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Cradle of Filth
Dusk... And Her Embrace
Style: Gothic-Black. Year: 1996

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 9.1 of 10
Votes: 8

Domini_cano (12.04.2011 07:27:08)
Score: 10 of 10

hostile (19.03.2011 10:40:25)
Score: 10 of 10
отлично, этот и следующий-лучшие

R. (18.03.2011 17:38:26)
Score: 10 of 10
Лучший альбом группы. Мелодия ещё не принесена в жертву аранжировке.

Hessner (14.03.2011 00:39:52)
Score: 8 of 10
Хорошая работа! Действительно сильная, но нет тех мелодий, что нарисовались на Мидиан

IceHeart666 (24.11.2009 12:40:49)
Score: 10 of 10
чем люблю их старые работы - нет проходных песен. приятный атмосферный симфо блэк


1. Humana Inspired To Nightmare
2. Heaven Torn Asunder
3. Funeral In Carpathia
4. A Gothic Romance (Red Roses For The Devil's Whore)
5. Noctumal Supremacy '96
6. Malice Through The Looking Glass
7. Dusk And Her Embrace
8. The Graveyard By Moonlight
9. Beauty Slept In Sodom
10.Haunted Shores

This perverse funebrial rite was vexed to wargasm
through divulged fantasies by Sarah Jezebel
Deva - Dulcet Ghostly Song & Daniele Cneajna
Cottington - Velvet Invocation.
"Dusk..." was summoned under torture and dusk influence
of the Leonine tearing into Virgo,as Summer day dying,
1996 EH, at D.E.P. Studios.
Kit Woolven - Producer of ravens and angels
Dan Sprigg - Assistant maelstrom strategy
Mike Exorcist - Further seance

Stuart - Requiems of war and woe
Dani - Desires better unsung
Damien - Orchestral manoeuveres in the dark
Robin - Nocturnal pulse
Nicholas - Hammer of the gods
Gian - Ravening black massacre



"You tremble carcass? You would tremble even more if you knew where I am going to take you".
-- Viconte de Turenne.

Rise,ablaze,libidinous devildom voyeurs ascend to smother the light
nascent aeons confer...
Chaos is spat from the black eternal sea serrated mountains of mad shadows
carving towards misdeed
Stormchoirs gather a pestilential hiss sunset evokes Luciferian fire
the skies are ruptured like a knifed orifice supernal vestments hang tattered
cathedrals shriek to pulpit oratory invasions scale Babel's ivory towers
poised to sodomize a world upon its knees
(Victory spent breathe deep benighted scent)
We are as a flame born unto the darkness desires burning in palatial glades
and virtues once aloof,now worming beneath us
shalt see their children,pleasuring as slaves...
Wreak atrocities on those we have despised
judgements empower let us master prophecy
fulfilling destiny - the promiced fever
Bedizens eyes paralysed with blasphemy
written in flesh across the howling ether
Artemis spread the bliss of this Lupercalia
With stars erased,throw wide the gates the infidel soon unmasks her face
neath silken shroud she waxes horn sharpened to skewer dawn...
I am as a plague,born to the priestess the secret amour of her archangelic rape
jaded-eyed when my lovers,possessed screamed out their agonies,upon the stake
"The most August sorcerers of Hades darkly seized for me a throne
and the unpraised scythe so terribly scribed
vengeance in Jesuit blood on stone
From this ransackled celestial temple
I hold the prophet's severed head unto all nations"
Tremble before us lords of the star-veiled red sculptures
rushing deathwards,out Tartarean fires kindle pandemonia to funace the earth
"Our voices are opened graves through which the never-dead escape"
From dark,abyssic dream pursuing ascendancy...
The enemy has held three seasons imparadised,whilst we writhed
to psycho-dramas penned by aerial decree now freed to plunder...
Heaven torn asunder

