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"The Sacrifice"
Style: Heavy Metal. Year: 2016. Label: Pure Steel


Album for music fans with the experience, stuck in the 80s
Score: 5.5 of 10

American singer George Tsalikis is a veteran of the heavy metal scene. He started in 1990 with a group GOTHIC KNIGHTS, with which he has not released any album, but in 1996 he founded his own band, ZANDELLE, who last year released his fifth album "Perseverance". УThe SacrificeФ is the debut solo album, a conceptual work about the life and work of vampires.

Almost everything, except drums recorded by George himself. He was helped by several singers, including women, who, apparently, was depicted as the victims of vampires, as is customary in stories about blood-sucking creatures. Also in record took part solo guitarist Richie Blackwood and drummer Mike Paradine. First the good. "The Sacrifice" is nice from a musical point of view album. Simple but melodious songs in different speeds and moods. Nice female vocals, vocals the George Tsalikis, vividly reminiscent of Rob Halford, it all gave hope for a good album. Unfortunately, there is claim to realization. First and foremost, the quality of the recording. Maybe in the 80's like heavy metal could still be taken, but these days, it is "a little bit". A lonely drum, a lone guitar, an eerie echo, the lack of any sound walls. I understand that most likely the singer was trying to recreate the atmosphere of classical heavy, but we live in the XXI century, and the style has undergone irreversible changes.

The album is good, but not realized potential for most fans of heavy metal in our century. Those who did not buy anything after 1989, should make an exception and check out the debut solo album by George Tsalikis.




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