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The Sham Mirrors
Style: Sympho-Black. Year: 2002. Playtime: 43:14

MUSICA Soundcheck:
Average score: 9.2 of 10
Votes: 15

’орЄк (03.05.2015 10:43:19)
Score: 10 of 10
ѕодкалывать альбом в рамках творчества группы может и можно, а если сравнить с коллегами, то хуй кто так еще сможет, по большому счету

IceHeart666 (24.11.2009 13:01:55)
Score: 10 of 10
талант не пропьешь, шедевр прогрессивного симфо-блэка

Ghast (26.10.2006 00:13:03)
Score: 9 of 10
ƒа, вокал чертовски хорош. јж мурашки по коже когда в первом треке √арм начинает подвывать :)

јнатолий Ўмель (25.10.2006 19:02:10)
Score: 10 of 10
¬еликолепный альбои пожалуй самой недооцениваемой металлической группы.
»нструментал может чуть слабее чем на маскараде, зато вокал лучше.

R. (10.10.2006 15:13:49)
Score: 8 of 10
јльбом хорош, но со звЄздной тропинки они съехали куда-то в сторону деревенской кузницы с молотом и наковальней. ћне жаль, хот€ многим нравитс€. Troll после дебютника двинулись именно в этом направлении, причЄм намного более радикально. “еперь јрктурусы решили поиграть в догон€лки с “ролл€ми. Ќе знаю, не знаю...


1. Kinetic - 5:26
2. Nightmare Heaven - 6:05
3. Ad Absurdum - 6:48
4. Collapse Generation - 4:13
5. Star Crossed - 5:01
6. Radical Cut - 5:08
7. For To End Yet Again - 10:33


Extremely controversial work
Score: 10 of 10

Extremely controversial work. But itТs ARCTURUS, isnТt it? Hence, I guess that if you expected УThe Sham MirrorsФ to be mere self-plagiarism or anything orthodox, youТre just a fool. IТd dare to say IТm notЕ however IТm definitely in need of words. Reviewing works like УThe Sham MirrorsФ (and thereТs really few in number, believe me!) is nothing but a verbal suicide. So better get acquainted with a review by The End Records who made this work available in North America. I just couldnТt say better: УHonored sonic surrealists ARCTURUS lay down before you their latest work, УThe Sham MirrorsФ. In a time when the terms Уavant-gardeФ and УprogressiveФ are thrown around too loosely in the metal lexicon, УThe Sham MirrorsФ arrives to defy such easy tags. It explodes like a supernova throughout itТs 43-minute duration; it lays another mighty brick in the tower these explorers have been building since 1991Е The new album remains metal at itТs core while dragging the genre through endless tunnels of light, color and sound that it has never before seen. The Trickster Garm showcases his previously-unexplored falsetto range; Hellhammer offers a percussive display that teeters between the organic and the inhuman; SverdТs keys pepper the spaces with masterful confidence. In a perfect world (far from the one we inhabit), lead-off track УKineticФ would be a global hit single. Six songs later, the album closes with the cosmic 10-and-a-half minute opus, УFor To End Yet AgainФ, itself alone worthy of a lifetime of inspection. Note for note, song for song, УThe Sham MirrorsФ is most likely ARCTURUSТ grand achievement, pulling together various facets of their previous releases and molding it into a bold new shape.Ф

Worldwide distribution is being handled by Voices Music & Entertainment. Surf their website at <>. Email VME at <>

North America residents, contact The End Records at <> or visit them online at <>

The Sham Mirrors




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