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Dream Theater
A Change Of Seasons
Style: Progressive. Year: 1995

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 8.6 of 10
Votes: 7

Муpлакотам (16.07.2012 21:07:31)
Score: 9.5 of 10
Прекрасная пластинка, на мой взляд лучшая у Дримтятра. И заглавная вещь рулит, и кавера не подкачали. Минус полбалла только за то, что большая часть материала на альбоме не своя.

Malfet (25.03.2009 17:53:15)
Score: 9 of 10
Как обычно, cогласен с Вандерером ;)

Nomad242 (25.03.2009 03:34:12)
Score: 10 of 10

Wanderer (24.03.2009 22:38:12)
Score: 9 of 10
Согласен с Исаевым

Троценко (28.08.2008 18:24:41)
Score: 6.5 of 10
Кавера спасают. Остальное никак.


1. A Change Of Seasons
I.The Crimson Sunrise
II. Innocence
III.Carpe Diem
IV.The Darkest Of Winters
V. Another World
VI.The Inevitable Summer
VII.The Crimson Sunset
2. Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
3. Perfect Strangers
[4].The Rover / Achilles Last Stand / The Song Remains The Same
[5].The Big Medley
I. In The Flesh ?
II.Carry On Wayward Son
III.Bohemian Rhapsody
IV.Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin
VI.Turn It On Again
[6]. Metropolis
[7]. A Fortune In Lies
[8]. Bombay Vindaloo

Produced By David Prator & DREAM THEATER.
Engineered By Doug Oberkircher.
Recorded & Mixed At Bear Tracks Studio.

James LaBrie - Voices
John Petrucci - Guitar
John Myuing - Bass
Mike Protnoy - Drums
Kevin Moore - Keyboards

(P)&(C) 1995 ATLANTIC Rec.



Hey,there once again! "A change of seasons" was originally written back in 1989
along with "Metropolis - Pt.1", and was intended to be included on "Images and
words".After much speculation and delay,two live perfomances in 1993,and a lot
of reworking this past May,we finally got the opportunity to record it.In order
to recapture the spirit of the "Images and words" sessions,we reunited with
David Prater,Doug Oberkircher and Bear Tracks studios.We feel the song has come
a long way in the past 6 years and here it is!

1.A CHANGE OF SEASONS (Music:Dream Theater / lyrics:Mike Portnoy) 23:06


I remember a time my frail,virgin mind watched the crimson sunrise
imagined what it might find life was filled with wonder
I felt the warm wind blow I must explore the boundaries
transcend the depth of winter's snow Innocence caressing me
I never felt so young before there was so much life in me
still I longed to search for more but those days are gone now
changed like a leaf on a tree blown away forever into the cool autumn breeze
the snow has now fallen and my sun's not so bright I struggle to hold on
with the last of my might in my den of inequity viciousness and subtiety
struggle to ease the pain struggle to find the sane ignorance surrounding me
I've never been so filled with fear all my life's been drained from me
the end is drawing near...

I'll always remember the chill of November the news of the fall
the sounds in the hall the clock on the wall ticking away "seize the day"
I heard him say life will not always be this way look around hear the sounds
cherish your life while you're still around we can learn from the past
but those days are gone we can hope for the future but there might not be one
the works stick in my mind alive from what I've learned I have to seize the day
to home I returned preparing for her flight I held with all my might
fearing my deepest fright she walked into the night she turned for one last look
she looked me in the eye I said "I love you...Goodbye"


So far so it seems all is lost with nothing fulfilled
off the pages and the T.V. screen another world there's nothing true
tripping through the life fantastic lose a step and never get up
left alone with a cold blank stare I feel like giving up
I was blinded by a paradise utopia high in the sky
a dream that only drowned me deep in sorrow,wondering why
oh come let us adore him abuse and then ignore him
no matter what,don't let him be let's feed upon his misery
then string him up for all the world to see I'm sick of all your hypocrites
holding me at bay and I don't need your sympathy to get me through the day
seasons change and so can I hold on boy,no time to cry
until these strings,I'm climbing down I won't let them push me away
oh - come let us adore him abuse and then ignore him
no matter what,don't let him be let's feed upon his misery
now it's time for them to deal with me


I'll much wiser now a lifetime of memories run through my head
they taught me now for better or worse,alive or dead
I realize there's no turning back life goes on the offbeaten track
I sit down with my son set to see the Crimson Sunset
many years have come and gone I've lived my life,but now must move on
he's my only one now that time has come now that my life is done
we look into the sun "Seize the day and don't you cry,
now it's time to say good-bye even though I'll gone I will on"

The 2nd half of this recording is taken from the "Uncovered" show which we did
at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London this past January.The idea behind the show
was to have a little fun and have tribute to some of the bands we grew up liste-
ning to, in a small and intimate setting. We had to learn over an hour and a
half's worth of cover things in our hotel rooms and at soundchecks during our
Japanese tour at the beginning of 1995 (not to mention,go through the tragic Kobe
Earthquake!).In the end,the "Uncovered" show, and all the events leading up to it,
were very memorable experience for us all.The weekend was made even more special
because it gave us the opportunity to work with some great artists and friends,
such as Steve Hogarth and Steve Rothery of Marillion,Barry Greenway of Napalm
Death,Bruce Dickinson and Steve Howe.Here are some excerpts from that very special
evening.We hope this tides you over until we release our next full length album
sometime in 1996.See ya then! -Dream Theater-

(Originally recorded by Elton John in 1973)

(Originally recorded by Deep Purple in 1984)

(Originally recorded by Led Zeppelin in 1975,76 & 73)

I.IN THE FLESH? (Originally recorded by Pink Floyd in 1979)
II.CARRY ON WAYWARD SON (Originally recorded by Kansas in 1976)
III.BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (Originally recorded by Queen in 1974)
IV.LOVIN',TOUCHIN',SQUEEZIN' (Originally recorded by Journey in 1980)
V.CRUISE CONTROL (Originally recorded by Dixie Dregs in 1977)
VI.TURN IT ON AGAIN (Originally recorded by Genesis in 1980)

"A change of seasons":
Produced by David Prater & Dream Theater.Engineered by Doug Oberkircher.Mixed
by David Prater and Doug Oberkircher.Recorded & mixed at Bear Tracks studio,
Suffern,NY,May 1995.Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling sound,NYC.
Recorded live at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club,London,England,January 31st,1995.
Recorded with the A & D Mobile Recording Unit.Engineer:Andy Scarth.Live sound
engineer:Vinnie Kowalski.

James Labrie,vocals
John Myung,bass
John Petrucci,guitars
Mike Portnoy,drums
Derek Sherinian,keyboards

(p)+(c) 1995 Atlantic / WEA International Inc.
A Change Of Seasons




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