Cathedra snuffed, prey-silhouette wedded nightfall take my hand
seduce me with silky timbled limbs grant me thy dark command
over the peaks framing tapestries of thick forest,dusk has filled
with Lucifugous kisses enwreathed in mist
creeping like violations from the shadows to kill
Lucretia is my love in vein when thy tears bleed sweeter
than the midsummer rain? Bewinged,infested bellfries
toll o'er the sobbing throng a writhe of lethargic,terrored nudes
whipped and welted neath barbed windsong...
(In sadean paradise ancestral legacies linger on...)
I am He the crowned and conquering darkness Satan robbed in ecumenical filth
Livid Bacchus sustained by bridal echelons of sylph
This wintry eve when the snow glistens deep
and sharpened turrets wed the jewelless skies
I shrug off the shroud of preternatural sleep
embroided by these words Malaresia scribed...
"Beauty slept and angels wept for Her immortal soul
in this repose,all evil chose to claim her for their very own"
Carpathia the pleasured dead speak of her in necromantic tongue
when ambered daylights are done
Masturbating in their graves of her zenith to come...
This catafalque night when awed stars report
their absence from the heavenly brow
crippled seraph shalt cower in illustrious courts
whilst the cloaked maelstrom resounds through-out
"How the storm it fulfills my heart,though unhealed celestial knives ebonied
and wid woods thrill yet far fiercer still her lustre eviscerates me"
Carpathia priapic lovers twist in concert with Her
covenants are struck,jagged lightning fellates
the path towards the castle weary innocence takes
I rule as Master her where feral hordes impart my temper
love sank wounded when I,betrayed saw death etch cruelly,upon my lineage
"Usher the spite seething Draconist and commit this world to thy ancient
Enubescent veil descend psalmed sunset thus portends
and laid to rest,I now am blessed with this darkness...Forevermore
Supreme vampiric evil

"It might not unreasonably be thought that the catafalque, the grave-shroud, the black pall,would arouse solemn thoughts and kill desire, but on the contrary this funeral pomp & the trappings of the dead are considered in certain circles the most elegant titillation, the most potent & approved of genteel
-- Montague Summers.

Evening minuetto in a castle by the sea a jewel more radiant than the moon
lowered Her mask to me the sublimest creature the gods,full of fire
would marvel at making their Queen infusing the air with Her fragnant desire
and my heart reeled with grave poetry...
From grace I fell in love with her scent and failure lure
and jade woodland eyes that ushered in the impurest
"erotic laden fantasies amid this warm Autumn night
she lulled me away from the rich masquerade
and together we clung in the bloodletting moonlight"
Pearled luna,what spell didst thou cast on me?
Her icy kiss fevoured my neck like whispering waves 'pon Acheron's beach
in a whirl of sweet voices and statues that phantomed the dying trees
this debauched seductress in black,took me...
In the pale azured dawn like Ligeia reborn I tore free of my sleep-sepulchre
on the sea misled lawn where stone figures,forlorn lamented the spectre of Her
bewildered and weak,yet with passions replete I hungered for past overtures
the curse of unrest and her ardent caress
came much more than my soul could endure...
I,at once endeavoured to see Her again stirring from midnight's inertia
knowing not even her name on a than percipice over carnal abyss
I danced like a blind acolyte drunk on red wine,her dead lips on mine
suffused with the perfume of night
For hours I scoured the surrounding grounds in vain that we might meet
when storm clouds broke,ashened,fatigued I sought refuge in a cemetery
Sleep,usher dreams taint to nightmares from a sunless nether
Mistress of the dark I now know what thou art
Screams haunt my sleep dragged from nightmares thou hast wed together
Lamia and Lemures spawned thee leche to snare my flesh
Portrait of the Dead Countess
Deep stained pain that I had dreamt flaunted demise,life's punishment
leaving little strength to seal this wretched tomb...
But poisoned nectar within me stirs
up feverous desire and morbid purpose to search
though cobwebbed drapery to where she swoons
goddess of the graveyard,of the tempest and moon
in flawless fatal beauty her very visage compels
glimpses of a heaven where ghost companies fell
to mourning the loss of god in blackest velvet
enrobed in their downfall like a swift silhouette
"Fleeting,enshadowed thou art privy to my sin secrets dead,wouldst you inflict
the cruel daylights upon my skin? Dost thou not want to worship me
with crimson sacrifice so my cunt may twitch against my kiss
and weep with new-found life?"
Red roses for the Devil's whore...
Dark angels taste my tears and whisper haunting requiems
softly to mine ear need-fires have lured abominations here...
Nocturnal pulse my veins spill forth their waters
rent by lips I cherish most
Awash on her perfidious shores where drowning umbra o'er the stars
ebons graves where lovers whore like seraphim and Nahemah
Pluck out mine eyes,hasten,attest blind reason against thee,Enchantress
for I must know,art thou not death? My heart echoes bloodless and incensed...
Doth temptation prowl night in vulvic revelry
did not the Queen of heaven come as devil to me?
On that fatal Hallow's Eve when we fled company
as the music swept around us in the crisp,fated leaves
under horned Diana where her bloodline was sewn
in a graveyard of Angels rent in cool marbled stone
I am grieving the loss of life in sombre velvet
enrobbed in death's shadow like a swifter silhouette...

