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"Dust to Lust"
Style: Black Metal. Year: 2016. Label: Season Of Mist


1. Intro (Dust to Lust)
2. Temple of Abominations
3. Funeral Mist
4. Gods of Death
5. A Witching Whore
6. Host Desecration
7. Anathema Bloodlust
8. Bleed for Worship
9. Memento Mori
10. One More Soul
11. Mephistophallus in Occultopussy
12. Perpetual Oath


The right hate material
Score: 7.5 of 10

Ancient Brazilian black death metallers GRAVE DESECRATOR has existed since 1998. For years, the group did not released and in 2008 signed up for the very true German label Ketzer records, where they released two album "Sign Of Doom" (2008) and "Insult" (2010). Ketzer almost ceased their blasphemous activities, but GRAVE DESECRATOR are not confused, and the new album "Dust To Lust" was released on Season Of Mist.

French label, opened a special unit for "underground" bands, clearly not miscalculated. Music of GRAVE DESECRATOR is a straight-up South American UG. The special quality of production, the atmospheric rhythm section, rough hard guitar. There's no typical black metal buzz, the guitar is probably the slightly spoiled black metal to the trash. A terrible screaming vocals, but the complete absence of typical VENOM mood and compromise in performance. "Dust To Lust" - the hard and evil, as befits the album in this style, and it's terribly old fashioned, it is undoubtedly a plus.

The album is undoubtedly "true". Here it is not even in the lyrics or some misantropicana-provocative moods. The music itself is exactly such as it should be on the albums in this style. Dark, hard, sound without any frills. To the fans of classic black metal who are looking for informal and inciting hatred ritual material.

Dust to Lust




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