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Style: Thrash-Death. Year: 2016


Swedish material without the Swedish producing
Score: 5.5 of 10

In late may Swedish band BULLETSIZE released their new album "Pansar". Interestingly, this is the fourth album, but before that they did not come across. I can only envy the tenacity of musicians, to this point they have already gone quite a long way, but I think they need to walk not less.

BULLETSIZE sing thrash death metal, and it gave me hope for a pleasantly spent evening, because the Swedes are people who have to play in this style. Suffice it to recall THE HAUNTED and THE CROWN, in order to understand what I'm saying. This group went on beaten path, the musicians did not invent something new, but just from the first chords played classic Swedish material with rock'n'roll drive and a nice leisurely shredd on the guitar. This music never gets old, but discoveries have to wait it is not necessary to show off. Unfortunately, BULLETSIZE have absolutely tangible disadvantages. Production of "Pansar" is not at the highest level. When musicians are not playing too quickly, it sounds though not very rich, but quite bearable, but as soon as the Swedes start to really hack, the sound turns into an unreadable mess, and the rhythm section falls into one big lump, and it is not good for the listening pleasure.

Overall, the album is quite enjoyable. If you like thrash death metal, you can appreciate BULLETSIZE. Their music is well within the scope of the expectations of fans of the style. Only its lack of originality requires classic Swedish production, which BULLETSIZE, for objective reasons, have not.





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