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Aggression Core
(ANNIHILATOR, former NEVERMORE axeman Curran Murphy longtime outfit)

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Annihilator - Curran Murphy
Nevermore - Curran Murphy


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WashingtonТs AGGRESSION CORE, featuring former NEVERMORE and current ANNIHILATOR axeman Curran Murphy, have made two MP3 samples of work-in-progress material for their upcoming Victim Or Enemy CD available for download via their official web site at the following locations:

01. Curr Clean

02. Shine

AGGRESSION CORE will perform their next local show on December 31st (New YearТs Eve) at the Planet Hotrod in Fife, Washington with HATE FIST, DRUNK AS USUAL, SEATOWN MANGLERS, and FURY 16. AGGRESSION CORE will take the stage at 11:30 PM and Уwill ring in the new year AC styleФ, according to the bandТs web site.


Victim Or Enemy...
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Despite having just joined the ranks of CanadaТs ANNIHILATOR, former NEVERMORE axeman Curran Murphy has no intention of leaving his longtime outfit AGGRESSION CORE, which is currently in the process of recording its sophomore CD, according to a statement sent by the guitarist to BLABBERMOUTH.NET. The upcoming CD, entitled Victim Or Enemy (the projected artwork for which can be viewed here), is presently being tracked at MurphyТs own Smiley Sounds Studios, and will likely be mixed by either ANNIHILATOR mainman Jeff Waters or STRAPPING YOUNG LAD mastermind Devin Townsend, if Curran has his way. Among the tracks that are tentatively set to appear on Victim Or Enemy are the following: pho

01. Dreaming of Murder
02. Talk To Me
03. Victim or Enemy
04. Dethroned
05. Life Sentence
06. ( You) Nazi Boy
07. Shine
08. Broken Back
09. I Hate You
10. Drunk (instrumental)

According to Curran, two additional, as-yet-untitled cuts will appear on the CD, both of which feature a Уmore powerful and melodic styleФ than what the group has done in the past. Although no record deal has yet been secured for the group, Murphy has apparently been Уtalking with Century Media as well as Nuclear Blast, and we are hoping that through the ANNIHILATOR connection, as well as my history of kicking the sh.t out of people live with NEVERMORE, this will generate the kind of buzz and interest to have one of these labels pick us up and have us tour ourselves to f.cking death!Ф For more information, and regular studio updates, visit the bandТs official web site at

Murphy also commented on his departure from NEVERMORE by saying that УI came to the decision to leave the NEVERMORE fold after Jeff Waters offered to have me join ANNIHILATOR as an equal member and to actually get to record on the record with him. In the NEVERMORE zone, it is really all about Jeff, Van, and Jim doing the music, and Warrel doing his lyric work. I don't know of anybody out there who wants to stay in any kind of a job where you can never get a raise or advance your position or do anything to improve your career situation. So I went with ANNIHILATOR.Ф

Aggression Core




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