running wild
Hey, your destiny
is in hands of doom
Keep records of obscenities
You live in sin
You know times of peace have gone
Fallen angel came
He's staring at your soul
He prepares revenge
Hey you, the war goes on
We all face the front
Either God or Lucifer
will give us his rewards
There's no refuge from the power of doom
Fear is pushing us and hut faith
We took our Jesus away from the Cross
and chose demons instead of ourselves
Those who stand at the base of the Cross
can hear the tracherous rattle of gold
verity napping in palms of the Lords
Evil and God get along hand in hand

music by S.Popov
lyrics by O.Gorbunoff

Live to die
Cry to smile
Feel like dead
I'm misled
And it seems it gets me too far
Sounds are dead
Lights went out
I keep searching
There's no guide
But I try
To strike non-existing luck
Dirt and dust
Flesh an lust
Demon makes his feast
Human lies
In disguise
Drowned in the mist
No faith in future
No truth in past
No consolation
I'm going west
Jesus tears dripping down
Turning into endless rain
No one hears no one cares
Now we all prepared to slain
No way out
No way in
We are in the cul de sac
Yell and shout
Shake and tremble
Nobody gives a fuck
Blood and sweat
Cries of dead
It's a sataning feast
Sense of dread
Drives us mad
It's the age of beast
Murder and slaughter
Treason and fraud
Blood tastes like water
So fucking what?!

music by S.Popov
lyrics by O.Gorbunoff
lirical idea by M.Poushkina
Raise hands up, you who're alive
We really lost this game
The new Tsar's gone too far,
wanting the same to stay
Snake is crawling longer than life
Anglier than Hell
Scream out loud, fool all around
Drink for the rest of your days
Raise your hands and face the wall
No solution in wine
Drunkards, jukies having fun
tasting a bottle of rum
Raise hands, not to the clouds,
but to the ceilings low
New Tsar has gone too far
punching us in the jaw
God's unsafe - Devil's unsafe
The monster is hating us
Raise your hands, this is the end
We live in a goddamned land

music by A.Granovsky
lyrics by O.Gorbunoff

We are the heroes
We know no fears here we go
Take shot say cheers
Right time for heroes here we go
We grow strong
Running the show
We're getting tough
We cannot get enough
We smash the mirrors
We shed no tears running wild
Heroes fighting heroes
Fight to the top here we go
All doubts gone
We are not alone
Always on the line
Raging in the night
Heroes keep on moving
Making world go round
They know what they're doing
Make it
Hands are always steady
Sticking to the guns
Ready willing
Able to get it
Get it come on
Heroes to heroes
No dread no fears let it roll
Heroes by heroes
Hold on now here we come
Power and might
We got the right
We never say die
Picking up a fight

8. ROMANCE (bass solo) musis by A.Granovsky

music by A.Bolshakov
lyrics by O.Gorbunoff

I hate your sex
I can let you go
Leave me alone
I hate your sex
It makes me feel low
My heart turned to atone
I hate your sex
I feel sick and tired
Well I had too much
Don't need hot legs
I'm naturally wired
Don't give me no touch
Now I need something else
More than body can wish
I don't want no romance
I just wanna be free
I hate your sex
Don't show me the skin flicks
Has left me for good
I hate the sex
It was all for nothing
Get out of my mind
Now there is nothing driving me crazy
I'm doing fine without it
There's no girl that I wanna of chasing
Now my mind is clean and free

song by Black Sabbath

Finished with my woman 'cause she
Couldn't help me with my mind
People think I'm insane because
I am frowning all the time
All day long I think of things but
Nothing seems to satisfy
Think I'll lose my mind if I don't
Find something to pacify
Can you help me?
Are you for my brain
Oh, yeah
I need some one to show me
The things in life that I can't find
I can't see the things that make true
Happiness I must be blind
Make a joke and I will sigh and
You will laugh and I will cry
Happiness I can not feel so
Love to me is so unreal
And so as you hear these words
Telling you now of my state
I tell you to enjoy life
Wish I could but it's too late

Продюссеры: Андрей Большаков
Александр Грановский
Михаил Серышев

Группа "Мастер" благодарит всех, кто помогал нам в записи :

барабаны: Андрей Шатуновский (3,4,5,6)
Сергей Ефимов (7)
Владимир Ермаков (2)
Андрей Моисеев (9)
Павел Чиняков (10)

А так же: Сергей Попов (гитара)
Игорь Кожин (гитара)
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Хор храма Михаила Архангела (Тропарево)(4):
Алла Ампар
Светлана Ботвина
Александр Зотов
Михаил Серышев

Бэк-вокал: Валерий Кипелов, С.Ефимов,
П.Чиняков, Е. Трушин,
А.Большаков, А.Грановский,

Персонал группы "Мастер":
Михаил Павлов
Андрей Лебедев - концертный звукооператор
Борис Демин - светооператор
Галина Дмитроченко - секретарь
Егор Казаков
Сергей Купреев

Аранжировки всех песен : группа МАСТЕР
Запись и сведение: Евгений Трушин
Записано и сведено на студии SNC,Москва,Россия,1992, кроме "Intro Golgotha"
Записано на "Young Masers" studio, Бельгия,1991 г.

Автор идеи и руководитель : Андрей Большаков
Исполнительный продюсер : Александр Морозов

Художник: Владимир Гришечко (V.Gree)
Фото: Илья Беляев
Разработка оформления: Андрей Большаков и Владимир Гришечко

Особая благодарность: команде и друзьям.
Спасибо фирмам: "Two Flags", "In-Out", "Russtone", "Live Sound"
Отдельное спасибо: Юрий Соколову и Владимиру Петину.

Talk Of The Devil




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