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Dark Tranquillity
Enter Suicidal Angels
Style: Melodic Death Metal. Year: 1996

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 8.8 of 10
Votes: 2

Троценко (12.08.2008 00:54:14)
Score: 9 of 10
Здесь еще всё сыграно от души. Без заползания в прогрессивность и карман слушателя.

Андрей Исаев (11.08.2008 21:06:26)
Score: 8.5 of 10
Первые три песни хиты, а вот Archetype не понравилась.


1. Zodijackyl Light
2. Razorfever
3. Shadowlit Facade
4. Archetype

Recorded and Mixed at Studio Friedman.
Produced and Mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom and DT.

Mikael Stanne - Vocals
NiklaS Sundin - Guitars
Anders Jivarp - Drums
Martin Henriksson - Bass
Fredrik Johansson - Guitars

(P)(C) 1996 OSMOSE Productions // OPCD 049



DARK TRANQUILLITY - Enter Suicidal Angels

zodijackyl light
shadowlit facade


zodijackyl light

Crown the impulse that deliberately fall
defeat in spiritless action
Isolation - burn the greenwood
order of the vertical path

crawl in the remnants of one thousand lies
torching a world that was left behind
Zodiackyl light

Cross the sharpest void
deride the embers of his faith
the bringer that on million horses ride

Waiting for the call within the spark of sin
ever reminiscent of the coming of storm
Can you see the cosmic face in which disorder lies

Burning of opression
the inventor
is the killing hand
Be that of the darkest sin
to frustrate hope and love

I shall not be blinded
I shall not be forced

feasting on debris from celestical wars

Burning in the sky
beyond the realm of time
Sequence of the nucleus
the glowing dust in flight
Zodijackal light

And they ride, they ride
the drama takes the lead
the beast of heaven their guide

Racing through the vastness
constellation disarray
that darkness could not have existed
that bares no witness to the light

Sweet endless
Perpetually pronge through interior vaults
So seamless
Joints of time cannot shackle the beast

Zodiackal light.



Born of laughter
strangled by sin
No remorse
mistreat the soul again

No features
the blur of things denied
No return
the cross to bear is my own

Just one sip and life returns

The pollution of your narrow perception
Read into the lines of men's work
Degeneration: let the truth be known
Numb the pain with the liquid of fire

Razorfever burns

Born a desperation's child
admist the last descent
Fierce as that of angel's wrath
to lay the soul to rest

Just one sip
Just one more
Just one
and so my world can be restored.


Shadowlit facade

Develop every aspect
enchance its foetal form
distort for the purpose of another aim

For you shall know me
see why in shadows I hide
Lest be thy own defeat
Contence refined

Truth might falter
give up your vows
update the aura
of the shadowlit facade

Pinned down to your defences
by the struggle for one others awe
Content in loneliness

For the dawn shall cast no shadow
from your monolith of lies
descend from the delusion of degradation and despair
For the one that reaps good fortune
on the cost of all good faith
Suffering must lead him on
amidst his loneliness
For the one who speaks besides his tongue
shall learn all is not good and fair
All in vain - the search that never ends

Action, reaction
still no words come clear
in denial of the constant change

Unbegun, undenial, unforseen by thee
the words underneath the shelter be
Spare me.



Instrumental (techno actually...)

Typed by Skydancer.
Enter Suicidal Angels




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