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L.A. Guns
Cocked & Loaded
Style: Glam Rock. Year: 1989. Playtime: 54:24

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 7.3 of 10
Votes: 3

Stas Hoffmann (21.11.2015 19:36:21)
Score: 6 of 10
>У этой группы был какой-то неплохой альбом, я забыл какой. Но точно не этот.
точно не этот. Я думаю, ты говоришь о 1994 или 2002. Ну, мооожет быть, 2005. В общем, они смогли написать, когда уже нафик не были никому нужны.

>А так достаточно занудный коммерческий глэм с минимальным количеством хитов. 2ая лига к сожалению.

Mentalhealer (08.01.2004 04:19:10)
Score: 6 of 10
У этой группы был какой-то неплохой альбом, я забыл какой. Но точно не этот. А так достаточно занудный коммерческий глэм с минимальным количеством хитов. 2ая лига к сожалению.

St. Oizin (07.01.2004 21:42:44)
Score: 10 of 10
Это очень круто. Весной 2003 года меня пробрало просто нечеловечески. Это было нечто. Я так сильно никогда не заслушивался. Я настолько сошёл с ума от этого альбома, что начал подумывать: какой же я металлист? Может быть глэмер? Для меня это лучший альбом из всего глэма! Восхитительно! Один из самых (если не единственный) любимых альбомов из всей музыки, созданной человечеством. Послушайте сами. Если поймёте, вас не оставит это чувство...


1. Letting Go - 1:22
2. Slap in the Face - 3:54
3. Rip and Tear - 4:11
4. Sleazy Come Easy Go - 4:01
5. Never Enough - 4:10
6. Malaria - 5:22
7. The Ballad of Jayne - 4:30
8. Magdalaine - 6:05
9. Give a Little - 3:29
10. I'm Addicted [Guitar Solo] - 1:51
11. 17 Crash - 3:39
12. Showdown (Riot on Sunset) - 3:18
13. Wheels of Fire - 4:56
14. I Wanna Be Your Man - 3:36

Japanese bonus tracks:
15. Rock Candy (live)
16. No Mercy (live)

Track 14 does not appear on the vinyl version of this record. It was a bonus
track on the CD version to promote the CD medium.

Mick Cripps - Guitars, Piano
Tracii Guns - Guitars
Phil Lewis - Vocals
Kelly Nickels - Bass
Steve Riley - Drums

Produced by Tom Werman, Duane Baron & John Purdell
Engineered by Duane Baron & John Purdell
Assistant Engineers: Robert Hart, Laurence Ethan, Mike Tacci, Gary Wagner,
Marnie Riley
Mastered by Howie Weinberg
Photography by Jeff Katz
Artwork by Maxine Miller
Art Direction by Michael Bays
Designed by Nausica Loukakos & Michael Klotz

© 1989 PolyGram Records, Inc.


1. Letting Go

Baby... here we go....
Cocked and loaded, night time Romeo
Oh.... one night stand,
Nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty man

Letting go.... set the world on fire
Letting go.... she's been my one desire
Letting go.... I'm gonna take you down
Letting go.... we're gonna get crazy....

2. Slap in the Face

Kamikaze hit man, love on the run
No mercy for the children of the night
You tangle on my brain
You drive a man insane
I want what you got
Cold sweat, my hands shake

No point getting excited
She's on the case
Knock you off your rocker
Like a slap in the face

You fuss, you fight
You think you got it right
Make love, the camera never lies
We got the power, we got the moves
14 thousand killer watts
Just to make you groove
And it's just like smoking lightning


3. Rip and Tear

Midnight and I'm ready to move
Don't need a reason, I got the groove
My fire is burning, burning hot
When I start I ain't never gonna stop

Don't need permission, don't need a cue
My motor's running and I'm coming after you
Hold me baby, hold me tight
You look so good in the middle of the night

Rip and tear
Rockin' the house down
Taking the dare
Rip and tear
Mulholland woman
She don't care

I need some action, I need the chase
I'm riding hard and I'm thinking 'bout your face
Nice n' sleazy, got the stuff
What you're giving me, I never get enough

Load up momma, load my gun
I shoot for thrills and I'm second to none
Hold me baby, hold me tight
You look so good in the middle of the night


She don't care, she don't care
She's takin' me high tonight
In the sky tonight

4. Sleazy Come Easy Go

(She looks good, she looks tough)
Baby lives in a trailer park
Only comes out after dark
Hates her mom, hates the old man
Don't like living in a caravan

Whoa, taxi cab
It ain't nice for girls to grab
She's leaving town on a Greyhound bus

Oh... doing time for your baby
Sleazy come, easy go
Doing time for your man
Anyway you can

New York City, Hollywood
Just like she always knew she would
She's riding high, playing the game
Moving fast as a hurricane

Whoa taxi cab
It ain't nice for girls to grab
Don't make a sound, don't make a fuss


Private plane, crystal queen
Best Peruvian you've ever seen
Lady luck, took a dive
She's in stir doing 3 to 5

Oh where's that cab
I told you it ain't nice to grab
Don't make a sound, don't make a fuss


5. Never Enough

Hey little girl, why you fooling around
Why you always gotta be puttin' me down
You don't know what I'm talking about
So hey little girl, better stop putting out

I've been walking in my sleep
Can you give me what I need

It's never enough just to hold you
It's never enough just to please you
Ooh baby, it's never enough
You take and you take all you can
Now I need to understand
It's never enough
So baby, bye bye bye

Hey little girl, you're a heartbreaker
Why you gotta be such a dictator
You don't care about how I feel
Why you always gotta be spinning your wheels

I've been walking in my sleep
Can you give me what I need


So long baby...

