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Style: Melodic Death Metal. Year: 2000. Playtime: 35:13

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 7.7 of 10
Votes: 5

Domini_cano (03.11.2009 08:40:40)
Score: 6 of 10

Doomcreeper (16.02.2009 12:20:35)
Score: 8.5 of 10
слушабельная работище

Троценко (22.08.2008 15:33:26)
Score: 7.5 of 10
Дебют у них лучше всего получился, хотя тоже не шедевр.

Андрей Исаев (21.08.2008 17:06:35)
Score: 7.5 of 10
Для начала очень неплохой альбом. В минус альбому я могу поставить не очень мелодичную музыку. Хитов здесь я тоже не нашёл, но так все песни ровные.

muted (02.02.2005 17:29:32)
Score: 9 of 10
Этот альбом звучал ещё свежо.Все последующие оказались скучны :\


Evil in you 5.08
Withering away 3.34
Heritance of Berija 4.29
Black roija 4.14
Dance of the water 4.31
Hades 4.24
Alteration 4.41
Using the word 5.07

Altti Vetelinen Bass
Pekka Kokko Guitar & Vocals
Petri Sankala Drums
Pasi Hiltula Keyboards
Antti Kokko Lead Guitar

Produced and mixed at Tico-Tico Studios, Kemi, in September 2000.
Produced by Kalmah 7 Ahti Kortelainen.
Mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussila.


Melodiest death-metal
Kalmah - Swamplord (2000)
Score: 9.5 of 10

Melodiest death-metal. At listening this masterpiece on me the infinite set of most fascinating and most interesting melodies has felled. Music for these Finnish guys is main part. Tremendous guitar solo, they season little bit by keyboard. Excellent quality of producing. Material is original enough. Anyway, it not... a copy of Children Of Bodom, and from Swedish melodic-death-metal here it is a little. Quickly, is melodious, hardly, is masterly. A very successful legend about Water. Certainly worthy end of the century. It is necessary be to extremely captious silt simply to not love heavy music. Only in this case you can't like this remarkable album. Afflicts only, as always, duration...


1. Evil In You

The time is right for you and I
We will fight the final battle
Gone away the bond of passion
Death of faith, left aggression
We sworn the oath, now it has broken
Gone away with deception
I?ll root out the nest of rebellion
Wage of sin, total subjection

The anzient law from the old union - obedience!

In the face of judge you regret
Sue for mercy before the cleaning
Remove the one for me to end
Only way to endless purity

Now you find the path of rightness
Opens the gate to deepest openess
True place in the place of paradise
Will decay



Whiplash, flowing tears
Resumed respect
Supreme power
Beats the evil out of you

2. Withering Away

Life - testament of fathers
Forces to fight against the dark side
Mystery - still unsolved
Controller of the panel inner body
Hear the voices from the side of unknown
Leading body into temptation
False prophet message behind the mask
Breaking trough the will, darker one to rule


Withering away
Only way to be awake
Dispensation into the light
Against the law, internal fight

Two mids destroying their cradle
Suicidal action towards the end

Believer - the feeble natured
Completely influenced by abuser
Awareness - disturbed
A matter of social needs

Supression way to inner revolution
Denial is the force
Opnes the lock of inner control
The enemy will lose


3. Heritance of Berija

Land of mighty and glory
Reality behind the iron curtain
Waves - of the bloody revolution
Deamgog - calling to join them
Puppets will gather
Controlled by the hindbrain


Heritance of Berija
Comissars ironfist

Blood is thicker than water
Innocent people pay the price

Chauvinist - Using the ultimate power
Democracy - Demigod of backward nation
The one who sow dissension
Submission or punishment


Salute - The One

4. The Black Roija

Morality - The sickest thought
Of a weeping lust waiting the revival
Fear inside you of a painful Nausea
It bites your weak soul to suffocate the Fire

Reach out over hopeless distance - Extinguish
Feel the king inside you - Take a pull

The spirit rises You`re the one again
Nothing left of painful distant memories
Feel the strength before the end
Reveals the final truth for your comfort


Reach out for Your minds obsession
With shaking hands hopeless distance
Blessed emotion Your only Devotion
Demons hunger Your Black Roija

Imagine rules - changing mood
Bitter tears after surge emotions
Once with glory You know the story
Liquid years no more tears


And with the beast You will release
Chained evil out of your withered mind
Turn into sickness point of return
With the demon find the leader until you die


5. Dance of the Water

Water in eternal movement
Circling day after day
Above the surface in winds face
Is the end cruelly grimaced
On the water, water lilys leaf
Is rolling on the stream
Beside the bluff there she dances
Water flea in her wedding
Master wind blows waves begin to rise
Her fiance tomorrow child
Just taken his first breath
Take his step and with his bride
They fall into ecstasy
Wind blows hard they do not see
Water lilys leaf is turning
With this move it falls down
Those lovers almost together
Lose their lifes for the others to live


Today it is calm
Tomorrow it storms
But still the water
For ever flows

6. Hades

Holding the candle in my arms
I`m kneeing down to the altar
Waiting the call from my master
Soon will weigh my soul
In the final scale, I see my remains
Red dying flower, the pan falls down
I see Anubis, ancient judge of fathers
Won`t take my rose, I`m falling away
Into Hades

I have atomed - now I am waiting
Waiting the call - change to reborn

Crowling on the ground, darkness around
Searching for the light, guides me home
In my cosmic face, never shines the day
Cannot reach out, prisoner of gods
In Hades

Turn into blood
Rage of sin
Turn into blood
Rhythm of doom

This is Hades

7. Alteration

With outspread wings eyes wide open glides osprey
Wounded by a gun never fired - humanity
Twisted from genotype inside - lethal decease
>From genereation to others will accrue

World in its form is dying
Polymorphism is ruined


Are these changes in system meant to be done?
How fast will proceed the process that slowly begun?

Into the night we disappear - before the end
Silence will creep over the planet - final era
Component parts of life remains - combination
And under control of creator - the new race will born



8. Using the Word

A man with the mask on a mountain
Holding the cross in his blood covered hands
Watching the symbol with respect
Praising the lord for victory
He led troops into a battle
Battle of might, glory and trust
Under the flag of the goddess
Surrounded by lies:and greed!


Killing a thousand years old culture
Taking away the dream
Wasting development
Disturbing the peace

Deat sleeps on the fields
Blood stained scenes artificial believes
Using the word with the sword
No difference, no soul at all

Using the word means power
Using religion as a shield
Cleaning the scene from the unfit
By forcing them live:for greed!





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