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"V: The Devil's Fire"
Style: Black Metal. Year: 2016. Label: Season Of Mist


1. Natus ex Ignis
2. Satananda
3. The Sacrament of Blood and Ash
4. Devil's Fire
5. Abyss
6. Cold Eternity
7. Malignant Shadows
8. Buried with Him


Philosophical black metal
Score: 7.5 of 10

The Finnish group BAPTISM consisting in the studio of one musician Lord Sargofagian, released on Season Of Mist fifth album "V: The Devil's Fire". Classic Finnish blasphemous metal belong to groups which at first glance seem surprisingly gloomy and misanthropic. Their musical work does not support this image. Black metal from BAPTISM to be extremely atmospheric and melodic, it's not evil, it's desperate.

From the first chords of "The Devil's Fire" it becomes clear that BAPTISM are not playing true music today. The Finnish group does not go beyond black metal, certainly, but the hatred left from Lord Sargofagian. Rather, it offers to accept and mourn, timidly shouting at Christians. It is striking in its melancholy and lack of desire to fight. Probably we are dealing with black metal, which the spirit offers us a philosophical version of Satanism, like ALGHAZANTH. Yes, BAPTISM are not symphonic, although keyboards are present, but in some places ALGHAZANTH seems to me even more evil, though more commercial.

All of the above does not mean that the this album is bad. It is very nice to listen to, without causing any strong emotionally shocks, but many strong professional black metal composition. This creation is definitely recommended listening for all fans of black metal. The album obviously deserves the rating of "good", obviously not of "excellent".

V: The Devil's Fire




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