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"Cycle of Decay"
Style: Thrash Metal. Year: 2016


1. Combat Formations
2. Endless War
3. Buried Beneath the State
4. Dead Walk Again
5. Bred to Obey
6. Wretch God
7. Battlefields
8. Kill of Be Killed
9. My Fist, Your Face
10. Punisher


The frenetic thrash metal from Spain
Score: 6 of 10

Debut album of thrash metal band from Spain CRIMSON SLAUGHTER, УCycle Of DecayФ contains 10 tracks demonstrating the passion of the musicians to the classic thrash metal with some crossover with lyrics on the topic of the day. In a rather vigorous form guys prophesy to us about the end times that will inevitably come if we will not change ourselves.

No further information about this band I didn't get, is it the group itself, not in the "pack", who sent me by the PR-office. It is known that in any bands before that Spanish musicians were not observed. Well, we'll consider the album as the debut in the full sense of the word. "Cycle Of Decay" is very energetic, this is its main advantage. Fast paced, sparkling riffs, screaming vocals. Thrash metal, which represent musicians, though not reveal a single new notes, well-recorded and energetic. Unfortunately, the group that does not yet have a contract with the label, there are some non-fatal problems with the production. Instruments do not sound too natural, and the vocals as if recorded in a garage that is separate from the place where gathered the rest of the band.

Fans of thrash metal you can listen to CRIMSON SLAUGHTER, their music does not bear any value, but easily within the style, and it is for thrash metal maniacs thing. From myself I will add that the band need to work on sound producing and try to cope with their own energy, their music is sometimes bogged down, turning into a feverish, painful nonsense.

Cycle of Decay




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