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"Towards Inevitable Ruin"
Style: Death Metal. Year: 2016. Label: Season Of Mist


1. Subversion
2. Cauterized
3. Doomsday
4. Conspiracy
5. Force and Obedience
6. Shadows Hands
7. Fear from Above
8. Scapegoat
9. Debunked
10. One World
11. Silent but Ongoing
12. Towards Inevitable Ruin


Magically ugly, but something majestically brutal
Score: 4.5 of 10

Japanese butchers DEFILED known to our listeners for a long time. Under license from Season Of Mist have released their album "Divination" in 2003. The work was a real discovery for me. Magnificent realization, "curves" riffs that don't lose any brutality, nor the straightness of the sound. It has been more than 10 years ago, in 2011 they released the album "In Crisis", and this year the same label Season Of Mist released a new work of Japanese "Towards Inevitable Ruin".

Time did not stand still. Over the past period, great strides in style, made up as some of the group and their producers and engineers. To DEFILED time is also not standing on the ground, but walked back. Rejecting all modern technology, the band realized the album, which perfectly would have passed in the late 80-ies, when similar work can be rented only the basement, and even then only for a few days, where in the speed, but not mad to carve magically ugly, but something majestically brutal. Maybe in Japan the crisis, but most likely, musicians of DEFILED came the obvious abundance of music technology, and we have to live with it now.

Honestly, very hard to break through this "dark ages". To hear the band not just difficult, but very difficult. The drum booms, the lead singer screams, the guitars pushed into the background, and the bass that is not here at all. Perhaps in the best quality I could appreciate this techno brutal death metal, but in its current form is only a demo, and even then, only for those who are very deep into the subject and has developed imagination. The album is clearly intended for fans of death metal cluster sample the late 80s.

Towards Inevitable Ruin




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