"Man doth not yield himself to the angels, nor into death utterly, save only through the weakness of his feeble will".
-- Joseph Glanvill.

Weak midnight promised of love were wept upon her grave
and shunned by stars above in mortal life lurks my dismay
an angel stole my heart and death took her away
She sleeps beyond the grace of god a dreaming beauty
if wishes could only fray that bond the dead would sing for me...
Twelfth moon arose with ghostly voice a poet's serenade
her name a whisper 'pon my lips and lo,Rorasa came
"Fear me,not my grieving king funeral in breath
the secrets of the dark I know and thus we shall cheat death"
My promises wrought through despondence that night
have delivered me gifts from the grave Rorasa enshadowed and eternal life
never a devil so vain the angel is fallen,for I thought her lost
and no heaven would silence my pain teach me these secrets,the sensual frost
desire for warm blood again
Princess lay down thy florid cheek in drunken splendour
tonight rare regal fate has cast the wolves among the sheep
Dark nature clasp my soul around her throat mine arms enfold
to sleep,perchance to dream, and then... to dusk and flesh ascend
The sun descends,magenta spirits fill the skies
and wreak erotic maladies where sex and death abide
from writhing tides where gothic siren weave their song to shore
through the ashes of the battlefields where ravens and angels war
as phantoms we have fled the basilisk of day
to rise as phoenix taloned,nightly taking prey
We rule like the red and risen moon upon the sea
the stars of judgement silent,for we share joyous
eternity damnation salvation stigmata plague
The wine of Bacchus flows listen to the thunder rage
Deceivers dragged before hteir cross I am he that vanquished death
and bore the sting of loss what vulgar christ will unprise my grasp?
his temple,ruined,burns and sweet Rorasa laughs
I am enamoured and imparadised to catch the fires dancing profanely in her eyes
"I will crush them all if this holds thy delight"
Rather dead forever than to lose her nymph-lascivious Aphrodite

Take away the wine for restlessness plagues me...
I am assailed by a spectre profounder
than hatred and grief of the sum of their hideous crime
I shall suffer this confessionla mine
Awaiting the sun to set,crimsoning seas
only once it is dark doth my misery cease
She died to a sky dressed in flame
eyes full of curses for her killers by choice
who fell to their god o'er her vision and voice
"I am as dusk come to ravish the light"
Steal me from their stares and mute Christ into night
"I will answer thy prayers" If thou wouldst drink of my life...

When the sun was wept upon the waveless lake and the mists steal it with ease
covened wolves arc their eerie dissonant napes in adoration of the moon and thee
"They call as I to thee..."
And I will come,as if in dream my languid,dark and lustruous Malaresian Queen
of vengeful,ancient breed gilded with the pelts of many enemies
Erishkigal,raven-haired thy seduction haunts the castle in erotic despair
I can taste thy scent by candlelight
legs of porcelain traced and laced to their lair
appease the beast on spattered sheets dyed unearthly red as sobriety weeps
Nocternity... She shall come for me
A black velvet painting sprung to elegant life
like a poignant Madonna perverted to night
and I have ridden from the westerning light to expend my lust
tear away the funereal dress know what I will escape from my death
surrendered to the splendour of her sharpened caress
Lo! The pale moonlight weaves a poetic spell of vital death and decline
of mist and moth and the hunger inside
kisses took to fever and the fever,demise
"Through twilight,darkness and moonrise my scarlet tears will run
as stolen blood and whispered love of fantasies undone"
Countless swathed in ebony and snow-white balletic grace
rouge-filmed lips procure the wish for lust and her disgrace
Dusk and her embrace
We shall filt through the shadows like a dream of (were) wolves in the snow
under deadly nightshade still warmed with the kill's afterglow
Beneath the stars thy flesh bedevils me
(beneath the stars taste the death in me)
bequeath to me thy fiery kiss to sever thin mortality
Elizabeth my heart is thine thy fragnant words warm within like wine...
"Let me come to thee with eyes like Asphodel
moon-glancing,loose desires free to writhe under my spell"
Ereshkigal,raven-haired thy seduction haunts the castle in erotic despair
I know thy scent by candlelight immortal flesh I yearn to share
appease the beast on spattered sheets dyed malefic red as sobriety weeps
nocternity she shall come for me...
Unfurl thy limbs breathless succubus how the full embosomed fog
imparts the might to us...

"You shall know nothing if you have not known everything. And if you are timid enough to stop with what is natural, nature will elude your grasp forever".
-- Donatjen-Francois De Sade.


