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Freedom Call
Style: Power Metal. Year: 2002

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 6.8 of 10
Votes: 4

Mentalhealer (10.02.2004 12:07:19)
Score: 6.5 of 10
Неплохие мелодии, узнаваемое звучание в плюс. Неоригинальность и обилие сахара в минус. Сносный альбом. Почти хороший.

frostbite (10.02.2004 11:24:57)
Score: 4 of 10
Типичный современный павер - скучный и занудный.

Spike (09.02.2004 14:39:41)
Score: 7.5 of 10
Послабее второго. Песни какие-то гимноподобные все... Но всё равно плохую оценку ставить не буду: люблю Фридом Колл

St. Oizin (08.02.2004 11:20:05)
Score: 9 of 10
Здесь есть песни вообще неметальные, можно сказать поп, но они очень уж классные. В целом же альбом хорош именно из-за этих трэков...


1. Metal Invasion 6:48
2. Flying High 4:09
3. Ages of Power 4:41
4. The Spell 0:54
5. Bleeding Heart 4:58
6. Warriors 4:20
7. The Eyes of the World 3:55
8. Flame in the Night 4:57
9. Land of Light 3:54
10. Island of Dreams 4:16
11. Turn back time 5:04

Chris Bay – vocals, guitars & keyboards
Dan Zimmermann - drums
Ilker Esrin – bass
Cedric Dupont – guitars

Recorded at Hansen Studio Hamburg and FC Studios Nuremberg from january to march 2002
Mixed at Twilight Hall Krefeld.


1. Metal Invasion

Oh spiritus, oh sanctus
Adoramus domine
Te deum laudamus
In memoriam, gloriam

Warriors immortal knights
We walk our way alone
Eternally, we're born to write
The sign of victory
Warriors, immortal knights
So far away from home
Eternally, we're born to fight
Forever riding free

And the day has come
Time to die
Somewhere far beyond
On the stairway to the sky
On the rainbow soaring high
We are born from the sun

In our hands we hold the future
As we live so we will die
Carry on to save mankind
Back to back we stand as one
Until the last crusade is done
We're leaving from the night

Call for vengeance, raise your steel
We are the kinghts on our glory ride
Law defenders, raise your swords
Freedom for us all

Hail to the gods of creation
Hail to the king of the world
A hail to the metal invasion
A heavenly kingdom on earth

Godless odysee, endless agony
We're heading for eternal life

2. Flying High

When the moon is rising
With a silver shining light
He's waking up the angels
of the night

And they turn the key
to heaven
Open up the gates to life
Teach me right from wrong

Enlight me, take me,
where lifes last eternally
Far beyond the open sky

Flying high, on wings of eternity
See their shine through
the eyes of the world
Flying high, away from reality
See their shine through
the eyes of the world

I'm drowning in illusions
Every day and every night
When I'm dancing with
the demons of my life

Mankind endangered
On a path of no return
World has gone astray

Time has come for my glory ride
A heavenly kingdom devine

3. Ages Of Power

When life begins
We are young and free from sins
Under skies of love
We are thriving on and on
But as the years gone by
On the stage of life
With blinded eyes
We believe in lies

Back to the ages of power
It's time for us to learn
Cause one day it's far too late
Too late for a return
And we'll arise from the cower
From the day on we have learned
It's high time to break the spell
That's chaining up the world

We glorify
All our endless crimes
In a high degree
Will we ever see the signs
We will prevail
We will never fail
But we pay for all
We're the last to fall

Time for return is here
We overcome our fear
Will we ever see our agony?
Will we ever try?

Unleashed the beast is raging on
Dark angel with serpent's tongue
Beware that the ending has begun

4. The Spell


5. Bleeding Heart

Here I'm standing
in the pouring rain
All alone I feel a silent pain
The dust of love it made me blind
no way to see
Can you see my bleeding heart
Can you heal my heart

We shared a life, a world of lies
You are gone, no reason to cry

When I believed, in you and me
In all your words
of love and harmony
When our love began,
I gave you my hand
There's still my bleeding heart

Once beyond reality
By fascination blinded eyes I never saw
Your burning lies, are gone it's over now
My memories are haunting me,
a tragedy, a misery