6. Malaria

Somewhere from another time
Asiatic death
Yellow fever, bodies writhe
Sugar on my breath
Is this the final curtain
I don't believe what's happening
She hides behind a veil of tears
Plays upon my darkest fears, yea

She's malaria
She's malaria

Swamp fever, water black as mud
Strength fading, demon hold
Hungry for my blood
So desperately I cling to life
Pain I know I must survive
She hides behind a veil of tears
Plays upon my darkest fears

She's malaria
She's malaria
She's malaria

7. The Ballad of Jayne

She was always something special
Diamond shining bright in the rain
Everybody dreams of angels
No one will ever know, how much I loved ya so

Now it all seems funny, kinda like a dream
Things ain't always what they seem
What a shame... what happened to Jayne

You were always on my mind
Childlike summer days in the sun
Slowly wishes turn to sadness
Time don't heal a broken gun
I wish I'd never let you go
Hear me now, cause I want you to know


Now she's breaking hearts in heaven
Shining bright, in the sky
I still hear her voice in the wind
I still think of you in the night
Oh yeah...

Well I guess she'll never know
How much I need her so


8. Magdalaine

Last night I wandered in sleeps velvet veil
On dream crystal potions, behind silken sails
Cold marble laughter is taking my mind
To a world of illusion, oh spaceless in time

Oh... Magdalaine, listen to my call
Oh... Magdalaine, catch me when I fall... yea

I reach out and touch the sweet love so denied
For years I have wandered, in solitude cried
Dreamweaver, deceiver, reader of palms
A gypsy, a lady, a princess of dark

Oh... Magdalaine, listen to my call
Oh... Magdalaine, catch me when I fall, yea...

Magdalaine, Magdalaine, I'm calling
Lost as the ocean, high as the sky

Voices, violent eyes, ruby death and stormy skies
Zodiac, child of fire, everlasting sweet desire

Oh... Magdalaine, listen to my call
Oh... Magdalaine, catch me when I fall, yea...

I'm calling...

9. Give a Little

Long time ago, knew a sweet little lassy
Hair like fire, and a walk kinda sassy, uh huh...
She had ruby lips and sleazy eyes
Beautiful hips and Lucy Lucy thighs

Baby, baby, take my hand
Baby, baby, understand
Give a little love to your baby
Give a little love to your man

She had a bad reputation and a cruel smile
Give her an inch and she'll take a mile
Holy waters only make believe
Betty Boop what you doing to me, uh huh...


Now I'm driving all night in my limousine
She's showing me things I ain't never seen
There's a place in the world for a woman like you
Doing all the things that you gotta do


10. I'm Addicted

[Guitar Solo]

11. 17 Crash

I groove in stereo, she make the moves
I like them nasty girls, how 'bout them shoes
You are so pretty girl, I love ya thighs
Take a trip in my Cadillac, to the wild side

17 crash, chaos all around me
17 crash, hot, sticky sweet
17 crash, burning the house down

You're coming back with me, don't say a word
Fire's burning down below, ice in my blood
I ain't no Romeo, no daddy sweet
Just a bit of rock n' roll, found on the street


I bet you 10 to 1, cause I fix the race
Put it down to experience, a different kinda taste
Oh my pretty one, don't look so sad
Drink to me occasionally, and all the fun we had


12. Showdown (Riot on Sunset)

Street fight, black night, heads are gonna roll
Sleazy bar, stolen car, where you need to go
Evil see, evil man do and the walls come down
But you ain't letting go, gonna stand your ground

Showdown, riot on Sunset
Showdown, we're coming ready or not
Gonna give you all that we got, yea yea...

Love sucks, pick up truck, and a bottle of rye
Fighting talk, pussies walk, another suicide
Here comes Jodie with an M-16 and a heart of stone
Better watch out, gonna blow you away to the danger zone


13. Wheels of Fire

I've been dreaming 'bout this night
Praise the Lord to make things right
Hold so tight to your embrace
Feel your breath against my face

Hey baby, I've got plans for you
There ain't nothing I won't do
Set the spark that sets my soul on fire
I'll take you higher, and higher, and higher

I'm burning baby, can't you see my hearts aflame
I'll be the one you call by name
There's no denying that you just can't take the pain
I'll never ever break the chain

Innocence fuels my desire
Wheels of fire

Darkness falls, my blood starts racing
My heart's beating like a drum
Beating out like a jungle rhythm
4 beats to the bar

Falling down like thunder from heaven
Shooting star... shooting star...


14. I Wanna Be Your Man

See me coming, down the road
I'm coming down for you
Standing by the end of the line
What you gonna do

Intuition can't you see
Mistreator got the shake on me
Fire and water rollin' dice
I'm gonna get you, no matter the price

I'm a hard man to fight
I'm an easy man to please
Baby don't you mess with me
Cause you couldn't take the heat

I wanna be your man
I wanna be your lover baby
I wanna be your man

No complication, let me explain
I'll take you higher than an airplane
Look in the mirror, what do I see
I see the devil and he's looking at me


Come on baby, take a chance
I'm a rock 'n' roll lover on a street romance

Cocked & Loaded




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