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King of Everything
Style: Metalcore. Year: 2016. Label: Napalm Records


Captain Clock
Words of Wisdom
Just Another
I Speak Astronomy
Sit Stay Roll Over
Under the Dome
Dip a Sail
Beggars' Dance


The second "our" band on Napalm Records
Score: 7.5 of 10

Earlier this year, Napalm Records announced the signing of a band from Ukraine JINJER. It was a surprise for many fans of heavy music in Russia, as it is impossible to say that the band have a wide popularity, and we still continue to count neighbors as ours, and JINJER after ARKONA won the hearts of the bosses of the Austrian label. It's funny, singing girls are in both groups.

It was the singer Tatiana Shmaylik first attracted attention in JINJER. It's still not easy to get used to women singers that use growling, for this reason, any new group in the genre of "women roar" immediately attracts attention. Having got acquainted closer with the history and promotional campaign JINJER, I can safely say that the band is invested in your music with the greatest possible impact, and the contract with Napalm Records didn't just fall at the its hands. Before signing while the largest agreement in its history, the group made 6 (!!!) clips that have only released one full album and several minions. A huge number of performances at various festivals, including the broader musical direction, tour in Europe, some contests. All this, as well as moving to Lviv from the clutches of the war Gorlovka, attracted the attention to the group.

On the new album "King Of Everything", which will be released on July 29 we have a beautifully recorded version of modern metal, which mixed metalcore, groove metal with elements of progressive death metal. JINJER sound very actual, Tatiana not only growls, but sings clean vocals with some jazz inflection, as it is understood by artists from the former USSR. Not any claims nor her performance, nor to the rest of musicians, we are dealing with a very professional band. Among other things, "King Of Everything" is very diverse. Each song is different, there is no room for stamps, and each track can surprise the listener.

It's really the opening to the scene of the former USSR. It's funny that the metal band also demonstrate the alienation of Ukraine from Russia. Young bands from this country much more known in Europe than in Russia. Judging by what is happening in the world, it becomes a natural process.

King of Everything




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