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Stabat Mater
Style: Gothic-Doom. Year: 2017. Playtime: 58:37. Label: Fono Ltd.


1. Letter to Olga 09:14
2. The Daughter of the Unforgiven 08:14
3. The First and the Last Prayer 04:25
4. Kepler-452 06:10
5. The Boy and the Priest 07:52
6. Attack of the Dead 1915 08:00
7. Son of Man 07:24
8. Poison 07:18

Lyrics by Oleg Rosa (2,3,5,6,7), Anton Rosa (1,4), Denis Sukharev (8)
Music by Anton Rosa and Casper (1,3,4,6,8), Anton Rosa, Casper and Oleg Rosa (2,5,7)
Arrangements by Dominia

Special thanks to our Head-manager Dmitry Martynenko, our European manager Tania Legrand and our North American manager Justyn JC Roberts,
Denis Devichensky who helped us with drums, guitars and vocals recordings, Denis Lukyanov for his studio, Nikita Mezin for help in mixing,
Oleg Rosa for his lyrics, vocal melodies and ideas, Yury Voronov for his artwork, Katerina Antonova for her help with coverwork.

Produced by Dominia.

Recorded at Buzzylick Studio and Whale Vox Studio.
Mixed and mastered by Anton Rosa (Whale Vox Productions).

Stabat Mater




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