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Metal Discharge
Style: Thrash Metal. Year: 2003. Label: Nuclear Blast

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 8.0 of 10
Votes: 1

“роценко (31.08.2008 04:26:46)
Score: 8 of 10
’ороший крепкий альбом, конечно не лучший, но послушать стоит.


01. The Ravenous Beast
02. Metal Discharge
03. Rippin` The Flesh Apart
04. Fear Of The Moment
05. Mortal Remains
06. Desecrators Of The New Age
07. Historical Force Feed
08. Savage Symphony Of Terror
09. Made To Be Broken*
10. Vendetta
Bonus tracks:
11. Killers (Iron Maiden cover)
12. Whiplash (Metallica cover)
13. U.S.A. (The Exploited cover)
14. Bestial Invasion (demo version `99)
15. The Butcher Strickes Back (demo version `99)
16. Nailed To The Cross (demo 2001)
17. Metal Discharge (demo 2003)

Mike Sifringer - guitar
Schmier - vocals & bass
Marc Rein - drums

'Metal Discharge' was produced by Destruction and
V.O. 'Praaaaschtwia' o tschisssi' Pulver
All songs written by Destruction
(Schmier/Sifringer), except * by
Second solo on 'The Ravenous Beast' by V.O.
Recorded at Little Creek Studio, Gelterkinden,
Mixed and engineered by the 'Smokin' Twins: Frank
Winkelmann and V.O.Pulver
Mastered by Mr. Pulver himself at Little Creek in
Executive producer: Markus 'Old school' Stiger
A&R: Dr. Med. Hc. Cesar Andy Siry
Catering service by Inga Pulver

Backing vocals by the Nurcery Rhyme - Choir From
Hell - Terkinden:
Andre 'Gnaderrr' Greider, Inga Pulver, franky
Wikkelmann, Marc Rein, V.O.Pulver & Tschibu!

This album features only real sounds! No fake shit
- no computers - no pro tools - no triggers!!!
Real metal!

Pictures by Philipp Lederer & Marco Schmier
Cover layout and design by Marco Schmier


Ordinary German thrash-metal album
Score: 7 of 10
Europian thrash-metal of 80s was basically presented by 'trinity' of German bands - DESTRUCTION, KREATOR and SODOM. All three fighting units continue to exist, signed with bigest labels and releases their albums. The latest album by DESTRUCTION has to make all fans of raw and heavy thrash-metal happiest people on the Earth. And here is nothing more to say... This CD is not needed to collection of non-fans of DESTRUCTION. Rather monotonous tracks, which somebody will listen to with one breath, but somebody will have headache already on 3 track. Schmier and Co releases the true-est material from the above-mentioned 'trinity', which doesn't cross with other metal styles. Nearest relative of this music is punk from The EXPLOITED. There is 7 bonus-tracks from bonus-disk on Russian release of this album. This is accessible early covers on songs by IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA and not accessible (I didn't meet) cover on THE EXPLOITED 'USA'. And also three demo-tracks 'The Butcher Strickes Back' 1999, 'Nailed to the Cross' 2001 and  'Metal Discharge' 2003.
Metal Discharge




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