Death,spirit me away my anguished soul doth strain on taut and twisted reins
yet,insatiate I still remain like a proud,unfallen star
that dares thee from afar to calm my thund'rous heart
else,rend it's knots apart so I may newer sing
Of jewelled skies o'er my strings and love,a wanton thing
can plunge on burnt,black wings to hang amid the thorns
in scarlet,like velvet worn about the clouded moon who wanes in solitude...
I am alone thirsting for the dark that lurks beneath the marbled stone
what black witchcraft shalt praise thee from my dreams
and what perverse world-strategy will lend its way with thee from sleep?
"Rouse my disease and with cadent naked I shall teach
thee wisdom of darkness from earth and red sea lightbearing Samael
coalesce with me..."
Twilight through pagan city gates bred shadows play like twinning snake
by candlelight thanaterous rites death seduced and chaos wakes...
Obsession grips,blindragon fever in throes of scythed orgasm,Eros dies
and Saturn rapes faith lovelorn's Diva
upon a cyprean altar,stripped bare for sacrifice virtue births a demon
Pandora's box,unhinged,sets loose the night winged Lilith born for want of Eden
fanning plumes of harlotry like pearls before the desert swine
The skies,they darken and the oceans part
Storm forth indignant Kraken reborn Venus as thou art feasting at my banquet
of Saturnalia I call thee having wrestled the tides from lonely Diana
"For thee Endymion I forsake the cerements of this star-flung tomb"
Be-with-us come unveil the ancient flame throw the cars our enemies
desire's menstrual stain eastern Devil eyes a cruel erotic plague
the Shekhina is in exile and the israelites enslaved to shame
Midnight Jerusalem a tenebrous phantasy revelates to men
their celestial walls crumble when walks the Xul
born to the scarlet whore in Babylon
The centuries of wait have all but gone
behold dark beauty stars to conquer on and on
Now worship everything

"My highest hope remains silent and unattained. All the visions & solace of my youth lie dead! How did I bear it! How did I heal wounds like these, how did I overcome them? How was it that my soul rose once & left these graves?"
-- Friedrich Nietzsche.

Herodias and I have led a phantom cavalcade
through veiled and pagan history where superstitions reigned
and Christendom sought to pervert but poets of my name
sang of penumbral victories that sorcery had claimed
the Graal and mighty Caliburn as votive offerings
to an England rearisen under vast majestic wings
These are the shores whereto my soul blood drenched and unredeemed
shalt seek solace in secrets told through the whispers of a dream
From the woods Pendragon-born,I rose Arcturius
a proud,audacious king marbled in the vehemence of lust
death and destiny undaunted me,I drew a throne divided
in awe of the glorious battles won,my dark Goddess provided
then treachery,a wingless beast,came crawling to my court
and now I lie at cursed Camlann,from a wounds of a traitor wrought
I fear the Augean light is sweeping through Camelot
how bittersweet my triumphs seem, now Autumnal leaves succumb to frost
Morganna art thou near me? Languid I wend my path to grave
Cast my sword to the sulphyd grasp of the naiad neath the silvered lake
when waters stirred lay silent
Mistress let the mists descend thy tears cannot thaw Death's cold heart
his sombre gaze defies legend more so than thine,else dew-lidded eyes
art for the Banshees song or our souls entwined like vein upon
the haunted shores of Avalon
The haunted shores of Avalon
Bury me in velvet dream lest I unduly wake and seek to reconcile my thirst
with the cowardly tailors of my fate unleash mastiffs of snarling night
to overthrow,plague and burn as slumber lures me 'mongst the dead
to scheme of my return
Archaic ghostly echoes breathe like thunder of the storm
a tempest fools miscall divine as they crouch awaiting daw
their ignorance has forged for me over centuries a sword
bunished to flash like lightning on the precipice of war
the wolves are dead in Albion whilst the passive flocks roam free
this my penetrant sphearhead shall pierce these foul,trespassing breeds

Dusk and her embrace was summoned under torture and due influence of the Leonine tearing into Virgo,as Summer day dying,1996 E.H.,at D.E.P. International Studios,Birmingham.Those elicited in the feeding of the Chimaera were:Kit Woolven - producer of ravens and angels; Dan Sprigg - assistant maelstrom strategy; Mike Exorcist - further seance. All lyrical derangements by Dani. Music collectively
excreted by Cradle Of Filth:
Stuart,requiems of war and woe
Robin,nocturnal pulse
Nicholas,hammer of the gods
Dani,desires better unsung
Gian,ravening black massacre
Damien,orchestral manoeuveres in the dark

(p)+(c) 1996 Music For Nations.

Dusk... And Her Embrace




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