One day you will learn to see
The love of life, how it is meant to be


So I'm flying free forever
And I'll try again
Forever, and ever

6. Warriors

At night, high up in the heavens we fight
Faster than lightning we strike
Like fires that rip through the night
Surrounded by light

Raging thunder in the skies
Time has come to sacrifice

We are warriors,
born from the light
An army for freedom,
defenders of life
euphoria will rise
Returning from darkness
we bury all lies

The knights,
outcast and lost in the skies
Returning to heaven denied
Louder than thunder we ride
Ready to strike

Call for us and you will survive
Follow us to paradise


Here we are,
the warriors of light
Here we are,
we came from the night
Here we are,
the warriors of light
Here we are, euphoria will rise

7. The Eyes Of The World

At the end of all creation
The world is standing still
Eternal damnation
For all who have sinned

Hear the clash up in the atmosphere
There's silence everywhere
We're daring not to move or breathe
There's tension in the air

We obey the light
And it's blazing rays of might

Take the eyes of the world and fly
To the land where all the angels cry
Here we are heading for the sun
And the eyes of the world will cry
For the land where all the eagles fly
We are heading for the sun

We're praying for redemption
One day we will recall
Who was responsible
For mankinds rise and fall
When the masters of the universe
They draw the final line
They're calling in their sacrifice
Time to realize



8. Flame In The Night

I call your name
and I wonder why
I should die to be free

Will I ever get a chance to try
Turning back the wheels of time
Back to the dawn of my days

Send me a sign and reopen the gate
Send me back home and release me from pain

And my star will shine like a flame in the night
My power and glory will rise forever
Like a flame in the night
Remeber the journey never ends

Fall from grace
Time to die
Is this the end of my days

Tell me fathers in the sky
Tell me why you damned my life
Why don't you end up my war



Hope forevermore, crying nevermore
A lonely heart inside
I will set the score, end my inner war
That's burning up my mind
Hope forevermore, sailing distant shores
A lonely heart inside
I will set the score, rising from below
A raging war in mind

9. Land Of Light

I'm diving through an empty space
Where shadows flashing around
An angels voice, so close so far
I'm reaching holy ground
A broken heart, beats deep inside
A silent lake of tears

And I cry, you can see the tears
In my eyes, like pouring rain
The hand on my heart
I'm leaving the night

To the land of the light
The garden of life
Remeber the golden times

An ancient time, forgotten land
I've never seen before
Unholy spell, a land of ice
An everlasting war

And I fly to the far horizon
So high to the

Land of the Light
The garden of life
Remeber the golden times

And I cry, you can see the tears
in my eyes
You can see them burning
The hand on my heart
I'm leaving the night

10. Island Of Dreams

Life on the line
I'm searching for answers my friend
I can't define
The pain I feel within my mind

I'm raising the sign
Here on the edge of the world
With tears in my eyes
And scars on my soul

When the morning star is rising
My fate is drawing near
Welcome to the other side
Just tell me why I'm here

Far beyond, a light in the distance
There's an island of dreams come true
Far beyond, the voice of salvation
Is calling for you

In the shades of the night
I'm searching the secrets of life
What I will find
Is a garden of lies

I'm crying out forever
For the price I have to pay
I will find myself in darkness
When the sun has passed away

Far beyond, a light in the distance
There's an island of dreams come true
Far beyond, the voice of salvation
Is calling for you
Follow us, away from the madness
Where do we go from here
Come across, away from your sadness
Destiny's near

11. Turn Back Time

This is a song of sadness, rhymes of pain
The sounds of my tragedy out in the rain
I made my way and left you alone
I have denied you to be on my own

But while the years are passing by
The flame is still burning inside
I still remember you and I
Our love, it will never die

If I could turn back time
To ease my desire
I always remember
The sadness I've seen in your eyes

I call for the master,
I'm calling his name
Mysterious laughter,
tortures my brain
Stories of sadness, stories of pain
I'm telling my tales to the wind
and the rain

All the dreams I had in my mind
I was doing whatever I like
I still remember you and I
Our love, it will never die

Turn back time
To ease my desire
I always remember
The tears I've seen in your eyes
If I could turn back time
And relieve my desire
It hurts me forever
That I lost the love of my life




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